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Voting Essays & Research Papers

Best Voting Essays

  • Voting - 1109 Words Voting helps shape your community! I voted yesterday to have my tax dollars help support the local science museum here. Earlier this year, I participated in a petition campaign to put our local government's spending to a vote. They were passing a indebt to my grandchildren to pay for this year's renovations of the government office buildings downtown without giving us a say in it. We got enough signatures to allow for a vote and We The People of my little city voted it down. To make... 1,109 Words | 3 Pages
  • voting - 7263 Words I. J. Computer Network and Information Security, 2012, 7, 57-68 Published Online July 2012 in MECS ( DOI: 10.5815/ijcnis.2012.07.07 Application of Biometrics in Mobile Voting Donovan Gentles1, Suresh Sankaranarayanan 2, 3 1Mona Institute of Applied Sciences, University of WestIndies, Jamaica [email protected] 2Computing & Information Systems, Institut Teknologi Brunei, Brunei 3Department of Computing, University of WestIndies, Jamaica... 7,263 Words | 25 Pages
  • Voting Age - 687 Words In a democracy country,one of the most important human rights is the right to vote. Voting is a process by which a person or a group of people expresses an opinion formally or officially.It gives citizen the chance to have a say in the way they are governed.Through voting,citizens are able to choose candidates for public office or decide on public issues or law. Everyone would agree that there has to be a minimum voting age. In Malaysia,the legal voting age is 21 but there is a general consensus... 687 Words | 2 Pages
  • E-voting: Voting and Retina Pattern  ABSTRACT: In the era of technology, the voting machine, which is present today, is highly unsecured. Being in the age of Computers we are compromising the security by opting for Electronic voting machine because in the present electronic voting machine is not intelligent that is it cannot determine the person came for the voting is eligible or not . That mean the whole control is kept in the hand of voting in charge officer. One more risk with the present voting machine is that any body... 2,324 Words | 9 Pages
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  • Voting System - 4434 Words  CHAPTER I Introduction A voting system or electoral system is a method by which voters make a choice between options, often in an election. A voting system enforces rules to ensure valid voting, and how votes are counted and aggregated to yield a final result. The word “vote” means to choose from a list, to elect or to determine. The main goal of voting is to come up with leaders of the student’s choice, in order this to happen, the voting system is needed. Voting system can help a lot... 4,434 Words | 21 Pages
  • Problems with Voting - 1331 Words Why Voting is never Completely Accurate!! Statement of the Problem There are several problems when it comes to elections. One of the problems is whether the candidates played fairly throughout the election. Another problem is whether the votes that are being cast are being counted correctly or even being counted at all. The main reason this topic has become such an important issue is because of the last two elections. The first election had a problem in the state of Florida, and the 2004... 1,331 Words | 4 Pages
  • Voting Age - 870 Words Democracy is an egalitarian form of government in which all the citizens of a nation together determine public policy, the laws and the actions of their state, requiring that all citizens (meeting certain qualifications) have an equal opportunity to express their opinion. And that opinion is expressed by the simple act of voting which is one of the most important human rights . In lebanon, we get introduced to that concept at a young age in school when kids get to vote for their class president... 870 Words | 3 Pages
  • Voting in America - 1264 Words Voting in America There are many things that people in America can vote on. They range from taxes to presidents to laws. For the sake of simplicity, the following will be focusing on the voting of presidents since it is the most well-known and relevant at the time. Most if not all of the things noted in the voting of presidents can be transferred to the voting of anything else. However, in order to understand what is wrong with the voting of our president, it is essential that the process of... 1,264 Words | 4 Pages
  • Voting Speech - 712 Words Educated voting Author: Nathan Kyer Good evening everyone my name is ________, and today I would like to talk about voting and the importance of being an educated voter. To start how many of you plan to vote in the next election? (Base response according to the audience)It is very important to vote. Our country, the United States of America, has been from the start, founded upon the principle of representative government and officials. It has only been within the last century that all... 712 Words | 2 Pages
  • voting system - 973 Words Voting Election System With Barcode For ACLC College Prepared by: Jeric F. Baustista Marie Kris S. de Guzman Joy M. Joson I. Introduction I.1. Background of the Study The AMA Computer Learning Center was established in 1986 as an extension center of AMA Computer College. It was organized to provide educational opportunities for Filipinos who are not financially capable to enroll in a four- year degree program. ACLC began as a school specifically offering short... 973 Words | 4 Pages
  • Internet Voting - 2117 Words INTERNET VOTING IN FRDERAL ELECTIONS The internet has become part and parcel of the daily activities of millions of Americans. I believe it is safe to say majority of the world’s populace eats, sleeps, lives through the internet. We live in a world where technology is the order of the day. Sometimes I feel it is taking over the world really fast. Ever since technology birthed the internet, it has brought so much ease to the world and its citizens. Through the use of the internet... 2,117 Words | 12 Pages
  • Importance of voting - 293 Words Importance of voting Elections form the bedrock of the largest democracy in the world – India. Since Independence, as many as 15 Lok Sabhas have been formed through elections, the first one being held in 1951-52. The methodology of election is through universal adult suffrage, whereby every citizen of India over 18 years of age is an eligible voter in the eyes of the Constitution. The importance of elections in India—and for that matter, in any democracy—is as follows: Choice of... 293 Words | 1 Page
  • Online Voting - 5183 Words Research Journal of Information Technology 3(2): 91-98, 2011 ISSN: 2041-3114 © Maxwell Scientific Organization, 2011 Submitted: July 22, 2011 Accepted: August 27, 2011 Published: September 30, 2011 The Design of an Electronic Voting System G.O. Ofori-Dwumfuo and E. Paatey Methodist University College, Ghana Abstract: The aim of this study is to design an electronic voting system based upon the electoral process adopted in Ghana. In recent years, information technology has greatly... 5,183 Words | 15 Pages
  • Voting Right - 323 Words The rights of suffrage have come a long way since when voting first began. When voting first began only white, land-owning, males could vote. After many years and the efforts of many people, voting in the United States is open to anyone over the age of 18, except convicted felons. This privilege has now been taken for granted by many people, because they don’t think that their vote would change anything, or they just don’t want to vote. Some people think the only way to solve this problem is to... 323 Words | 1 Page
  • The Importance of Voting - 307 Words People make choices everyday and the decisions that one make will determine the outcome. Everyone plays a part in making choices, people make difficult choices and challenging choices based on their situations, whether if it is the correct choice to make or the wrong choice. Choice making does not affect a person at a certain point, stage, or time of their life. In today's society, families face problems daily about making choices. These choices are influenced by family values and the pursuit of... 307 Words | 1 Page
  • Mandatory Voting - 791 Words The idea of mandatory voting during U.S. elections is a much-debated topic in the United States. Making voting mandatory for all citizens, is debated to be something that could be either positive or negative. Both sides of the issue have their reasons why mandatory-voting laws should or should not be passed. Those who believe that mandatory voting should become a law believe that it will bring the number of voters on Election Day to increase. With voter participation rates falling below... 791 Words | 3 Pages
  • Voting in Canada - 1606 Words Voting in Canada: Compulsory Voting Recently, controversy has arisen regarding the voting system that Canada employs. Specifically, the controversy lies in the amount of citizens that actually come out and vote in Federal or provincial elections. There have been many studies undertaken to determine whether or not citizens of Canada should be required by law to vote at the elections. There have been many parliamentary discussions, as well, on this topic and there was even a bill... 1,606 Words | 5 Pages
  • E-Voting - 1043 Words PROJECT REPORT ON e-Voting [pic] Submitted By BI Gaurav Kumar Verma(09119002040) Sujeet Kumar Gupta(09119002028) Narendra Kumar(09119002042) Hemant Kumar(09119002041) Abhas Kumar Jha(09119002012) Ankit Bhardawaj(09119002033) In partial fulfillment of requirement of 7th semester... 1,043 Words | 6 Pages
  • E Voting - 4091 Words CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM Purpose and Background of the Study Computer is indeed one of great technological inventions that trigger future change. Computers nowadays have infiltrated every aspect of the society. In the Philippines, the students use the technology easily by using the computer or any gadgets. The election system is modern. By using a system, many people find it easily to vote because they will no longer vote manually. Computerized election system is the best way to use rather than... 4,091 Words | 19 Pages
  • Voting Rep. - 501 Words  The citizens of America should vote to broaden representation and legitimacy of the people. Also voting is a responsibility of all citizens of the United States, and the right to vote in a democracy has been fought for throughout American history. Many of the important democracies, such as Canada, France, Japan, Spain and the UK, recently reached their lowest turnouts ever because of non-compulsory voting. Compulsory voting is a necessary reagent in producing an accurate representation of our... 501 Words | 2 Pages
  • The Importance of Voting - 257 Words Name ENG 093 Essay Date The Importance of Voting The reason to vote cannot be over stated. One man one vote says a lot. It puts each person on equal footing. A vote from a rich person has the same power as a poor person. Young people has the same right to be heard as their elders. Voting give you the right and voice, to have the say, who will be the next most powerful leader in the world. It is the single most effective... 257 Words | 1 Page
  • E-Voting - 4737 Words I. J. Computer Network and Information Security, 2013, 5, 9-18 Published Online April 2013 in MECS ( DOI: 10.5815/ijcnis.2013.05.02 The Design and Development of Real-Time EVoting System in Nigeria with Emphasis on Security and Result Veracity Shafi’í Muhammad Abdulhamid (MNCS, MIACSIT) and Olawale Surajudeen Adebayo (MCPN, MNCS) Cyber Security Science Department, Federal University of Technology Minna, Nigeria (shafii.abdulhamid, waleadebayo) 4,737 Words | 22 Pages
  • voting machine - 1942 Words ABSTRACT According to Election Data Services the percentage of electronic voting machines per county doubled between 1998 and 2002 to 16 percent-, yet a full replacement of the traditional voting procedure is very unlikely. In its essence, an electronic voting machine is a computer assisted self-interviewing device (CASI) giving the voter the opportunity to review and change his/her vote before submitting it. The different types of voting machines allow for different kinds of... 1,942 Words | 14 Pages
  • Voting System - 576 Words Voting System for the IT department _____________________________________ A Project Paper Presented to the Faculty of the College of Information Technology ______________________________________ In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Course in System Analysis and Design with Software Project (ACT Project) _____________________________________ By: Nico Alvin R. Acero Mary Queen S. Octaviano Chuck Lester D. Dadivas Mark Hechanova Psyraine B. Sontillano March 2013... 576 Words | 5 Pages
  • Voting System - 5715 Words The International Arab Journal of Information Technology, Vol. 10, No. 4, July 2013 397 The Technical Feasibility and Security of E-Voting Abdalla Al-Ameen and Samani Talab Department of Information Technology, University of Neelain, Sudan Abstract: An Electronic voting (E-voting) system is a voting system in which the election data is recorded, stored and processed primarily as digital information. E-voting may become the quickest, cheapest, and the most efficient way to administer... 5,715 Words | 19 Pages
  • Voting System - 2581 Words CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS SETTING A. Introduction The Student Council elections have always been a perennial activity for every school. It is an activity wherein each student is required to choose from a set of candidates who will represent each position in the Student Council. In order for the student to accomplish this, the student must go through several processes. First the student must go to the Administration Office if he is a registered voter, then goes to the voting area and... 2,581 Words | 10 Pages
  • compulsory voting - 642 Words Savannah Clark 11/10/13 AP Revised Practice Essay Argumentative Compulsory Voting My personal experience as a voter has left me feeling indignant and upset, I find myself astonished that nearly a fraction of eligible voters actually cast ballots. What is even more astonishing and shocking is that the turn out for local elections is even smaller. Perhaps the ideal and most efficient way to increase voting is compulsory voting. Compulsory voting will open eyes to what voting can... 642 Words | 2 Pages
  • Compulsory Voting - 451 Words Compulsory Voting Compulsory voting would result in a decrease in the quality and accuracy of voting results and political leadership. Countries such as Australia do not take many factors into consideration when they require their citizens to vote in local, state, and national elections. Compulsory voting causes skewed results and stress for citizens who are not physically fit or mentally competent enough to vote accurately. Apathy and uneducated citizens can result in invalid voting... 451 Words | 2 Pages
  • E-Voting - 1392 Words Introduction The administration of election in Nigeria is intimidating in its demand. There is the logistics nightmare under condition of appalling infrastructure which imperils the distribution of electoral materials. Then there is training of electoral personnel who run into several thousands, the huge cost of funding of the exercise and the ethical challenges of election management. Now that elections are almost impossible without the use of information and communication technology (ICT)... 1,392 Words | 6 Pages
  • Importance of Voting - 355 Words It is very hard to get everyone to agree on subjects. That is why there are so many different ways of voting. Each state in the American nation consists of having particular voting requirements. States should have the right to require voters to produce a valid form of photograph identification before voters can be allowed to vote in either state or national elections. Voting shapes our world . First, the politicians need us to vote so they can be put in office. Second, the country may not... 355 Words | 1 Page
  • Voting System - 2344 Words Chapter 1 Introduction Background of the Study Human beings nowadays need to have a specific set of skills to survive in this competitive and vast world as well as to progress. This set of skills can be referred to as Education. Education is recognized as a gateway to the opportunities and benefits of economic and social development. It develops the modes of self-presentation, self-image, and social class identifications, which are the crucial ingredients of job adequacy.It is far more than... 2,344 Words | 7 Pages
  • Mobile Voting - 2655 Words MOBILE VOTING SYSTEM About the software This is a concept for a mobile voting system, based on a simple user interface to verify identity and a unified, colour coded system of voting. The aim of this work is to design and implement an electronic voting application for the Android platform that will enable people to vote securely from anywhere. The application as a whole is aimed at being compatible with devices from many manufacturers and running different versions of the operating system.... 2,655 Words | 8 Pages
  • Mandatory Voting - 537 Words Topic: Voting should not be mandatory Using the internet, find at least two articles on your topic. You can pay to print in the library, e-mail the articles to yourself, or write down the websites and look them up again at home. Every group member must find two articles, so that a group of 3 will have 6 total and a group of 4 will have 8 total. Pick articles that are from credible sources (PHS databases such as Gale, Ebsco, etc.; credible news organizations like The New York Times, CNN,... 537 Words | 2 Pages
  • Underage Voting - 815 Words Voting is important in our society and it is meant to help shape up our government. In America adults can get the right to vote at the age of eighteen. You earn a right to be heard and have right to have your opinion counted on what goes on in this country. I believe that our voting age should not be lower than eighteen, because many young voters can vote for foolish laws to get passed, they can make our government change for the worse. I believe that the voting age should remain at eighteen... 815 Words | 2 Pages
  • Online Voting - 6359 Words Declaration This is to certify that the work being presented in the project entitled “ONLINE VOTING SYSTEM” submitted by undersigned student of Third Year B.SC in COMPUTER SCIENCE in partial fulfillment for award of degree of Bachelor of Science {Computer Science} is a record of my own work carried out by me under guidance and supervision of Prof. Pang’ of the Department of Computer Science and that this work has not submitted elsewhere for award of any other degree. Name of student:... 6,359 Words | 21 Pages
  • Voting System - 6254 Words CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION 1.1 B ACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Students’ Union is asked to work beyond its capacity. It would be useful to have a voting (democratic) system to ensure that the Student Council’s rulings are not lost in an overload of demands and those students ’ union workload priorities match student priorities. One of the most crucial factors for a voting system to be successful is to exhibit a Voting Protocol that can prevent opportunities for fraud or for sacrificing the voter's... 6,254 Words | 30 Pages
  • Compulsory Voting - 2110 Words English Composition 2 SUNY Empire State College Final paper 16.5.2013 Compulsory Voting 1 Topic of the paper Democracy is built on freedom to vote and have your political say, but the majority of people in the world’s ‘greatest’ democracies never vote at all. Is compulsory participation in the political system the answer? Investigate countries which make voting compulsory – weigh the advantages and disadvantages – then argue for or against this policy. Abstract... 2,110 Words | 7 Pages
  • Voting Discrimination - 318 Words “Congress enacted the Voting Rights Act in 1965 after many years of protests and increasingly violent acts against African Americans. The Act made it a federal crime to deny a citizen the right to vote. It outlawed a number of tricks and schemes used for decades to disenfranchise African Americans.” “From the 1860s to the 1960s, African Americans routinely were denied the right to vote. This occurred mainly in the south, in the former Confederate states. But elsewhere, other minorities also... 318 Words | 1 Page
  • Compulsory Voting - 580 Words Should voting in the U.S elections by mandatory? This is question that has both positive and negative views. We can see from the examples of other counties that this possible and has made a positive impact in amount of people that come out to the polls. However on the other hand if these citizens were not forced by law to come out and vote how many would take the time to cast their ballot. Some that do not agree with this motion often say that with forcing the citizens to vote will give us... 580 Words | 2 Pages
  • Voting System - 1397 Words THE DEVELOPMENT OF OFFICER’S VOTING SYSTEM FOR CHRISTIAN GRACE SCHOOL OF CAVITE AT GENERAL MARIANO ALVAREZ, CAVITE ____________ A Project Proposal Presented to the Faculty of College of Computer Studies University of Perpetual Help System GMA, Cavite ___________ In partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Subject System and Analysis and Design by Florencio J. Maca Jr. October 2013 TABLE OF CONTENTS TITLE PAGE…………………………………………………………………. 1... 1,397 Words | 6 Pages
  • The importance of voting - 744 Words Why Should We Vote Voting in India is a Constitutional right if one is a citizen over 18 years of age. However, that also makes it optional. It has been a tendency among voters, especially in the urban areas, to treat the voting day as a day of rest. While skipping the vote may not seem to cause any harm,the long-term consequences are disastrous. Here's why every citizen of India must cast his or her vote: Agent of change: Voting is the agent of change. If the people of India think... 744 Words | 3 Pages
  • Importance of Voting - 390 Words Importance of Voting In his Gettysburg Address, Abraham Lincoln called democracy “government of the people, by the people and for the people.” It means that we are not here to serve our government, but that our government is here to serve us — and we have the right to decide who will represent us and how we want to be represented. It means that we have one of the greatest rights any free people can have: the right to vote. Voting is a right that, throughout history, many have fought for... 390 Words | 2 Pages
  • Electronic Voting System - 1243 Words Chapter I Introduction Rationale of the Study Information Technology has developed to be essential for the universal status quo. It is deeply influencing the lives of many people in the society. As a tool, it opened new gateway in doing things particularly voting process in the organization. Every Organization performs elections but majority still used the conventional process which is manual procedure. Nowadays, technology arises to solve a problem with technical solution. All of the... 1,243 Words | 4 Pages
  • Voting and United States - 377 Words Graded Assignment Growth of Democracy (50 points) 1. The presidential campaign of 1828 was unlike any other that had come before it. Explain how and why the election process had changed from that of earlier elections, and describe the long-term effects it had on the political process in the United States. Include information about each of these points in your answer: Economic and social changes in the United States: how had the nation changed since 1800? The makeup of the... 377 Words | 2 Pages
  • Essay About Not Voting سبح ــــــــــــــــانك لا علم لنا الا ما علمتنا انك انت العليم الح ــــــــــــــكيم اللــهـ ــــم اخرجنا من ظلمات الوهـم وارزقنـا نور الفهـ ــــــــــــــــــــم وارزقنا فهم النبيين وحفظ المرسلين والهـ ـــام الملائكة المقربين صــلوات الله وسلامه عـــلى رسولنــا وعليهــــــــــــــــــم اجمعيــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــن REASONS SOME PEOPLE DON'T VOTE In most elections there is a greater amount of non-voters than voters. People who don't vote are often... 1,060 Words | 3 Pages
  • Online Voting System - 388 Words CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY The introduction of computers greatly enhances the speed and efficiency of voting process. Results could be attained even right after the voting reducing the time to a mere fraction compared to the time it takes if the voting is done manually. It also increases the level of the voting experience because of multimedia enhancements. The present generation, people became more literate especially with the use of computers. Technologies emerged to... 388 Words | 2 Pages
  • E-Voting System - 2098 Words Introduction Many of us have dealt with electronic commerce transactions. This is already a part of everyday life. However, e-voting is not yet an obvious method for voting. The construction of electronic voting system is one of the most challenging security-critical tasks, because of the need for finding a trade-off between many seemingly contradictory security requirements like privacy vs. auditability. Thereby it is difficult to adopt ordinary mechanisms of e-commerce. For example, in... 2,098 Words | 7 Pages
  • Electronic Voting Machine - 2648 Words ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINE 1. What is an Electronic Voting Machine? It is a simple electronic device used to record votes in place of ballot papers and boxes which were used earlier in conventional voting system. 2. What are the advantages of EVM over the traditional ballot paper/ballot box system? (i) It eliminates the possibility of invalid and doubtful votes which, in many cases, are the root causes of controversies and election petitions. (ii) It makes the process of counting... 2,648 Words | 10 Pages
  • Alternative Voting Systems - 2681 Words Abstract Many people living in the United States consider our government and its elections to be a model of inclusion and fairness. It is easy to take pride in our accessible and open election process, yet all too often people find themselves voting for the “lesser of two evils” in an election. Despite our devotion to the two-party system that effectively dominates American politics, our voting policy encourages apathy, prevents dissenting opinions from being expressed with efficacy, and... 2,681 Words | 8 Pages
  • Electronic Voting Literature Review David Friedman Charles Wright Dan Kalowsky John Daniel Electronic Voting Literature Review Computer scientists who have done work in, or are interested in, electronic voting all seem to agree on two things: Internet voting does not meet the requirements for public elections Currently widely-deployed voting systems need improvement Voting on the Internet using everyday PC's offers only weak security, but its main disadvantages are in the areas of anonymity and protection against coercion... 916 Words | 3 Pages
  • Sms Based Voting System Chapter I-INTRODUCTION 1. Project Background Information technology has played a vital role throughout the world and so in our country. Short Message Service (SMS) is the text communication service component of phone, web or mobile communication systems, using standardized communications protocols that allow the exchange of short text messages between fixed line or mobile phone devices. The use of SMS as data application in the world is enormous, with 2.4 billion active... 817 Words | 5 Pages
  • Sample Abstract for Voting System Abstract Suffrage is the right of the people to choose their officials as their representatives, for definite and fixed periods, to whom they entrust the exercise of the powers of government. This right, as conferred by the constitutional provision, is not a natural right of the citizens, but a political right intended to enable them to participate in the process of government to assure it derives its powers from the consent of the governed and this right is well practiced in school. The... 582 Words | 2 Pages
  • Elections Voting and Campaigns - 413 Words Elections, Voting and Campaigns I. Why do they run? II. Who is eligible? III. The strategy of winning IV. Financing the Campaign V. Why some Americans do not vote? VI. How do voters decide? Democrat or Republican? Socio-Economic and Demographic Factors I. Why do they run? Self Starters: To further their careers To carry out specific political programs Example: Americans with Disabilities Act In response to certain issues or events Example: Anti Obama or Anti Bush Ambition, Power Recruited: To... 413 Words | 3 Pages
  • Is Voting for Young People Every four years the citizens of the United States of America come together to vote and elect the President of the United States. Voting in any type of election is important because it voices our opinions in selecting important leaders and officials and overall policies. Voting helps the person to decide what will they see done for themselves in the future depending leader who has the same views as you. The voter also is able to voice their opinion in future policies that will come into effect... 1,221 Words | 3 Pages
  • Online Voting System - 1166 Words Michael Chinwuba 03058068 66 8.5 Admin Implementation Index.html page : acts as the welcome page which provides links to the voter and adminlogin pages. AdminLogin jsp page: provides dynamic access to the system, it is responsible for sending http requests to the adminlogin servlet in form of the login data retrieved fromthe administrator, the page is also used to set the value of the properties of the message java bean in a tag as shown in figure 8-6, which displays errors message... 1,166 Words | 4 Pages
  • Voting Age In NZ - 815 Words Voting age should increase from 18 to 21 Statement of intent: I am writing this to inform readers about why the voting age should increase to twenty one from eighteen which it is currently in New Zealand. Eighteen year olds don’t have the knowledge needed and I want readers to understand that an eighteen year old isn’t experienced enough to be able to make informed decisions about who should run our country. Are you under twenty one and reading this? I highly doubt it. This is because... 815 Words | 2 Pages
  • Voting Age In The USA - 801 Words  Voting age in the USA Student’s Name Institution Abstract Voting is a fundamental process that allows for a legal citizen to express his or her opinion on different issues. These issues are mostly political but not necessarily. The legal voting age in the US is 18years. The notion as to whether the voting age should be lowered or not has been faced with a lot of contention. Some young American citizens feel that, it is their right regardless of their age to vote. They pay taxes just... 801 Words | 3 Pages
  • Debate: Electronic Voting - 2008 Words There are many controversial topics in this politically correct world. There are topics about morals, standards, and personal ethics. One of the newest debatable subjects however, is the one concerning this new centuries way of casting an individual's vote, through electronic voting. Electronic voting is a way to cast a person's ballot using an electronic voting machine that is touch screen. There are many advantages to using these machines during an election but there are also many... 2,008 Words | 5 Pages
  • Problems with Teen Voting Louie Colon Journalism pd.9 Mrs. Rasmus 11/4/08 Teenagers these days do not believe in voting because they believe there votes will not matter whether or not they did vote. They might also believe that they might not get to give their opinion on the candidate they want to be in office. Many of us especially teenagers complain about how they have no voice in politics nowadays. They are often mistaken because I believe every vote counts. If we voted we would be playing a role in the changes we... 436 Words | 1 Page
  • Checkpoint - Voting in America - 253 Words UOP STUDENT POS 110 Checkpoint: Voting in America Upon researching voter turnout in the United States, it is clear that the rate has declined tremendously over the years. Since the 1960’s, participation levels from voters has constantly decreased. There are many trends that lead to such a decline in turnout. One reason that many American citizens decide not to vote is due to the registration barriers. The laws governing how qualified voters should register has become a rather... 253 Words | 1 Page
  • Voting Age Lower to 16? In my opinion I think the voting age should be lowered to age 16. The first example of why I think the voting age should be lowered to age 16 is because youths can be tried for crimes as adults and they can fight and die for their country like adults but yet they are still not allowed to vote. I think it’s highly unfair if you treat teenagers who are 16 years old like adults on some issues but not all is issues. If you treat 16 year olds like adults on one issue, why not all other issues. It... 379 Words | 1 Page
  • Analyzing Voting Behavior - 2013 Words Analyzing Voting Behavior 1. Introduction Voting is a principal way through which the government is elected democratically. This means people tend to select people they want to run the office, depending on the majority. According to Brennan (2011) voting is a civil duty for every citizen, but people disagree and thus confirming that not every individual votes. Voting faces both abstention and indulgence depending on the situations, interest or priority of the voter. To keep the moral of... 2,013 Words | 6 Pages
  • Campaigns and Voting Behavior - 510 Words The long and arduous campaign required of political hopefuls is unique to the United States. While some argue that this extended period is a useful testing ground, others question its effectiveness in helping citizens choose the best candidate. This chapter gives a better understanding of the pros and cons of having a nomination and campaign process that is so open and democratic. It talks about campaigns and how they are run, how money is raised and used in a campaign, and how people are... 510 Words | 2 Pages
  • Computerized Voting System - 3468 Words COMPUTERIZED VOTING SYSTEM ABSTRACT A computerized voting system has a central computer, regional computers and voting modules connected to a data transfer link for communication with one another. The voting modules access the central computer database under control of the central computer control center. Voter data is created at one of the voting modules and communicated to the database for storage. Input voter data for a given voter at any one of the plurality of voting modules during an... 3,468 Words | 9 Pages
  • Automated Voting System - 676 Words Title of Study: Automated Voting System Author: Jayson Vergara 1. Mediums of Election that Makes Cheating Easier Title of Study | Author | Date Published | Data of Research | Source(Book or Internet) | Source(Link) | Paper Balot | Douglas W. Jones | May 22, 2001 | When most people speak of voting on paper ballots, they imagine that they are speaking of an ancient technology, and in a sense, this is true. Hand written paper ballots were first used in Rome in 139 BCE, and their first use... 676 Words | 3 Pages
  • Mobile Voting System (Mvs) MOBILE VOTING SYSTEM (MVS) By CSC11-54 Net-Centric Computing DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE SCHOOL OF COMPUTING AND INFORMATICS TECHNOLOGY A Project Report Submitted to the School of Computing and Informatics Technology for the Study Leading to a Project in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science of Makerere University. Supervisor MR. JOAB AGABA Department of Networks... 10,360 Words | 52 Pages
  • Importance of Voting Essay - 1090 Words The Importance of Voting With the Long Lines, the stressful waiting, and the constant question of asking yourself “why am I here?” on going in your head makes the waiting to vote the most exciting thing ever. But wait aside of that, think for a second. This year there were people going to vote even when hurricane sandy hit parts of their neighborhood, destroyed their houses or flooded several ways for them to get to their voting station, but they still voted. They’re is people who went... 1,090 Words | 3 Pages
  • Advantage and Disadvantages of FPTP voting Politics Essay: Explain Arguments For and Against the FPTP voting system The ‘First Past the Post’ voting system which is adopted in the UK is a way of voting which includes candidates running for the representation of their constituency (small electoral area). To win the candidate must acquire a higher number of votes than his competitor who would also be running for the position. The winner, candidate with the most votes, then represents his constituency in the House of Commons and acts as... 572 Words | 2 Pages
  • Should Voting Be Made Mandatory? Should voting be made mandatory? “To be or not to be, that is the question,” says Hamlet in a soliloquy. In my opinion, each and every Indian has the right to ask themselves “to vote or not to vote” when the question of electing the ruling party of the nation arises. In a democratic nation like India, I believe every individual should have his or her own judgment when comes to voting. Many arguments exist to prove or disprove the importance of compulsory voting. The arguments for compulsory... 721 Words | 2 Pages
  • Should the Voting Age Be Reduced? Tiffany Gallt Ms. Wing English 12 15 December 2012 Voting Age: Should it be reduced? The very idea of America is freedom and opportunity for everybody. Amongst these is the most valued legal right within a democracy: the right to vote. However, an unfortunate reality is that the majority of the people ages 16-17 cannot ("Age and Sex Composition in the United States: 2011"). With the ever falling number of participants in political votes due to the event of the generation of the baby boomers... 1,428 Words | 4 Pages
  • Voting in a Democratic Society - 1423 Words In a true democratic society, it is essential to ensure a government that follows the will of the people and not the one that force the people to follow it, that is, a “government of the people, by the people, and for the people” as said by Abraham Lincoln in his Gettysburg address which lasted a little over two minutes on November, 19, 1863. Democracy is not government of some people by some people and for some people as a frequent practise in some developing nations. Democracy is a nation... 1,423 Words | 4 Pages
  • Voting Research Paper - 2447 Words Voting is privilege given to Americans. Many people don’t know how lucky they are to have the privilege to give their opinion on who leads our country. It took many years for the U.S to get voting rights equalized for all citizens; so everyone should take advantage of this. Participating in voting should be happening by every eligible person in the U.S. A person’s characteristics will effect whether or not they are going to participate in voting. It can either positively affect the person or... 2,447 Words | 6 Pages
  • Automted Voting System - 3326 Words CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND INTRODUCTION Computer technology has been a great help to the improvement of one’s life. Most establishments, corporations and institutions had developed their own use of such technology to help themselves work more efficiently with less time and effort, resulting in better production, profit, and a more satisfied clientele. One example of computer technology is the creation of a computer system. A design, fit for the company’s needs as well as for... 3,326 Words | 11 Pages
  • Why Voting Is Important Voting is one of the most important things that can be done as an American. Voting gives people the right to voice their opinion on pending laws, ordinances, and who they want to be in local and state officials. It also will let people decide who will be the leaders of our country. Voting makes it impossible for someone or one party to stay in office longer than the legal amount of time. Voting gives people the power so there cannot be laws passed without them having a say on it. If a law is... 370 Words | 1 Page
  • Computerized Voting System - 2384 Words ELECTRONIC VOTING SYSTEM Prepared By Md. Mostafizur Rahman STUDENT ID: 02201006 Md. Sharfuddin Bhuiyan STUDENT ID: 02101059 Md. Rajibul Hossain STUDENT ID: 02201010 A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering JANUARY 2007 1 Department of Computer Science and Engineering BRAC University, Dhaka, Bangladesh Pages Containing Figures 1. Database System………………………………………………………………………14 2.... 2,384 Words | 8 Pages
  • Compulsory Voting in Germany - 495 Words The persistent decline in voter participation continues to disappoint German politicians. When roughly one-third of the voting age population turns out for a Parliamentary election once every four years – let alone federal or local elections – it becomes difficult to defend the “free” right to vote. Voting is not only a right, but a responsibility. Therefore, voting in elections should be compulsory in Germany as a way to increase voter turnout and to raise overall political awareness. Contrary... 495 Words | 2 Pages
  • Ftp Voting System - 2841 Words Compromising the Canadian Citizens Voice Fascinatingly, the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada are the only main democracies which still function on the basis of a single member plurality (SMP) (also known as First-past-the-post (FPTP)) voting system. The SMP system is the most basic voting system in use and has been used in Canada since confederation in 1867. "First-past-the-post in the 21st century is like using a hand-crank telephone rather than the internet. It was good in its... 2,841 Words | 9 Pages
  • Mobile Voting System - 2088 Words Chapter I INTRODUCTION Project Background Mobile Technology is most important in the world and current generation. We can get updated information using mobile devices. Such device can be used for personal and business transactions. Moreover, mobile devices functionality has evolved tremendously. Nowadays, it can be used for a variety of purposes like to locate places much like a GPS, to read barcodes, to play games, to browse the Internet, to know weather reports, to vote, and so much... 2,088 Words | 9 Pages
  • Online Voting System - 3073 Words Resources Required:- Development Tool:- PHP Database- My Sql Server- WAMP Server INTRODUCTION-: “ONLINE VOTING SYSTEM” is an online voting technique. It is based on the other online services like “ONLINE RESERVATION SYSTEM” .In this system people who have citizenship of INDIA and whose age is above 18 years of any [censored] can give his\her vote online without going to any polling booth. There is a DATABASE which is maintained by the ELECTION COMMISION OF INDIA in which all the names of... 3,073 Words | 11 Pages
  • E Voting System Abstract Abstract for Design and Implementation of E-Voting System Aim: The project is aimed at providing a user-friendly online voting system. Introduction: Internet voting will allow the casting of electronic ballots from virtually any location around the world. If the network used is the Internet, this fact may be emphasized by using the term Internet voting instead. In day-to-day life the voting system used at present is the EBM (Electronic Ballet Marker) which has... 295 Words | 1 Page
  • Factors affecting voting behaviour Assessment on factors affecting voting behaviour being more important than others in the UK. By Maryam Ishaq The UK is a largely populated place with many people who are opinionated in politics, so, voting is important to many people as they get their say in who should run the country, however, many factors influence and affect the voting behaviour of the UK voting participates. The following essay intends to discuss what factors, affecting voting behaviour, is more important that the... 1,201 Words | 3 Pages
  • LA Voting System - 1140 Words  Lyceum of Aparri Web and Android Based Student Council Voting System BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Human beings nowadays need to have a specific set of skills to survive in this competitive and vast world as well as to progress. This set of skills can be referred to as Education. Education is recognized as a gateway to the opportunities and benefits of economic and social development. It develops the modes of self-presentation, self-image, and social class identifications, which are the... 1,140 Words | 3 Pages
  • Voting should be an obligation not a choice Voting should be an obligation not an option Living in America gives each person individual freedom. The freedom is yours to express your own opinion and to vote. Whether or not we choose to exercise these rights is the decision that every American citizen makes. Participating in our government is the single most important power that we as Americans have. Whether it is to elect officials or to amend a law, voting is not only a necessity, but a responsibility. It is frightening how many of us... 720 Words | 2 Pages
  • Lowering the Voting Age to 16 Analysis' of Articles on the Subject of Lowering the Voting Age to 16 A debate that has seemed to become more popular in the past couple of years is the voting age n the United States, and whether it should be lowered to 16. Many teenagers across the nation have reached out and tried to bigot to help get the subject some attention and get those in the political world talking. Many others, mostly adults, are astonished and appalled at this idea, and don't seem to take them or the uproar towards... 2,572 Words | 7 Pages
  • Should Voting Be Mandatory? Should voting be mandatory? I would like to initiate with a quote, which falls apt to the topic and my point of view on it- “A vote is like a rifle; its usefulness depends upon the character of the user.” -(Theodore Roosevelt). The answer to the question, 'Should voting be mandatory', lies in the topic itself. Before I go any further with what my views are, I would like to clear, the basic definition of the word- Vote. “It is a formal Expression of Opinion or Will, in response to a proposed... 1,298 Words | 4 Pages
  • VOTING RIGHTS ACT - 302 Words Why voting right should be reformed College students are among the largest group of people that would be affected most by the new voting rights laws. Most college students enter college at age seventeen so once it’s time to go to the polls they would just be turning eighteen which is the age you are allowed to vote. That seem as if it wouldn’t be a problem but a lot of college students go out of state for college so the new voting right act would make it difficult for them to register to... 302 Words | 1 Page
  • Important Questions on Electronic Voting 1.) Explain different ways a vote thief could cast multiple votes in an online election and in automated election (PCOS MACHINE) A vote thief could cast multiple votes in an online election and in automated election in many ways; one of these is through online overriding a voting system, the thieves’ control the voting system through internet without noticed by the public officials, they manipulate the vote counts, and also the campaign adds by the candidates not only the vote thieves can do... 670 Words | 2 Pages
  • Compulsory Voting- a Good Thing or Not? Compulsory Voting Chris Marist P:G 11/19/12 Compulsory Voting Voting is a very unique and prestigious event. The ability to vote is an honor, and should be taken extremely seriously and utilized by everybody. Voting allows the public to be represented in a way that mirrors the publics wishes. Voting is a privilege and shouldn’t be looked at as a hassle. Compulsory voting only ensures that the correct choice is made in whatever is being voted upon. Not voting when given the... 565 Words | 2 Pages
  • Importance on Voting in the Philippines - 733 Words Shut Up!! No one likes to hear that. It’s just playing rude. Not voting is like telling yourself to shut up! That would be me saying to myself “Janelle sshhhh with your opinions no body cares!” And why will you do that? Because I wouldn’t I got more respect than that. I want to have a better Philippines in 2010. You have no idea how big is the difference you can make as you vote in the 2010 elections. Do you care about freedom of speech? Were you annoyed when you heard about the ZTE scandal?... 733 Words | 2 Pages
  • computerized voting system - 600 Words Computerized Voting System Introduction Background of the Study Mindanao State University at Naawan Campus was founded as a field laboratory of the MSU College of Fisheries. In pursuant to Memorandum Order No. 3 and no. 45 and BOR resolution 92, series of 1988. MSU Naawan was formally organized as a distinct autonomous unit of the MSU System. MSU at Naawan for having students that has grown up to about a thousand students now, delivered a quality and excellent... 600 Words | 2 Pages
  • Automated Voting System - 351 Words This chapter discuss about the The Student Council elections have always been a perennial activity for every school. It is an activity wherein each student is required to choose from a set of candidates who will represent each position in the Student Council. In order for the student to accomplish this, the student must go through several processes. First the student must go to the Administration Office if he is a registered voter, then goes to the voting area and chooses the candidates he... 351 Words | 1 Page
  • Compulsory voting in democracies - 1274 Words Aristotle once said, “In a democracy the poor will have more power than the rich, because there are more of them, and the will of the majority is supreme. ‘ Thus I stand in firm affirmation of the resolution Resolved: In a democracy, voting ought to be compulsory. To clarify I offer the following definitions courtesy of Oxford Dictionaries Compulsory – something that must be done Ought- moral obligation Voting- the act of stating a preference to determine the outcome of something... 1,274 Words | 5 Pages
  • Election and Mobile Voting - 1377 Words  ABSTRACT The proper execution of democratic rights has become linked to the availability and reliable functioning of advanced information and communication technology (ICT). Countries all over the world are implementing computerized voting system for it has some striking advantages over traditional paper voting. Designing an air-tight and reliable computerized voting system is therefore a great task, in that, the system that must be developed must protect the privacy of the voters and... 1,377 Words | 5 Pages
  • COMPUTERIZED VOTING SYSTEM - 547 Words CHAPTER ONE 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 GENERAL OVERVIEW OF THE STUDY It has been a long time, that man has found an increasing need to be organized. Such organization result into community and society from leaders emerged. Different means and method are employed in the selection of leaders. The 20th century has witnessed a spectacular steady stream of technological advancement in completing both hardware and software, and as a result of it is used in many field. No doubt, the advent of computer... 547 Words | 2 Pages
  • Biometrics Voting System - 2071 Words BIOMETRICS VOTING SYSTEM by AMIT KUMAR SHARMA Table of Contents: Chapters Page No. 1 Introduction 1.1 Definition 1.2 Design 1.2.1 Summary of Design 1.3 Description of the Voting Machine 1.4 Block diagram for the whole process in brief 2 Voting System 2.1 Finger print scanner 2.1.1 Extraction of thumb impression 2.3 Feature extraction & comparison 2.3 Transfer of data to hard disk 3. Verification 3.1 Verification... 2,071 Words | 8 Pages
  • Is Malaysia Ready for E-Voting? Is Malaysia ready for e-voting? Electronic-voting or e-voting has been implemented in campus elections since 2004. Hemananthani Sivanandam looks at whether it should be expanded to cover national elections. THOUGH e-voting has been successfully implemented in some countries such as the United States, Europe and even in parts of India, issues of trust, integrity and infrastructure must be addressed before Malaysia can do the same, say analysts.According to Monash University lecturer and... 676 Words | 2 Pages
  • Is Voting for young people Book Review: “Is Voting for Young People?” (2E) by Martin Wattenberg Watternberg, Martin. Is Voting for Young People? With a Postscript on Citizen Engagement, 2nd edition. Harlow: Longman, 2007. In this concise work of political science, Professor Wattenberg of UC Irvine sketches the outline of a potentially serious problem facing modern democracies: the ever-declining political awareness and participation among youth. Wattenberg analyzes election surveys and public opinion polls in order to... 510 Words | 2 Pages
  • Voting Should Be Compulsory Justine Lacroix Fifth Re-­‐Bel Event 9th June 2011 Should the obligation to vote be abolished? ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Is Compulsory Voting Justified in a Liberal Democracy ? The normative debate on compulsory voting has recently known a revival in political theory1. One of... 2,052 Words | 65 Pages
  • sms based voting system Chapter I-INTRODUCTION 1. Project Background Information technology has played a vital role throughout the world and so in our country. Short Message Service (SMS) is the text communication service component of phone, web or mobile communication systems, using standardized communications protocols that allow the exchange of short text messages between fixed line or mobile phone devices. The use of SMS as data application in the world is enormous, with 2.4 billion active users, or 74% of... 263 Words | 2 Pages
  • Voting and Mobile Phones - 769 Words ELECTRONIC VOTING SYSTEM VIA SMS CHAPTER I BACKGROUND OF STUDY Here in the Philippines, people vote through traditional way, particularly writing by hand the names of their chosen candidates in an ordinary piece of paper. It has always been a burden to the public school teachers who serve as poll watchers to do the counting of votes which took for days to be done manually. In the other hand, various ways of voting system collide. Such as Universities and Colleges who are conducting their... 769 Words | 3 Pages

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