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  • Analysis of a Play - 552 Words Analysis of a Play In Edward Bok Lee's “El Santo Americano,” a professional wrestler kidnaps his wife and child as he drives to Mexico, hoping to reinvent himself and keep his family together. Clay is a disgraced professional wrestler who drives his wife and son with him to Mexico. There, he hopes to reinvent himself as a wrestler, and not be taken as a joke. He also hopes to improve his failing relationship with his family. It is revealed shortly into the play that Clay has in fact taken... 552 Words | 2 Pages
  • A Play of Contrasts - 556 Words An Inspector Calls has been called ‘a play of contrasts’ Write about how Priestley presents some of the contrasts in this play. In this essay I shall discuss the contrasts that have been used in An Inspector Calls. Firstly the contrast, which had stood out the most, was the progress from ignorance to knowledge, this was shown specifically in Sheila; young, pretty and rich Sheila who was show to be ‘very pleased’ with her share of the world at the beginning of the play whereas in stark... 556 Words | 2 Pages
  • Play Analysis - 2536 Words Murphy, Tellinghuisen, Rai, Ruberg, Esquivel, deFraga1 Angela Murphy, Casey Tellinghuisen, Anand Rai, Olen Ruberg, Jordan Esquivel, Ashleigh deFraga Ms Matt H. English 2; Period 5 26 March 2014 Death of a Salesman 1. Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller displays distinct qualities of a tragedy due to the fact that the play ended unfortunately and the plays events were unhappy. Also, the play contained ... 2,536 Words | 1 Page
  • observation play - 715 Words Play Observation Kiahi a boy of about 3 years old was playing alone stood on a small hill of dirt, at first it looked like her was just looking at the other kids play. When I kept looking at him to see if he was just going to continue to doing nothing, but watch the other children I noticed that he was standing there like a solider tall and with determination on his face. With his hand to his forehead looking about as the other children ran around. After a while I see that he is pointing to... 715 Words | 2 Pages
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  • Play Area Critique - 2504 Words Critique of a Play Area Dress up Area The area of the pre-school room that I have chosen to critically evaluate is the dress up area. Our pre-school consists of 20 children aged 3-4 years old spread over two sessions, and comprises both boys and girls. In our pre-school we have two polish children, one boy and one girl, who speak both English and Polish, one Chinese girl and one Zimbabwean boy. The rest of the children are Irish. Our pre-school room is one large room in a general... 2,504 Words | 8 Pages
  • Contraversy in Play Doubt - 754 Words  Certainty will lead to Doubt by Dylan Dubson In an immoral place such as that presented in John Patrick Shanleys’ award-winning playwright Doubt, it would be unwise to assume the architect of the play would honor and comfort us with a greater and certain ending of the masterpiece. This brings us to the obvious question of what is certainty and how we can be certain of anything. According to Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, “There are various kinds of certainty. A belief is... 754 Words | 3 Pages
  • Footloose: Play Critique - 360 Words Critique The play I am writing about is called Footloose. It was preformed at the Country Day School Pavillion. I saw this play on Saturday, April 14, 2012. Footloose is about a teenaged boy and his single mother moving to a small town in which the law states that there can be no singing or dancing of any sort. There was a terrible accident that had happened five years ago which involved the priests son in a car crash. The priest blames song and dance, therefore banning it in that town. The... 360 Words | 1 Page
  • Play Review: The Rose Tattoo In the play, The Rose Tattoo, by Tennessee Williams there are a couple of lines that help figure out a few things. The doctor in the play while talking to the priest says, “They find God in each other. And when they lose each other, they lose God and they're lost. And it's hard to help them”. These lines play an important part within the theme and the main character's, Serafina, life. In the beginning of the play, Serafina lives a happy life with her husband Rosario and her daughter Rosa. She... 435 Words | 2 Pages
  • Fun with Everyman the Play Everyman English Everyman Thesis Everyman, the play, presents the reader with a variety of assorted characters, as representatives of things human’s, more often than not, value. Values that the main character, named Everyman, has involved in his life. The character Everyman is called upon by the calm character Death, but Everyman is not ready to die just yet. Everyman sets out on a journey to find some companions and friends to go on his journey towards death, and the grave, with... 1,887 Words | 5 Pages
  • Seminar Play Analysis - 697 Words Seminar Review On November 20th I went to the Black Box theatre to see the play Seminar. It was a small production, and there were only five actors. Going into the play, I had no idea what to expect. I had heard the play was a bit raunchy, with explicit dialogue and provocative scenes. The play started out with four actors portraying college graduate writers. I loved how realistic the setting was; it really looked like somebody’s real apartment. The actors did very well portraying... 697 Words | 2 Pages
  • Pygmalion: the Play and Higgins PLOT STRUCTURE ANALYSIS Pygmalion is a primarily Shavian reworking of Ovid's Metamorphoses with undertones of Cinderella. Romance and satire dominate both the play's plot as well as style. Shaw takes a strong central situation--the transformation of a common flower girl into a lady--and surrounds it with superficial trimmings. There is technical innovation in the plot structure since Shaw, under the influence of Ibsen, replaces the stock Victorian formula of exposition, situation and unraveling... 1,178 Words | 3 Pages
  • Cheaper by the Dozen Play Review Cheaper By the Dozen I read the play, Cheaper by the Dozen, written by Christopher Sergel. I chose to read this play because when I was younger I liked the movie cheaper by the dozen, so I figured this would be a good play to read. The basic theme of this play is family, family comes first and you have to do everything you can to keep your family together, no matter how chaotic it may be. This play is about the Mr. and Mrs. Gilberth, and their 12 children. The main conflict in the story... 411 Words | 2 Pages
  • The Underpants play responce essay Running header: THE UNDERPANTS PLAY RESPONSE The Underpants Play Response University of Michigan-Flint The Underpants Play Response Upon entering the auditorium at the University of Michigan- Flint campus viewers are approached by greeters who escort them to their seats and give them programs. Inside the program one will find notes from the director offering a background on the original author, Carl Sternheim, as well as on Steve Martin who adapted the... 1,053 Words | 3 Pages
  • Raisin in the Sun Play Response Play Response: A Rasin in the Sun I thought the play "A Raisin in The Sun" was very good because it accurately displayed so many aspects of what life would be like in the 1950's for African Americans. Full of conflict and racial tension, Hansberry creates a strong distinction between her different and unique characters. The main theme of dreams creates conflicts that are evident in the play because the family is aiming for an individual dream that seems to never happen; however, in the end,... 408 Words | 1 Page
  • As You Like It - the Play As You Like It - the Play As You Like It is considered by many to be one of Shakespeare's greatest comedies, and the heroine, Rosalind, is praised as one of his most inspiring characters and has more lines than any of Shakespeare's female characters. Rosalind, the daughter of a banished duke falls in love with Orlando the disinherited son of one of the duke's friends. When she is banished from the court by her usurping uncle, Duke Frederick, Rosalind switches genders and as Ganymede travels... 590 Words | 2 Pages
  • Everyman-a Medieval Play Review A Review of “The Summoning of Everyman” Summary Everyman is a play which was written to express the importance of morality, to whoever read it or experienced it being performed on stage. Some scholars say that it was written sometime in the late 1400’s, while others insist that it is a translation of a Flemish work called “Elckerlijc”, which was written by Peter van Diest in 1495. Everyman is an allegory play which is heavily based upon... 2,963 Words | 8 Pages
  • An Analysis for the Play Fences - 1306 Words Fences - An Analysis James E. May Averett University History of the Theatre TH 220 / BBA 469 Ronal Stepney November 07, 2011 The story line seemed melodramatic throughout the play. The author (August Wilson) has laid the ground work of many themes throughout the play. The play deals with Race, Men and their masculinity, Morality, Dreams and hopes of everyone involved, Family, Duty, Betrayal and Dissatisfaction. The play begins with Troy and his best friend Bono entering the yard... 1,306 Words | 3 Pages
  • Death and the Maiden: Play Analysis DEATH AND THE MAIDEN. Death and The Maiden is a powerful play written by Ariel Dorfman which explored the difficulties a country faces when it changes from a dictatorship to a democracy and also the various brutalities people, but more importantly women, faced during the dictatorship. This play consists of only three characters: Paulina Salas the protagonist, Gerado Escobar a forty five year old lawyer and Paulina's husband and Roberto Miranda a fifty year old doctor. The basic outline of... 679 Words | 2 Pages
  • Riders to the Sea Play Analysis Riders to the Sea Play Analysis Veronica R. Aguinaldo IV- Jose Rizal Mrs. Mallari Settings * West coast of Ireland. Characters Maurya * An old Aran fisher-women. * She is a poor victimof dark fatality as represented by the unrelenting sea. Bartley * He is the one of the two riders in the play, the other being the ghost of Maurya’s fifth son Michael. Cathleen * The elder daughter. * She is more responsible and hardworking. * She taking care of the... 660 Words | 2 Pages
  • Play Activity Assignment - 2831 Words ASSIGNMENT 2 PLAY ACTIVITY INTRODUCTION This assignment is called Play activity. It is worth 30% of the overall grade of the module Early Childhood Education. As part of the assessment criteria of this assignment I must complete a play activity to a group o children aged between 0-6 years. WORK PLACE I have been starting to work in Crèche X in Donnybrook area since two weeks ago (as a full time). I have been in a free trial, then part time till they decided I can start full time. I... 2,831 Words | 9 Pages
  • Play Analysis: Angels in America Carter O’Leary Angels In America Essay Rabbi Chemelwitz says in his eulogy (Millennium) that the "Great Voyages" of the past no longer exist. Does the play bear out the truth of his belief or not? If not, what are the new great voyages? Tony Kushner’s play, Angels In America, explores the trials of the journey of human life through the development of his characters throughout the play. When Rabbi Chemelwitz says “Great Voyages is this world do not any more exist.” (Millennium 16) he speaks... 1,271 Words | 4 Pages
  • How to Prepare for a Part in a Play? Essay 3: All of the actors, whether they are professional or just amateur ones, always reckon that preparation in a play is half a battle in making sure of doing the part well. This step helps the actor know in depth about the script and his character as well as brings him opportunity to practise carefully on his own. If you want to make it successfully, you must always go through three main stages below. First of all, read the script as much as possible, at least 3... 537 Words | 2 Pages
  • Anything Goes Play Review Anything Goes Play Review On Thursday, February 20th, I finally saw my first college play. Unlike the majority of plays I’ve seen in the past, Anything Goes actually caught my attention for once. Musicals and plays were big in my high school, but East Central took it to the next level in terms of talent and preparation. After watching the play, I came to the conclusion that Mrs. Grace Austin did a wonderful job as the director, putting on an intriguing show. I’m no... 387 Words | 2 Pages
  • play dough activity - 748 Words  Play dough activity I discussed with my manager that i was going to carry out a play activity. The project i have chosen to do is the making of play dough. I have chosen this activity because i feel this is a great pastime and a great experience between me and the children. I say this because the children can actually take part in the making of the product. I think this activity will help them to learn about colours, shapes................. My manager confirmed the activity... 748 Words | 2 Pages
  • Defending the Play Trifle - 467 Words Compostion #1 In the play, Trifles by Susan Glaspell, is about a murder mystery of Mr. Wright. The men; the court attorney, sheriff, and Mr. Hale, a neighorbor to the Wright family, and the women; the sheriff’s wife, Mrs. Peter and Mrs. Hale, solve the mysery in two very different ways. The men show up at the house as a crime scene, and only focusing on the bigger, important elements of a murder mystery. As Mr. Hale was trying to explain everything he saw in the house that morning of Mr.... 467 Words | 2 Pages
  • shadow box play review “THE SHADOW BOX” by Michael Christofer On the night of the 28th of November 2013, I had the chance of watch some of the third year Lasalle theatre students produce and perform Michael Christofer’s “The Shadow Box”. Despite having very little knowledge of the play itself, I thoroughly enjoyed the play and was kept engaged throughout. “The Shadow Box” revolves around three main terminally ill characters, Joe, Felicity and Agnes, who had to deal with the fact of not being able to live much... 971 Words | 3 Pages
  • Almost. Maine Test (Play) Almost, Maine Test True or False: 1) Phil and Marci are married. 2) The setting for the play is Eastport, Maine. 3) Steve is Marvayln’s boyfriend. 4) Randy and Chad are a couple. 5) Gayle and Lendall are married. 6) Rhonda and Dave went snowmobiling. 7) Pete is left alone at the end of the play. 8) Jimmy is Sandrine’s ex-boyfriend. 9) Chad works as the mill. 10) Randy’s ex-girlfriend’s face broke while they were dancing. Multiple Choice: 11) What is Marvalyn doing in the... 266 Words | 2 Pages
  • Examine The Ambiguity Of The Play S Conclusion Examine the ambiguity of the play’s conclusion. Why does Dorfman choose to conclude play in this manner? When the audience does not receive a rounded story, and causality is being blurred the effect of a play can be unsettling, suggesting the presence of an unsolved situation. Although in the case of Death And The Maiden ambiguity is used in an unusual, opposite way where the created effect is best described by calmness and acquiescence. Does Paulina kill Roberto, or does she let him stay... 334 Words | 1 Page
  • The Character of Goole in the Play, An Inspector Calls 1st November 2012 “Public men, Mr Birling, have responsibilities as well as privileges.” How does Goole make us realise that we are all responsible for what happens to other? In the play Priestly is constantly referring us back to ‘No Man is an Island’, he does this by telling his beliefs through the Inspector. He does it in ways that are not obvious but always teach the reader and the Birling family a lesson, that we are all responsible for each other and that not one person can function... 742 Words | 2 Pages
  • Promoting Children's Play, Learning and Development In this TMA I have met the ethical requirements of the E105. I complied with the ethical guidance published by BERA, 2011 under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) by informing parents and giving them the option to withdraw their child from participating; as some children were of an age where they had a limited understanding of the purpose of the investigation (BERA, Guidelines 16 - 21, 2011). I explained to parents and colleagues why I was carrying out the... 4,114 Words | 14 Pages
  • Main Characters of Ruined, a Stage Play Ruined Response Paper 1) One of the main, most interesting characters in the play is Sophie. She was brought to Mama Nadi by Christopher as a bar girl. Sophie is Christopher’s Niece. Christopher wants to protect her and knows that Mama Nadi will take care of her. At this point in the play Sophie is extremely shy. It is understandable because she is being brought to some she has never met. Mama and Sophie end up becoming really close and Mama takes great care of Sophie. Later in the story... 613 Words | 2 Pages
  • A Streetcar Named Desire: Play Summary A Street Car Named Desire is a play. There are eleven scenes. The play itself is linear as events happen one after the other example: Blanche arrives in Belle Reve, then other events follow such as Stanley and her falling out, then she being raped in the event, Stella gives birth to a boy. Finally we then see her being carted off to a mental asylum. The play has stage directions, instead of a narrator. The play is censored, many words are not revealed to the audience as they would be... 358 Words | 1 Page
  • With Reference To At Least Two Plays You Have Studied With reference to at least two plays you have studied, explore how the playwrights’ use of contrasting characters contributes to the impact of the plays. Introduction Ferdinand and the Duchess The Duchess of Malfi is a woman of strong character and deep feeling. Capable of joy and affectionate teasing, she is also able to bear danger, grief, and terror with courage. Her brothers’ attempts to drive her mad fail, and her dignified nobility at her death transforms the character of her murderer.... 1,252 Words | 4 Pages
  • A Man for All Seasons: Play About Thomas More A Man for All Seasons A Man for All Seasons written by Robert Bolt is a play about a man, Thomas More, who lives by his beliefs and eventually dies because of his beliefs. The play has a simple theme, played out through a few main characters. Rich's character and personality prevent More from being successful. The first appearance of Rich in the play happens right away in the first scene. This is the first time you get to see his personality. Rich and More have an argument, as to... 821 Words | 2 Pages
  • Journal Entries for the play, "Of the Fields, Lately" by David French. Of the Fields, Lately RESPONSE JOURNAL March 9, 2003 The play Of the Fields, Lately portrays an average working class family living in the cold, isolated area of Newfoundland. Written by David French, The Mercer Family struggles with themselves in their close-knit traditions and encounter difficulties in getting along with each other. The Mercer Family is not a picture-perfect family as the Brady Bunch. They have values and behaviour which predominantly affects their lifestyles. The... 2,117 Words | 6 Pages
  • Suzan-Lori Parks' Play, Top-Underdog: An Analysis 11/2/12 “Et tu Booth?” In Suzan-Lori Parks play, “Top-Underdog” two brothers are shown in the same urban environment, yet they exhibit distinct differences in behavior and attitude. The audience or reader of the play is presented with the world of Lincoln and Booth, their current situation, and the way in which the two brothers react to the predicaments they are in. The dreams that one holds dear in such a situation are viewed as amoral and illegal to one in different... 1,986 Words | 6 Pages
  • Our Country's Good - Characters' Reactions to the Play The play tells the story of convicts and Royal Marines sent to Australia in the late 1780s as part of the first penal colony there. It follows Second Lieutenant Ralph Clark's attempts to put on a production of George Farquhar's comedy play called “The Recruiting Officer” with a cast of male and female convicts. The play also shows interesting turning points for the convicts and their attitude towards the George Farquhar play, which now will be looked into more detail. When the play is first... 1,327 Words | 4 Pages
  • A Raisin in the Sun Compare/Contrast Play/Film Lorraine Hansberry’s play “A Raisin in the Sun,” was a radically new representation of black life, resolutely authentic, fiercely unsentimental, and unflinching in its vision of what happens to people whose dreams are constantly deferred. I compared Act One, Scene 2, in the play and the film. The setting in the play is on a Saturday morning, and house cleaning is in process at the Youngers. In the film, the setting is the same as play, with lighting and costumes. The plot in the play is... 711 Words | 2 Pages
  • View from a Bridge - Extract from Play Understanding Poems, Prose and Plays: TMA02 Analyse a passage from A View from A Bridge that runs from “Eddie, moving up steps into doorway: Well, I’ll see ya, fellas” on page 5 to “Beatrice – her hands clasp at her breast; she seems half in fear, half in unutterable joy: They’re alright?” on page 8 of your edition of the play. The extract took place in the beginning of the play in the first act before the arrival of Beatrice’s cousins. In this part of the development of the play, we are... 959 Words | 3 Pages
  • How Would you physicalise a charcter from a play How would you physicalise a character from the play? Too physicalise a character from a play you need to have studied the specific character in a reasonable amount of detail, so you can portray them correctly. To do this effectively you need to do various exercises, all which will help you grasp the character the best you can. There are several methods which can help you to understand a character eg: Hot Seating, Spider Diagrams, and Workshops etc. In our lesson we explored the character by... 354 Words | 1 Page
  • ‘Compare and contrast the ways in which Stanhope and Raleigh are presented at the beginning of the play’ ‘Compare and contrast the ways in which Stanhope and Raleigh are presented at the beginning of the play’ Stanhope and Raleigh are absolutely different characters. Stanhope is experienced and confident and Raleigh is naive and doesn’t have such a long experience in army that Stanhope has. But also you can find something similar in stories of their lives. Their childhood, which they spent together. They went to the same school and their families were friends long time ago. At the beginning of... 570 Words | 2 Pages
  • Discuss the Differences Between Beatrice and Hero in the Early Scenes of the Play Discuss the differences between Beatrice and Hero in the early scenes of the play Shakespeare's play ‘Much Ado about Nothing' has two main female characters, Beatrice and Hero, who are cousins. Both appear to be completely different in the beginning of the play but, as things progress and their characters develop, there are also some very obvious similarities between them. Hero and Beatrice have a very close relationship; they are best friends. Leonato is Hero's father but Beatrice has no... 1,226 Words | 4 Pages
  • How Is Blanche’s Illusionary World Broken Down in the Play by Others? How is Blanche’s illusionary world broken down in the play by others? In the 1947 play A Streetcar Named Desire written by Tennessee Williams, there is an on going battle of rivalry between Stanley and Blanche, resulting to Blanche retreating into a world of illusions in order to protect herself. The two come from completely different societal worlds and have contrasting personalities, Stanley being powerful, controlling and strong and Blanche, being fragile, weak and vulnerable. Despite... 847 Words | 3 Pages
  • Explore the ways in which Priestely makes this such a dramatic moment in the play Explore the ways in which Priestley makes this such a dramatic and significant moment in the play In this playing I will be exploring how Priestley makes this moment in the play so dramatic and significant. The Inspector has just left the Birling’s all thunderstruck and traumatized, each of them handling it in different ways. As Gerald walks in it has come clear to us that the older generation are set in their ways and do not hesitate to even think about what the Inspector has told them, yet... 559 Words | 2 Pages
  • A View from the Bridge Essay: Play That Was First Staged in 1955 A View From the Bridge Essay ‘A View From The Bridge’ is a play that was first staged in 1955. It was written by Arthur Miller. Arthur Miller was born into a Jewish family in New York in 1915, whose grandparents had come to America from Poland. When the family business failed, they moved to Brooklyn, where A View from the Bridge is set. There, Miller worked in a warehouse to earn money for his university fees. He began to write plays when he was in university and continued to write them... 755 Words | 2 Pages
  • how does priestley present the character of mr birding in the opening of the play? How does Priestley present the character of Mr. Birling in the opening of the play? Mr. Birling is presented as arrogant and a social climber through the stage directions at the start of the play. He is described at the start, in the stage directions, as a “heavy-looking, rather portentous man in his middle fifties but rather provincial in his speeches.” This implies that Birling is a man who was born in the countryside and that he is not from a very important background. This shows that... 438 Words | 2 Pages
  • Which Character Changes the Most Throughout the Play “a View from the Bridge”? In “A View From The Bridge” by Arthur Miller I believe that Eddie is the character who changes most in the course of the play. I will show this by talking about his role in the drama, the dramatic devices and use of language by Miller as well as the background and social context of the play. Eddie’s role in the play is the most vital one; he is by far the most important character in the play. It is, after all, his inability to deal with his emotions that triggers most of the story and the... 1,016 Words | 3 Pages
  • Marco in a View from a Bridge - Exam Question - Explain How to an Actor How to Play Marco Give advice to an actor playing Marco on how he should present the character Marco is a character of two faces. At the beginning of the play, a grateful and respectful man is presented to the audience. He shakes Eddie’s hand, and makes it clear that he does not want to impose – ‘when you say go, we will go’. This is in stark contrast to the absolute lack of respect your character gives Eddie later in the story, and the more-so you can make this the better the reception will be from the... 431 Words | 1 Page
  • Alfieri Tells the Audience 'Justice Is Very Important Here'. How Does Arthur Miller Show the Importance of Justice in the Play? Alfieri tells the audience ‘Justice is very important here.’ How does Arthur Miller show the importance of Justice in the play? By stating in his opening speech of the play ‘Justice is very important here,’ Alfieri opens the audiences minds to relate justice back to all the events in the book that occur. Throughout the play Arthur Miller shows the importance of justice mainly through Eddie and Marco’s behavior, building up to Eddies tragic death. Through Alfieri’s first speech, Miller allows... 667 Words | 2 Pages
  • Comparison and Analysis of the Influence the Characters of Blanche and Eddie Had on Their Demises in the Two Plays 'a View from the Bridge' and 'a Streetcar Named Desire' Sexual tension leads to a highly charged, dramatic demise for Blanche and Eddie The characters of Blanche and Eddie are closely linked by several factors, including the reasons behind their cantankerous endings in the plays “A Streetcar Named Desire” and “A View from the Bridge”. Williams and Miller characterize Blanche and Eddie through their sexuality, which is a very important theme in both plays. Both characters show traces of mental instability; Blanche perhaps more-so than Eddie, as... 2,001 Words | 5 Pages
  • Discuss the Theatrical Device of One Actor for Multiple Roles and Its Thematic Relevance in the Play Halfway House. ‘Aadhe Adhure’ or ‘Halfway House’ has often been described as a cross between Naturalist Theatre and Theatre of the Absurd. Interestingly, both these elements actually undercut each other as theatrical movements and are said to have polarized western theatre. Naturalism argues for heredity and a global perspective on human behavior, which is said to develop out of the social environment in which a particular individual lives. On the contrary, Absurdism believes that there are no solutions to the... 3,104 Words | 9 Pages
  • An Inspector Calls by J.B Priestly - How does the play show up the contrasts between the philosophies of Arthur Birling and Inspector Goole? Arthur Birling and InspectorGoole's philosophies on life and society contrast throughout the play. For most of the play Sheila, Eric and Mrs Birling are fully behind Mr Birling and his philosophies, but towards the end of the play, Eric and Sheila effectively switch sides and begin to back InspectorGoole's philosophies on life and society. Mr Birling is a strong believer in stratas and classes in society; he believes he is in the upper class. In act 1, Mr Birling says "I'm still on the bench.... 762 Words | 2 Pages
  • “THE WITCHES ARE THE MOST UNSETTLING EXAMPLE OF THE SUPERNATURAL IN THE PLAY” TO WHAT EXTENT DO YOU AGREE? To the most extent I do not agree that the witches are the most unsettling example of the supernatural in Macbeth. There are other factors within the play such as the ambition of Macbeth and the wickedness of Lady Macbeth that cast an eerie and shocking atmosphere over the play. The reason I believe this to be the case because as part of a modern society, we have a lot more psychological horrors, and both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are considered to be insane. Whereas witches are seen more as a... 535 Words | 2 Pages
  • Discuss Friel’s presentation of the relationship between Chris and Gerry in this extract and elsewhere in the play. In the time ‘Dancing at Lughnasa’ was set Gerry and Chris’s relationship would have been extremely unorthodox and would have circulated a lot of town gossip. Having a child out of wedlock was extremely shocking and making the decision to then keep Michael even more so. In 1936 women had very few rights and with the shock of Michael being born only the towns respect for their brother, a missionary, kept them from being societal lepers. Friel presents the relationship between Gerry and Chris by... 1,450 Words | 4 Pages
  • Explain the significance of Marco to the play as a whole in the development of the story and why he is so important to the audience’s experience: In the play, Marco is very important. After all, he was the one person who killed Eddie Carbone which is the main event in the play. When Marco comes into the play for the first time, he is proven to be the most mature brother who has a quality life worth living. "What can I do? The older one is sick in chest. My wife - she feeds them from her own mouth. I tell you the truth; if I stay there they will never grow up. They eat the sunshine." Having children, Marco might feel they are a... 596 Words | 2 Pages
  • Cosi Shows Us That ‘Fairytale Endings’ Do Not Reflect Real Life. How Does Nowra’s Play Show Us the Complexity of People’s Existence? Cosi shows us that ‘fairytale endings’ do not reflect real life. How does Nowra’s play show us the complexity of people’s existence? Cosi is a play set in the 1970s, when Australia and the world were facing political complexities, such as the conflict against the communist government and the happenning of the Vietnam War. It was a time when people had to choose their loyalties, causing great frustration and tearing the community apart. We are able to see this in Cosi in the lives of two best... 837 Words | 3 Pages
  • Analyse Ways in Which Dramatic Techniques and Language Have Been Used to Explore John Misto's Main Concerns in the Play the Shoe-Horn Sonata. The Shoe-Horn Sonata by John Misto has five main themes or concerns. They are; History and Memory, Power and Control, Heroism and Relationships and War and Atrocities. John Misto explores all these ideas while telling the story of Bridie and Shelia's reunion fifty years after they last saw each other. The play is about the histories of the women and the nurses that were captive of the Japanese during World War Two; their individual histories and joint suffering. The stories of these women... 1,353 Words | 4 Pages
  • This essay is on Sam Shepards' Play "True West" it demonstrates the search for a sense of meaning to life; while also depicting the struggles faced by the brothers in attaining their American Dream" 'True West' portrays the downfall of the promised American dream; Sam Shepard demonstrates the binary oppositions between the characters of Austin and Lee - the domesticated American and the feral American. 'True West' exhibits the need for something "authentic" in a world that has forgotten its true meaning. The characters yearn for a sense of meaning to their lives as they struggle to achieve their dreams. Passage 1 introduces a key aspect of the play; the rivalry between the brothers. Lee... 774 Words | 2 Pages
  • Phool - 1851 Words Plot Summary The play is set in the Dublin slums or tenements in the years of the Iris Civil War 1922 and 1923. The whole play centers on the Boyle family. Juno Boyle is married to Boyle who calls himself Captain Boyle. Boyle is a useless and irresponsible drunkard who shuns the reality of work at every stage in the play, and spends his time in the pub drinking with his friend Joxer Daly. The Boyles have two children Johnny and Mary. Johnny is a sickly individual who has been involved in... 1,851 Words | 6 Pages
  • The Cripple of Inishman by Martin McDonagh  In the play, “The Cripple of Inishman” by Martin McDonagh the characters display forms of cruelty and violence. The characters are unable to express themselves in any other way except brutality, which could be due to their education. Living in Ireland has played a part in their way of life, and has shaped them to have a hard exterior. They take each other’s insults on a daily basis and to them it seems normal. The two characters that mainly show this behavior are Helen and... 929 Words | 3 Pages
  • A View from a Bridge - 298 Words A View from the Bridge I feel sorry for Eddie Carbone to a certain extent in A View from the Bridge because what he does is to protect his niece Catherine but in some parts of the play he deserves it. I feel sorry for Eddie Carbone because what he does is to protect his niece. Eddie has taken care of Catherine and he tries to hide her away from the outside world, he doesn’t want her to grow up. At the start of the play Eddie’s character is portrayed as a kind but quite over protective of... 298 Words | 1 Page
  • Explore How Priestly Presents and Develops the Relationship Between Shelia and Mrs. Birling in ‘an Inspector Calls’. Explore how Priestly presents and develops the relationship between Shelia and Mrs. Birling in ‘An Inspector Calls’. Priestly uses dialogue and stage directions to show a void between different generations. Although Mrs. Birling is Shelia’s mother she still refers to her as a ‘girl[s]’. The audience can sense Mrs. Birling’s condescending tone and how she still retains the view that Shelia is an immature and ignorant ‘girl[s]’ even though she is a fully grown adult who will soon be wed. This is... 912 Words | 3 Pages
  • How I Learned to Drive Analysis How I Learned To Drive Analysis Paper In Paula Vogel’s “How I Learned to Drive”, we follow our protagonist nicknamed “Lil Bit” on a gut wrenching, and downright disturbing journey through her adolescence, told as a series of narrations, monologues, and flashbacks with the occasional interjection of a PSA like voice over. The play recounts the physical and emotional abuse Lil Bit encountered from the ages of eleven to eighteen at the hands of her uncle Peck, while he teaches her to drive.... 840 Words | 3 Pages
  • Shoe Horn Sonata: Distinctively Visual (Introduction - Introduce both texts and composer/director, short plot outline and link to question and examples) Photographs are a chilling reminder of the truth behind these women’s recounts, and an acknowledgement of their strength. Misto uses photographic images to achieve several things within his play. Firstly the images transport the audience to the world which these women are describing through their dialogue of memories. In Act One, whilst Bridie describes the evacuation of... 1,102 Words | 3 Pages
  • Away Revision - 1360 Words Away by Michael Gow Half-Yearly Revision Act-by-Act Summary / Structure Genre: Form (Drama) As Away is a drama, it will be important for you to discuss the unique features of this form. You may wish to consider the following: Intertextuality: Shakespearean texts  Away begins with the final scene from A Midsummer Night’s Dream (a comedy) and ends with a production of King Lear (a tragedy). These two texts frame the play and develop its major theme of reconciliation. Structurally, the... 1,360 Words | 8 Pages
  • The Movie "Doubt" V. the Film There were a few changes that were made to make a smooth transition from stage to film, but there were many things that stayed the same. The plot of both versions was basically the same. The play and film centers on Father Flynn, Sister James, and Sister Aloysius. Sister Aloysius is convinced that Father Flynn has acted inappropriately around the male students at the school, and Sister James is the naïve young teacher that wants to see the best in everyone and tries her hardest to believe that... 1,761 Words | 4 Pages
  • Shirley Valentine Essay - 1056 Words Shirley Valentine Essay All literature is written for a reason, the author is intending to communicate something often found at the very core of the work itself. Willy Russell’s Shirley Valentine is no different, told through the perspective of an aging housewife it draws attention to both social and personal messages. One such message is the concept of personal growth and human potential. Within the play there are many insights and examples of the theme like the transformation Shirley`s... 1,056 Words | 3 Pages
  • Rhetoric of Pedagogy - 1242 Words Rhetoric of Pedagogy in Femi Osofisan’s Twingle Twangle; A Twyning Tale. A MAN wanted to know Which is better – war or peace, The knife or the spoon, blood Or water? Thus opens Femi Osofisan’s play Twingle Twangle; A Twyning Tale. It is about knowledge and the quest for understanding. Man is riddled by so many philosophical issues that surround his existence which makes him to question the very essence of his ontology. It is this inability to comprehend the forces of nature that has... 1,242 Words | 4 Pages
  • Journeys End Themes - 680 Words In the play Journeys end we depict a number of themes and see how each one slowly intertwines with the other. Journeys end has a huge theme of comradeship which in turn effects how we (as the readers) perceive each character and their individuality as well as the hardships of war and how soldiers were used to coping, which runs throughout the play. From the beginning when Raleigh first meets Osborne to the very end where Stanhope is trying his best to save Raleigh, we are aware of how each of... 680 Words | 2 Pages
  • The Shoehorn Sonata - 1726 Words The Shoe-Horn Sonata by John Misto The opening scene, with Bridie demonstrating the deep, subservient bow, the kow-tow, demanded of the prisoners by their Japanese guards during tenko, takes the audience straight into the action. As the interviewer, Rick, poses questions, music and images from the war period flash on the screen behind Bridie, and the audience realises they are watching the filming of a television documentary. The time is now, and Bridie is being asked to recall the events of... 1,726 Words | 5 Pages
  • A Steady Rain - 1032 Words A Steady Rain It’s your typical cop movie, findable on the local channels. Two police officers claim to use their power for the good of the people, but find out how much easier it is to take matters into their own hands. Although we all can get this on our television for free, director Tazewell Thompson takes Keith Huff’s “A Steady Rain” and turns it into something worth paying for, or did he? The set is completely simple; as a matter of fact I must say it is very uncreative. There are two... 1,032 Words | 3 Pages
  • Henry Higgins - 1403 Words Henry Higgins Higgins is an extremely interesting character and the life of the play. Although the play's obvious concern is the metamorphosis of a common flower girl into a duchess, the development of Higgins' character is also important. The play isn't only Eliza's story. One also detects changes in Higgins or to be more precise he appears to the reader in a new light at the end. This is seen when he tells Eliza that he has grown accustomed to seeing her face and hearing her voice. This is... 1,403 Words | 4 Pages
  • I Had a Job I Liked Once by Guy Vanderhaeghe I Had a Job I liked. Once. Guy Vanderhaegh takes us back a few decades in the retelling of a court case in small town, Saskatchewan in the play, “I Had a Job I liked. Once.” Using elements of style, staging and developing characters throughout the play Vanderhaegh portrays to the audience the theme of the biases and prejudices that come with living in a small town. The story is set in small town Saskatchewan in a police station office, on the night of August of 1957. Corporal Heasman has... 1,620 Words | 4 Pages
  • An Analysis of Journey's End by R. C. Sherriff Page 95 “Trotter comes in, fully dressed for the line” to page 98 “Mason following from behind”. Explore the ways in which Sherriff makes this a dramatic and revealing moment in the play. (Trotter, Raleigh and Hibbert leaving for the attack) Sherriff makes this extract dramatic and revealing by creating tension and suspense. This is shown in the stage directions, “Suddenly there comes the faint whistle and thud of falling shells-a few seconds between each. Stanhope and Trotter listen... 444 Words | 2 Pages
  • How do Rita, Frank and their relationship change in 'Educating Rita' - Willy Russell? Rita, Frank and their relationship change throughout the play. Rita's education and confidence both grow as the story progresses. Frank's attitude towards life declines dramatically en route for the middle of the play but there is hint of improvement at the end. Their relationship undergoes many changes during the play. They grow apart, slowly and eventually reach a point where their separation is much needed and inevitable, although their feelings towards each other are of affection once... 2,410 Words | 8 Pages
  • Doll House - 715 Words In the play “A DOLL’S HOUSE”, we are presented with a very idealistic version of life in the late 1800’s, and along with that, the very confined roles both men and women were placed into. “A DOLL’S HOUSE” lends proof to the fact that women do not always enjoy the freedom to say, do and choose a lifestyle that they find fulfilling. The story that the play presents sheds a very domineering light on males as heads of households, and in society in general, and portrays women as dependent and... 715 Words | 2 Pages
  • Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Cat On A Hot Tin Roof Cat on a hot tin roof is a tragicomedy. There is a deep meaning shielded by bits and pieces of humor which best symbolizes how actual day to day activities come to pass. In every day life we will laugh about things that hurt in order to keep an experience of normalcy. An example of this is when Big Daddy calls out the minister on his obvious attempt to gain assets for the church. The key issues faced in Cat on a hot tin roof are homosexuality, control, love and facing... 695 Words | 2 Pages
  • A View from the Bridge. By Arthur Miller A View from the Bridge A View from the Bridge is a play by American playwright Arthur Miller. The play is set in 1950s America, in an Italian American neighborhood called Red Hook near the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. The main character of the play is Eddie Carbone, an Italian American longshoreman, who lives with his wife, Beatrice and an orphaned niece named Catherine. Eddie is Catherine’s uncle, but they are not blood-related. Eddie is very over-protective of Catherine and that he is... 1,174 Words | 3 Pages
  • Sure Thing - 1354 Words David Ives’ Sure Thing drama is an interesting play which has different way to entertain the readers. I have never read a play which is a little bit confusing at the first time I read it. Seems its every scene is separated by ring bell. However, by reading it more, I could sense comedy and fantasy combined at once. In the following paragraphs, you will see how some characters shaped based on the play. The first one is “educated”. Both of the characters in this play were educated. It could be... 1,354 Words | 5 Pages
  • Baby with the Bathwater - 601 Words Red Rock Community College's adaptation of Christopher Durang's play Baby with the Bathwater, directed by James O'Leary, concluded its 8-show run with a sold out finale performance on Sunday April 23rd, 2005. When the lights came up on the bassinet in the otherwise darkness of the stage, the image more or less stands for everything that follows – childhood, loneliness and abandonment. It seems that an icon of the entire human experience, not just the implied infancy, is being presented.... 601 Words | 2 Pages
  • Short Essay on a View from the Bridge - Eddie and Catherine's Relationship Explore how the relationship between Catherine and Eddie changes over the course of the play. At the start of the play we can see that Catherine is obedient and submissive to Eddie, this is demonstrated by stage directions such as ‘she turns to him’ and ‘she gets a cigar for him’. However at this point Beatrice is in opposition to him over Catherine taking the job at the plumbing company. So Catherine at this point is the one who is taking care of Eddie it seems, and by showing this Miller... 1,399 Words | 4 Pages
  • Performance Appraisal - 531 Words EXERCISE ON “Appraisal of an Employee” Submitted to: Dr. Ramlal porika Assistant professor [pic] BY Nagesh S. Yenpreddiwar Roll No.(109529) Performance Appraisal Performance appraisal is a universal phenomenon with the organization is making judgement about one is working with and about oneself. It serves as a basic element of effective work performance. Performance appraisal is essential for the effective management and evaluation of staff. It aims to... 531 Words | 4 Pages
  • East is East - 3265 Words East is East - Essay East is East' is a play about family life set in Salford at the start of the 1970's. It focuses on the Khan family, specifically the children, who are coming to terms with their identity in a mixed race household dominated by an abusive father. In this assignment, I will explore how the conflicts and tension in the play are dramatically revealed through the use of humor. I will explore Act 1, Scene 1, and Act 2 Scenes 2, 4, and 5. Throughout these scenes I will look at the... 3,265 Words | 12 Pages
  • Master Harrold and the Boys - 696 Words Lecreche Johannes 17731984 Christy Weyer Group:24 Exercise 4:Master Harold... and the boys "Master Harold "…and the Boys is a play that takes place inside the St. George's Park Tea Room on a wet and windy Port Elizabeth afternoon in 1950. There is no customers in the restaurant the place is quiet with only the two native waiters known as Willie and Sam in the restaurant. After a while Hally also known as “Master Harold” enters the tea room arriving from school wet from the rain outside.... 696 Words | 2 Pages
  • Eliza Thoughts - 451 Words In the play Pygmalion, Eliza was viewed from a Marxist criticism., because she was only a flower girl with a horrible was to speak English. At the beginning of the play Eliza was able to hear Higgins say that he can transform any girl into duchess, even though the girl would actually just be a common girl. When Eliza heard that, she too wanted to become a lady and she went over to ask for lessons. As she arrived at the Higgins home to ask for the lessons, Mrs. Pearce insulted her by saying Act... 451 Words | 1 Page
  • Our Country's Good, Acting Advice For Act 1 Scene 5 This scene is the one in which Ralph Clarke is auditioning some of the convicts for some parts in the play for which he has struggled to get permission to put on. The scene starts off with just Ralph. I think I would tell the actor to look studious and intellectual, as Ralph would be making every effort to make the play to a very high standard so he can impress Captain Phillip in the hope of getting the promotion he has desired for some time. The mood should then change as soon as "Shitty" Meg... 1,155 Words | 3 Pages
  • A Raisin In The Sun Study Guide  Part 1: Multiple Choice: Choose the best answer. (worth 1 point each) Act I Scene One 1. Why did Walter ask Ruth what was wrong with her? 2. Why was Ruth upset when Walter gave Travis the money? 3. Who are Willy and Bobo? 4. Walter said, “Damn my eggs…damn all the eggs that ever was!” Why? 5. Who is Beneatha? 6. Why did Beneatha say she wouldn’t marry George? 7. What was Beneatha’s attitude towards God? 8. What happened to Ruth at the end of Act I Scene One? Act I Scene Two 9. Who... 1,326 Words | 5 Pages
  • For Which of the Boys in the the History Boys Do You Have the Most Sympathy for? Show How the Presentation of You Chosen Character Creates Sympathy for Him. The boy that I felt the most sympathy for in The History Boys would have to be Posner. The portrayal of his character compared to that of the other boys is entirely different. Throughout the play, Posner is shown to be an outsider; "too young" to understand most things, and even to be included in Hector's inappropriate behaviour. It is evident from the start that Posner has feelings towards Dakin, however Dakin's behaviour towards Posner is far from romantic, hence we can sense that he doesn't... 345 Words | 1 Page
  • Dangerous Corner - 1213 Words Анализ текста Dangerous Corner из учебника Аракина за 5 курс J.B. Priestley is one of the outstanding English authors of his time. His Time Plays brought him world fame. He was the first one who used time tricks and flashback in his works, which made the break in the means of development of the character. Characters of his plays appear in a new light before our eyes, and the time trick allows us to see them in a new, deeper level. The extract under analysis is taken from the play “Dangerous... 1,213 Words | 3 Pages
  • distictly visual on shoe horn sonata Discuss how successful your composer has been in using distinctly visual elements to create a particular point of view. How are images used to explore the ways in which we view the world? Individuals go through obstacles and challenges in life and as a result form a particular point of view about life. The stage production, the Shoe-horn Sonata, directed by John Misto successfully uses distinctively visual elements to make a point about the atrocities of war. Lighting, stage directions and... 627 Words | 2 Pages
  • Analysis of "Death of a Salesman" opening stage directions Death of a Salesman Act I - opening stage directions analysis Arthur Miller’s ‘Death of a Salesman’ (1949) opens with an extensive description of the Loman house. Miller uses extremely precise and detailed stage directions, including prop placement, sound and lighting, giving heavy significance to each of these elements and painting an unchangeable picture to ensure that it is preserved in every interpretation of his work. Throughout the opening stage directions of Act 1, despite... 595 Words | 2 Pages
  • Ruby Moon Monologue - 1537 Words Analysis of Ruby Moon Ruby Moon is set in Flamming tree grove, about a couple Ray and Sylvie who’s child Ruby goes missing. The worried parents continue to spend all their days and nights trying to piece together any information they can find about their missing daughter Ruby. As they review everything they know about the case the story turns into a detective inquest, they question all the eccentric characters on the street to try and seek clues as to what actually happened to their daughter... 1,537 Words | 4 Pages
  • Kongi’s Harvest - 2344 Words Kongi’s Harvest President Kongi, the dictator of an African developing nation, is trying to modernize his nation after deposing King Oba Danlola, who is being held in detention. Kongi demands that Danlola present him with a ceremonial yam at a state dinner to indicate his abdication. Daodu is Danlola's nephew and heir, and he grows prized yams on his farm. Daodu's lover Segi owns a bar where Daodu spends most of his time. Segi is revealed to be Kongi's former lover. The different tribes are... 2,344 Words | 7 Pages
  • A View from the Bridge - 643 Words Pride plays a great role in the play, “A View from the Bridge”. The biggest victim of pride is Eddie, who loses both his pride and respect throughout the play. And this gradual loss heavily affects the characters’ behaviors. However pride does not seem to be the only factor that dictates the progress of the play. In the beginning of the play, Eddie is full of pride. He is respected by both Marco and Rodolfo as well as the community. The quote, “I want to tell you now Eddie – when you say go,... 643 Words | 2 Pages
  • Juno and the Paycock - Deterioration of a Relationship “Juno and the Paycock” by Sean O’Casey is set amidst the height of the Irish Civil War. Throughout the play, we can see the titular character’s, Juno Boyle and Jack Boyle, relationship deteriorate, and how dramatic events in their lives and the lives of their children, Johnny and Mary, cause the entire family to collapse. The play is set closely following the signing of the treaty dividing Ireland into sections and features the resulting conflict between the diehards who want a united, free... 1,001 Words | 3 Pages
  • child observation - 1163 Words  Child Observation Observation Assignment Description of children: All the children at Gerber Preschool are between the ages of 3 and 4 years old and mainly consist of lower to lower middle class Hispanic and Caucasian families. Mya is a small statured 3 year old Hispanic Caucasian female, with light olive-toned skin, long brown hair, and large brown eyes. Toby is an average statured 4 year old Caucasian male, fair-skinned, blue-eyed, short brown hair. Toby and Mya both... 1,163 Words | 3 Pages
  • How Does Miller Create Tension in Act 1 of a View from the Bridge? How does Miller create tension in Act 1? Miller creates tension in Act 1 of A View from the Bridge using several techniques. A View from the Bridge is set in Red Hook, in Brooklyn, which was a poverty-stricken slum. Also, Eddie Carbone is a longshoreman, and longshoremen were not well paid. The fact that poverty in this area is so large creates tension and from the beginning of the play we feel this tension. Alfieri is the first character we are introduced to in this play. Alfieri’s speech at... 598 Words | 2 Pages
  • The Duchess of Malfi - 1313 Words The princely powers of the Duchess of Malfi The Tragedy of the Dutchesse of Malfy, originally published under this name in 1623, is a Jacobean drama written by John Webster in 1612-13. The play starts off as a love story with the Duchess secretly marrying the steward of the household Antonio; a man beneath her class who she has fallen in love with. This marriage immediately shows the Duchess’ “princely powers” by defying the wishes of her brothers, Ferdinand and the Cardinal, to not marry... 1,313 Words | 4 Pages
  • Oleanna Essay (Power) - 1335 Words Re-read Act 3 from page 73 (John: And you might speak to the committee?) to page 78 (Carol: Yes. Perhaps you should) Discuss how ideas about power are presented in this extract and at least one other point in the play. Power is a very strong theme in Oleanna, it’s one that runs through out the play. Mamet was aware about the power struggles in America at the same time he wrote the play. The play was written in the 1990’s, at this time in America there was a very hot topic about ‘Gender... 1,335 Words | 3 Pages
  • The Club - 1144 Words The Club (1978), written by David Williamson, is a satirical play that follows the fortunes and misfortunes of a football club over the course of the season. David Williamson cleverly integrates the realistic portrayal of characters and dialogue into the play in order to effectively provide the reader with an insight into the power and politics of sport and the commoditisation of players. The main themes in The Club that David Williamson communicates across to the reader are power and the... 1,144 Words | 3 Pages

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