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Symbol Essays & Research Papers

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  • Symbol Essay - 328 Words Brooke Herklotz 10-25-11, Lehmann 4th period Charm bracelet My charm bracelet is a symbol of me and everything I stand for. It is a chain bracelet with many different charms. Each charm symbolizes an event or an item that makes me who I am. My turtle charm represents my speed. My life has always been at a slow pace, never have I been quick with anything I do. I feel that people don’t slow down to just enjoy life’s every beauty. I take time to slow down and walk this earth with... 328 Words | 1 Page
  • Symbols & Ironi - 1048 Words Symbols and Ironies The authors use irony in their writings because it creates a great closeness to a text and a feeling of satisfaction when the irony is recognized and understood, “- a little like a shared understanding between the writer and the reader - a kind of knowing wink!” (Englishbiz 1). On the other hand the symbols in the literature are used by the writers to improve their writing. Also, the symbols give more color, make it more rich writing and enhance the meaning to doing it... 1,048 Words | 3 Pages
  • Literary Symbols - 482 Words Literary symbols are used to raise the reader’s awareness of the themes of a story. In The Pearl, by John Steinbeck, the meaning of the great pearl itself – the novella’s central symbol – is never explicitly defined. The nature of the pearl’s symbolic significance is left to each reader’s interpretation, this symbolism shifts over the course of the work. At first, the pearl represents a stroke of divine providence that gives Kino’s family hope. As Juana catches her breath and moan, “in the... 482 Words | 2 Pages
  • Relegious Symbols - 1171 Words Sumreen Mahmood Group A Semester: Fall 2012 SVAD Foundation Submission Of Assignment Hippopotamus From Thebes, Egypt 1991-1783 B.C.E. Faience and Ceramic 7 7/8 in. long. Egyption Ashurbanipal hunting lions From the North Palace of Ashurbanipal, Ninevah (modern Kuyunjik) Iraq Ca. 645-640 B.C.E. Gypsum Approximately 5 ft. high Babylonian Stonehenge 30 feet (9 meters) tall and weigh 25 tons (22.6 metric tons) Estimated at 3100 BC Wiltshire, UK Prehistoric... 1,171 Words | 4 Pages
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  • Araby Symbols - 401 Words Joyce introduces astonishing symbols in the short story Araby. Some of the symbols we talked about in the class were religion, dark, blind and other more. Specifically, Joyce expanded on symbolic imageries to set a particular scene in The North Richmond Street. With attention to, the priest became the symbol for the unknown narrator in the story. The narrator is currently residing in the dead priest’s house. According to James Joyce in Araby, “Air, musty from having been long enclosed, hung in... 401 Words | 1 Page
  • Symbol and Poem - 644 Words I chose to read the poem “Chivalry” by Carol Muske-Dukes, and enjoyed reading it. The poem was pretty easy to read and used some good literary elements. The elements that make this poem stand out are the setting, tone, and the use of symbolism. I understood the poem the first time I read it, but I read it two more times to get a better understanding of some of the vocabulary. This poem is about a man that is holding his dead wife in his hands and then decides to set her body in a fire kind... 644 Words | 2 Pages
  • Macbeth - Symbols - 986 Words Throughout Shakespeare's Macbeth, numerous symbols are used. Many of these depict characters' actions and appearances, emotions, and events that have happened previously in the play. Although there are many symbols used all through the play, there are three important groups of symbols that are used most regularly. These are blood, sleep and animals, which all have different representations.

    Blood is an important symbol that is used continuously in the play. In the beginning of the play,... 986 Words | 3 Pages
  • Symbol of The Wild - 806 Words Jeremy Chen Ms. Pat Cessna Grade 10 English 30 October 2008 Symbol of The Wild Symbol of The Wild The Call of The Wild by Jack London tells a story of a dog whose name is Buck. We follow Buck through his adventures in the Klondike. He experiences a transformation as he adapts to the cold temperatures, the heavy sled behind him, and the savageness of the other dogs. By the end of the story Buck overcomes his obstacles and learns the cruelty in both human nature and nature itself. A... 806 Words | 3 Pages
  • Symbol of Shame - 975 Words Symbol of Shame Symbolism in literature is the hidden meaning in a piece of work. It is used to represent moral and/ or religious values and beliefs. As time goes on in the world, society and what makes up society changes. In today’s sense, pride is based on the individualism that one has developed. The diversity in today’s society allows for many different beliefs and social concepts. Looking back to the early years when Puritanism was an ongoing religion with many followers, tradition along... 975 Words | 3 Pages
  • Death of a Salesman - Symbols - 2148 Words Arthur Miller is recognized as an important and influential playwright, not to mention essayist and novelist. Although he has had plenty of luck in his writing career, his fame is the product of his ingenious ability to control what he wants his readers to picture or feel. As one of his critics states, "Miller writes ingeniously, conveying the message that ‘if the proper study of mankind is man, man's inescapable problem is himself (Brown, 306).'" Miller accurately puts into... 2,148 Words | 6 Pages
  • The Great Divorce Motifs and Symbols The State of Mind: Symbolized Motifs and Symbolism in “The Great Divorce” Everyday there is a sun. The sun rises and the sun sets. When the sun rises there is a beautiful glow to it yet very few watch it rise because it is so early. But when it sets many people think of it as the end of the day and fantasize on its romanticism into the night, pondering on achievements throughout the twenty-four hour time period. The sun is a symbol of life. Much like the sun, the symbols in the Great Divorce... 1,140 Words | 3 Pages
  • The Kite Runner - Symbols - 586 Words Analyse how symbols are used to develop an idea in the text. Four paragraphs: Kites The fight between Amir and Assef The Lamb The move to America “ Tourist” Theme: “Redemption can be attainable even in the worst of circumstances” “There is a way to be good again.” Marks a point in Amirs life when he truly discovers redemption can be attainable even in the worst of circumstances. After years of dnial, lies, hiding and ignorance this phone conversation with Raham Khan plants the... 586 Words | 2 Pages
  • Symbols and Signs in Art - 586 Words Images are used as pictures, symbols or signs. Pictures, symbols and signs do not specify images, they describe three functions used by images. An image can bring out many meanings, for example, a triangle apart of its shape is used as a sign of danger. We need to acknowledge how well or how bad some images serve these functions. A sign refers to one specific content without showing the actual meaning of the image. Something we see visually can be portrayed by a sign, for example, a letter of... 586 Words | 2 Pages
  • Symbols as Used in the Things They Carried Short Story Essay Symbols as used in "The Things They Carried" The use of symbolism in this story is really amazing. Using the items soldiers tend to take with them to combat zone Tim O’Brien is able to tell a lot about what really soldiers have in mind, their characters and even what might be going on in their personal life. I find this a story interesting to me because when I was deployed I carried things to keep me going. Personal little items I carried with me had a meaning.... 542 Words | 2 Pages
  • Can Language Be Replaced by Symbols? Adolph Luque EN 101 M01 03/10/11 Language, Replaced by Icons Can symbols really change the society that we live in? We live in a world, where everything is changing each day. Technology changes in a blink of an eye. The way we transport ourselves from point A to point B, is also changing. The way we communicate with each other too. Now in days, symbols such as icons, logos and slogans, are changing the way we speak, the way we think and the way we see things. The symbols have... 674 Words | 2 Pages
  • Symbols In The Prince And The Pauper - 975 Words Jason Lee Ms. Pat Cessna English 10 - 2B 14 March 2015 Symbolism in the Prince and the Pauper The Prince and the Pauper written by Mark Twain is another phenomenal novel that revolves around two boys, Edward the Prince of Wales and Tom who is a pauper, switching their lives. As many other successful novels, Mark Twain includes a countless amount of literary devices. One of the literary devices Mark Twain uses in The Prince and the Pauper is symbolism. In this story, Mark Twain uses three... 975 Words | 3 Pages
  • Symbols in the Mayor of Casterbridge - 937 Words AP English Literature and Composition Miss Hodge 19 March. 2013 Symbolism in The Mayor of Casterbridge A symbol is an object, person, or figure that is used to represent a concept in the story. Throughout the novel The Mayor of Casterbridge, there are three key symbols. All three symbols Hardy uses are objects. These three objects all represent something about the main character, Henchard. One of the three symbols also pertains to Farfrae, another character in the novel. The three... 937 Words | 3 Pages
  • Symbols in "A Rose for Emily" Symbols in "A Rose for Emily" In the short story "A Rose for Emily", by William Faulkner, symbolism is used frequently to show insight to hidden meanings in the story. Faulkner uses a rose to symbolize love and secrecy. Emily's house is also used to symbolize Emily as a monument, alienation, and death. Lastly, the strand of hair left on the pillow symbolizes love lost and a life of decay. The rose is a symbol for love. In the story, Homer is the "rose" or love for Emily. Emily's... 595 Words | 2 Pages
  • Flowers for Algernon Symbols and Motifs Symbols and Motifs By Amber Wang In Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes, there are many motifs and symbols. According to (2013), a motif is: “a recurring subject, theme, idea, etc., especially in a literary, artistic, or musical work.” On the other hand, a symbol is, according to the same website: “something used for or regarded as representing something else; a material object representing something, often something immaterial; emblem, token, or sign.” However, unlike... 1,614 Words | 4 Pages
  • Shawshank Redemption Symbols of Hope The Shawshank Symbols of Hope In The Shawshank Redemption; Stephen King uses symbolism to help reveal the theme “man cannot live without hope”. In this movie the sisters subplot becomes an important symbol because even though Andy is treated wrongly, he continues to tolerate their abuse, with hope that he will eventually escape. Many other prisoners in that horrific situation would have been unable to cope or become violent and resentful. Andy’s behavior remained passive. Acting... 300 Words | 1 Page
  • The Island as a Symbol in the Lord of the Flies The Island Major Joe Ridge View High School English 1 Mrs. Walker December 17, 2012 There are many different symbols in the book Lord of the Flies. Some of the symbols represent peace and some represent war. Some of the characters themselves represent different symbols. The item of symbolism that stood out the most was the island itself. The island itself is an excellent item of symbolism because it uses the boys themselves to convey what it stands for thus almost making itself seem... 1,365 Words | 4 Pages
  • Symbols in the Catcher in the Rye - 655 Words English 12 IB September 16th, 2011 Symbols in The Catcher in the Rye The Red Hunting Hat Holden's Red hunting hat is a symbol of his uniqueness throughout the book. It is a concrete representation of his alienation from “common” people as it looks very peculiar, and thus makes him stand out when he wears it. This represents Holden's desire to stand apart from all the “phonies” of the world. However, the fact that Holden refuses to wear the hat while in the presence of... 655 Words | 2 Pages
  • The Analysis of Symbol in Tess of the D’urbervilles The Analysis of Symbol in Tess of the D’Urbervilles Tomas Hardy is an controversial writer in the era of Victorian,his life span stretches over two centuries. In view of the influence of family life and the background of education, Hardy is aware of many ancient Greek fair tales and biblical stories. In his representative fiction, Tess of The D’Urbervilles, Hardy used different types of symbols to expose the tragic destiny of Tess, just as the famous word which Hamlet says “Frailty, thy name... 944 Words | 3 Pages
  • Symbols in Lord of the Flies - 715 Words Tao Orion Ms Shaw ENG2D1 May, 31st, 2013 The Importance of Symbols in Lord of the Flies To quote Stephen King, "Symbolism exists to enrich". The author William Golding was noted for using symbolism, especially in the Lord of the Flies. Three examples of symbolism that enrich the reading experience in the Lord of the Flies are the signal fire, the Beast and the Conch. The Beast is an important symbol in the Lord of the Flies. It represents fear and the need for savagery. In the novel... 715 Words | 2 Pages
  • Symbol and Scholarship Jacket - 770 Words A symbol is a specific word, idea or object that may stand for ideas, values, persons or ways of life. The personal narratives “The Scholarship Jacket" by Marta Salinas, "The Jacket" by Gary Soto and "Vinnie's Jacket" by Anna Nussbaum all have a jacket as the central symbol. In each of these works, however, the jacket represents very different things. For Marta Salinas in "The Scholarship Jacket", the jacket symbolizes eight years of hard work and expectation. Throughout the narrator's... 770 Words | 2 Pages
  • Symbols in Australia Film - 425 Words “Symbols are useful in films as they help to communicate underlying meaning to the audience” Symbols are significantly important in the film Australia by Baz Lurhmann. They assist in depicting and understanding underlying meaning in the text. Symbols in the film are used to represent central themes such as, social class or standing through aspects like dress code. For instance, Lady Ashley’s umbrella and fancy hats are evidence of her wealth and power. Adventure and travel are also shown... 425 Words | 2 Pages
  • Symbols in Digging by Seamus Heaney In the poem “Digging”, Seamus Heaney explores the differences between generations of men in his family through retracing the past. It is a poem of love and respect for the achievements of his father and grandfather as a digger, but at the same time comparing the traditional occupation to his own way of “digging” as a writer. Heaney expresses a sense of isolation and resemblance he feels toward his family by using significant symbols throughout the poem. In the first stanza, Heaney introduces... 334 Words | 1 Page
  • Swastika: A Symbol of Good and Evil SOCS350-ON November 7, 2008 THE SWASTIKA-A SYMBOL OF GOOD AND EVIL The hackenkreuz, gamma cross, gammadion, St. Brigit’s cross, fylfot cross and swastika are all references to one symbol, the oldest cross in the world. This symbol is represented several thousand years B.C. in multiple cultures. It is not until the 1900’s that the term “swastika” elicits such a fervor of emotions. It is interesting to contrast the viewpoints of the Chinese community versus the enormity of human... 637 Words | 2 Pages
  • Oppression themed symbols in literature Oppression themed symbols in literature As a wise man once said, “When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw.” Nelson Mandela expresses that one has no other choice but to become an outsider once oppression has overcome them. Authors illustrate the ineffective struggle of the lower class against the cruel oppression by the upper class. Many authors use a variety of symbols to express the central theme of oppression in their writing.... 1,399 Words | 4 Pages
  • The Letter a as a Symbol in the Scarlet Letter Throughout the novel The Scarlet Letter there are many symbols. One of the biggest symbols of the novel is the scarlet letter A that Hester Prynne is sentenced to wear after she commits adultery. It is a symbol that is sewn onto her clothes for everyone to see. It is a punishment that is meant to humiliate her for the duration of the time that she stays in Puritanical Boston. During the novel, the scarlet letter changes and evolves from meaning adultery to meaning ability and even physically... 763 Words | 2 Pages
  • The Birthmark Symbols Characters Opposition The Birthmark “Nature is relentless and unchangeable, and it is indifferent as to whether its hidden reasons and actions are understandable to man or not” (Galileo Galilei). Scientist Aylmer is disgusted with his wife Georgina’s birthmark and persistent in removing it. He thinks Georgina is perfect except for her birthmark and he says that the birthmark is a “visible mark on earthly imperfection” (Hawthorne, 304). Aylmer tries to remove something perfectly natural by using science in form of a... 798 Words | 2 Pages
  • Symbols in The Catcher in the Rye - 967 Words  Symbols in The Catcher in the Rye In The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger many symbols are used to show a deeper meaning for the people, objects and places Holden Caulfield comes in contact with during the story. Holden is often unable to connect to or make relationships with other people, and his encounters usually end with him alone and feeling insecure. Holden deals with these insecurities by looking for the phoniness in others. But his failures are something that he cannot truly... 967 Words | 3 Pages
  • Symbol of the House of Usher - 398 Words Richard Wilbur argues that the character of Roderick Usher is a symbol. The Fall of the House of Usher’s a comprehensive, symbolic account of the madness and dishonesty of an individual's personality. The death of Madeline and Roderick was the decision that Roderick chose to make. The symbol Wilbur is referring to is an allegorical figure representing the hypnagogic state which, the condition of the mind occurring ‘upon the very brink of sleep.’ Roderick Usher, standing for the hypnagogic... 398 Words | 1 Page
  • Predominate Symbols and Their Meanings Predominate Symbols and Their Meanings Defined Symbolism “is the practice of representing things by symbols, or of investing things with a symbolic meaning or character. A symbol is an object, action, or idea that represents something other than itself, often of a more abstract nature.” (Wikipedia) Authors use symbolism to give their stories a deeper meaning. Symbols make you look beyond the obvious and see the deeper meaning.” Symbols have emotional and intellectual power beyond their literal... 1,139 Words | 3 Pages
  • Bless Me Ultima Symbols In Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya, the golden carp is a symbol that contributes to a theme in the novel. The golden carp represents many things. It symbolizes a magical religious order not related to Catholicism. Antonio learns about the fish’s presence when Samuel tells him about some God in the waters. When Antonio finally is shown to the golden carp god by Cico, he is scared and doesn’t reject the idea. This is because at the beginning of the book, he feels he is abandoning God and... 433 Words | 2 Pages
  • Symbol of Vietnam: Non La. Every country has their own hat styles, in the United States the baseball cap, in England the London bobby's helmet, in Greece the fisherman's hat, in France the beret and so on. In Vietnam, the conical pleasant hat, or non la, serves as a very important tool used by everyone. The non la, translates "leaf hat," because it is made out of leaves and is also very light and thin. The non la is used by villagers for protection from the sun, and it is also used as a fan in the hot and dry weather. The... 613 Words | 2 Pages
  • Castle Rock As A Symbol - 327 Words Castle Rock as a Symbol Throughout literature, many people, places, or things, have a deeper meaning then literal. They are symbols for something much more important. In Lord of the Flies, William Golding did an excellent job of creating a microcosm of the world in the island. The island stands for a world with no rules and lack of authority. In this world, there are good people, such as Jack, Piggy, and Simon, and then there are corrupted people such as Jack and his choir. The good people have... 327 Words | 1 Page
  • Symbols in Lord Of The Flies - 1047 Words Discuss The Symbols Golding Introduces in the Lord of the Flies Golding presents a number of key symbols in the opening chapters of the Lord of the Flies, providing a number of hints as he does as to the characteristics of the boys on the island, of possible issues and conflicts which will occur as the narrative develops. Symbols are of great importance to Golding’s book, an example being the conch, representing authority and leadership, as well as Piggy’s glasses to symbolise his... 1,047 Words | 3 Pages
  • Role of Symbols in the Things They Carried The role of symbols in The Things They Carried Symbolism in O’Brien’s The Things They Carried runs rampant and plays a part in conveying the author's message. O’Brien uses symbols to link ideas together. Symbols can be decrypted by the reader to unearth the true essence of the work. Symbols appear in all forms in the work, recurring as both tangible and intangible. O’Brien chooses to embed symbols everywhere in the text, in the structure, the characters. Some symbols are more... 1,411 Words | 4 Pages
  • Symbols in Heart of Darkness - 399 Words British Literature and Composition Period 4 Heart of Darkness Joseph Conrad wrote Heart of Darkness in 1899. The book was mildly difficult to understand, especially because Conrad’s native language was not English. If you went into this book blindly, and just read, searching for nothing, I can almost guarantee you would not understand it. But, if you take a closer look, you can see the underlying meanings and symbolisms he has partially hidden everywhere. Joseph Conrad’s double-meanings... 399 Words | 2 Pages
  • symbol in the glass menagerie - 1875 Words Koleton Forehand Ms. Meyers ENC 1101 21 November, 2013 Symbol in the Glass Menagerie The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams is set in the time period known as the Great Depression. During this time in history, many people were without jobs and were homeless. Gender roles still played a huge role in society, but even women had to find jobs if they could to provide for their families. Many people had to pretend that people weren’t suffering to make it through. No wonder many people... 1,875 Words | 5 Pages
  • Lord of the Flies Conch Shell Symbol Christine Graham Mr. Asnault Honors English 10 August 2010 Deep within a shell Everyone has a personality shell. For instance, one might have a soft shell (with a sensitive personality), one might have a hard shell (with a strong-willed, egomaniacal personality), or one might be somewhere in between. But that personality shell greatly symbolizes who they are. That same type of symbolism is greatly used in Lord of the Flies by William Golding with a conch shell, sharing a huge resemblance... 769 Words | 2 Pages
  • Contemporary Iconology and African Sacred Symbols CONTEMPORARY ICONOLOGY AND AFRICAN SACRED SYMBOLS Sophia Oduol, 2011 [email protected] Introduction The awareness of the power of iconography in communication can be traced back to the earliest civilizations of mankind. Production of type was through scratch marks made on flat surfaces using sharp objects. Twentieth century records show well developed type from Mesopotamia, Chinese calligraphy, Egyptian Hieroglyphics and Phoenician alphabet. How do you make any sense of history,... 3,260 Words | 10 Pages
  • Lord of the Flies Comparing the Symbols Importance In Lord of the Flies, symbolism describes the environment of the island, and how it changes from time to time; there are numerous ways to express beliefs, thought, and many other. Symbols may appeal to a reader's emotions and can offer a way to express a thought, communicate a message, or explain the meaning in depth. In this book, it is described that most of the symbols’ value decreases as Jack starts to take over the group, therefore, it represents that it is easier to be evil than it is to... 533 Words | 2 Pages
  • The Use of Symbols in John Steinbeck's "The Chrysanthemums" In John Steinbeck's short story, "The Chrysanthemums," he uses the flower to symbolize his main character's thoughts and ideas. There are many examples of such symbolism in this work. Elisa Allen is a lonely woman who enjoys growing and nourishing her chrysanthemums. Since her husband is always working the cattle in their farm, she never has enough attention or any kind of affection. The result of this dispassionate marriage leads Steinbeck to describe his main character as follows, "Her... 720 Words | 2 Pages
  • The Use of Signs and Symbols in Everyday Life On a typical day, as an average person--whether going to work, school, or simply to the store--we all run into many different types of signs and symbols. Signs include smells, sounds, or motions which could indicate food, danger, or the existence of others. A symbol is that which makes us merely think of the object mentioned. From the time I got up until the time I got to English class at Casper College, I encountered numerous signs and symbols that I never would have thought twice about. The... 902 Words | 3 Pages
  • Symbols Used in Noli Me Tangere What are the reasons why Rizal used these symbolisms in the novel? Rizal used these symbolisms to represent what he wanted to awaken the minds of Filipinos and that he wanted to portray in his novel of how Spaniards treat Filipinos and rule our country, Philippines. Some of the symbolisms as well as with the characters were: CROSS - sufferings POMELO BLOSSOMS AND LAUREL LEAVES - honor and fidelity SILHOUETTE OF A FILIPINA -Maria Clara BURNING TORCH -rage and passion SUNFLOWERS -... 481 Words | 2 Pages
  • Symbols in Lord of the Flies (I Got an a on This One!) There are many symbols in our lives that reflect our culture. Even when we don't know it, we are either influenced by symbols, or are helping those symbols influence others. Without the use of symbolism, a culture or society cannot continue to stand. William Golding's Lord of the Flies shows how symbols are created, and how those symbols become powerful. Three of the symbols he uses are the conch, the pig's head on a stick, and Piggy's glasses. The first symbol we come across is the conch... 564 Words | 2 Pages
  • Symbols in Brave New World and V for Vendetta Prevalent Symbols in Brave New World and V for Vendetta Symbols are a prevalent technique used in the art of literature and movie making. Both Brave New World by Aldous Huxley and V for Vendetta directed by James McTeague use the symbolism to show their attention to detail and to add importance to the their work. For example, Soma is an intense drug used by the characters symbolizes immediate gratification throughout the novel. In a different media, V for Vendetta, the use of the letter "V" is... 932 Words | 3 Pages
  • A Jury of Her Peers (Literary Analysis of Symbols) Literary Analysis of Symbols in “A Jury of Her Peers” I picked three symbols from the story A Jury of Her Peers. One of the symbols has to do with the investigation. The other two have to do with Minnie Wright. A symbol in A Jury of Her Peers is “trifles”. Within the story, the men investigated the house to find evidence from the crime. They don’t pay attention to any of the small things (trifles), but the women do. The women end up figuring out more than the men. The men say,... 340 Words | 1 Page
  • Discuss the value of myth and symbol in Religious language Discuss the value of myth and symbol in Religious language Myth and symbol are part of the complex structure and character of religious language and are used when factual statements are deemed as inappropriate in conveying a certain message. Religious language is usually non-cognitive, this is as it can be used in order to evoke emotion in someone, for example like the poppy which is used for the remembrance of the soldiers who lost their lives fighting for their country. As symbols are... 682 Words | 2 Pages
  • What Do You Know About Hamlet Symbols? What Do You Know About Hamlet Symbols? Many plays and novels use symbolism to express a feeling or emotion in an intelligent way. A symbol is something that is used to show something else. It can be a tangible object or a written symbol used to represent something that is not actually there. Symbols are important to have within any written work because you can then relate it to a theme that it may have and get a deeper connection with it. Within the play Hamlet there were multiple symbols... 1,223 Words | 3 Pages
  • The Three Symbols Foundin the Novel and Then There Were None Identify and discuss at least three symbols in this novel. Explain what they symbolize and how they were important to the plot. In the novel, And Then There Were None there were three important symbols. The three symbols are the storm, the mark on Judge Wargrave’s forehead, and food. The storm symbolized the violence that was happening on Indian Island. The mark on Judge Wargrave’s forehead symbolizes how he is linked to Cain from the Bible, the first murderer. Food symbolizes what people need... 526 Words | 2 Pages
  • The Symbols Used by William Golding in "Lord of the Flies" LITERATURE ASSIGNMENTS EXPLAIN THE USE OF IMAGERY IN WILLIAM GOLDING’S “LORD OF THE FLIES” “Lord of the flies” by William Golding, is a book filled with terrifying truths and unhidden disclosed secrets that have gone too far not to be acknowledged. The writer perspicuously reveals the role of the society in suppressing the minds of its followers to the extent that even the most savage of all creatures if allowed, “man” is beguiled into reflectively presuming himself at the very peak of... 2,118 Words | 5 Pages
  • Students Should Not Be Allowed to Wear Religious Symbols Topic: Students should not be allowed to wear religious symbols Wearing religious symbols among the students nowadays is one of the most discussed topics in many schools across the countries and is currently battling over whether or not religious symbols should be allowed in schools. This issue is getting a lot of people up in arms. Some say there should not be the slightest hint or religion within the school system, while others feel that not allowing it is stifling the freedom of... 399 Words | 1 Page
  • Lord of the Flies Brings Abstract Idea Through Its Symbol Lord of the Flies Brings Abstract Idea through Its Symbol God loads people with humanity and savagery. It depends on how people manage it in everyday life. It also shows in Golding’s novel Lord of the Flies. This story concerns to how people run the instinct to live such rules, peacefully, moral and value. The story begins when a group of English schoolboys isolated on an island after their plane has crashed during a war. They are Ralph, Piggy, Jack, Simon, Roger, Sam and Eric. They tried to... 811 Words | 2 Pages
  • "In the Heat of the Night" by John Ball - Symbols and Imagery Notes The symbols in "In the Heat of the Night" are heat, night, wallet, murder weapon and the colours black and white. The strongest and most significant symbols are heat and night. The heat represents the features of anxiety, nervousness, and tension. It also suggests to the overall mood of characters. The heat has been repeated several times in the duration of the novel. This symbol is showcased on page one, stating "The heat of the Carolinas in August hung thick and heavy in the air." On page two... 590 Words | 2 Pages
  • Critically Compare the Use of Symbol and the Use of Analogy to Express Human Understandings of God Critically compare the use of symbol and the use of analogy to express human understandings of God The use of symbol to express human understandings of God is useful because it can hold a deeper meaning than can be described using words. The Christian symbol of the crucifix for example, reminds people of Jesus’ death on the cross, but the deeper meaning that can be gotten from this is the idea of Jesus’ as a sacrifice he made for our sins. Much language, both religious and non-religious is... 1,096 Words | 3 Pages
  • What Is the Importance of Symbols in the Novel, Such as the Conch, the Pig’s Head and the Mask? Symbols are objects, characters, figures, or colours used to represent abstract ideas or concepts. William Golding's Lord of the Flies is filled with numerous symbols. The author uses a variety of these to assist the reader in relating aspects of the narrative to places or ideas in modern day society, as well as infusing the story with greater depth and meaning. Throughout the novel, Golding effectively implements various related symbols and in this essay I will be discovering the importance of... 1,880 Words | 5 Pages
  • Romeo and Juliet directed by Baz Lurhman- Analysis of symbols shown in the film Luhrmann uses water as a representation of love. The water is a recurring image and representation of baptism and rebirth. It symbolizes the start of a new life together and cleansing. Romeo and Juliet's first encounter incorporates water as the two lovers gaze at each other through a fish tank which serves as a physical barrier between the two lovers, even though there are also a lot of emotional barriers. Romeo later submerges his head under water in an attempt to return to his usual self... 547 Words | 2 Pages
  • Building (hi)story from symbols – “Everyday Use” by A. Walker Building (hi)story from symbols – “Everyday Use” by A. Walker Some stories tend to speak to us more than the others. We cannot forget about them because of the effect they have on us and the influence they have on our thoughts. I believe that “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker is one of those special pieces because it is very poetic. The author constructed the story from symbols that speak to us more than words, and in my essay I attempt to deconstruct them. In my opinion, this story seems... 1,168 Words | 3 Pages
  • Adrienne Rich’s Poetry Communicates Powerful Feelings Through Thought Provoking Images and Symbols 2012 Higher Level Exam Question :Adrienne Rich’s poetry communicates powerful feelings through thought provoking images and symbols. The poetry of Adrienne Rich is indeed communicating powerful feelings such as regret, sadness, fear, desire, desperation, despair, constriction, oppression, loneliness, hope and many others. She is challenging us, the readers using thought provoking images and symbols all throughout her poems, I will mainly focus on: ‘Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers’, ‘The... 1,470 Words | 4 Pages
  • A Close Study on Maurier’s and Hitchcock’s Use of Symbol and Characterization in “Rebecca” to Show the Representation of Class Conflicts In Daphne Du Maurier’s “Rebecca” and in its film adaptation directed by Alfred Hitchcock, class conflicts are represented through characterization and the use of symbol. Class conflict is the tension or antagonism which exists in society due to competing socioeconomic interests between people of different classes. In “Rebecca”, the narrator and the protagonist, X is always regarded as inferior and According to World English Dictionary, “symbol” is “an object” used in a text “to stand for... 1,510 Words | 4 Pages
  • To What Extent Is a Focus on Metaphor and Symbol Central to an Analysis of Understanding of Douglass Dunn's Poetry? To what extent is a focus on metaphor and symbol central to an analysis and understanding of Douglas Dunn’s poetry? (The Kaleidoscope/Sandra’s Mobile/Second Opinion) It is considered more difficult for a poet to grab the attention and imagination of an audience than it is for an author. The use of metaphor and symbol in poetry means that the poet can say one thing and invoke a whole range of possibilities, be it love, anger, jealousy or envy; an old memory or a new wish. The use of metaphors... 1,707 Words | 5 Pages
  • The Stranger - 1239 Words December 11 2013 Symbolism in The Stranger Authors tend to use symbolism to address a profound meaning to what is written. In literature, symbolism is the use of symbols to signify ideas and qualities by giving them illustrative meaning that are different from their literal meaning. In the novel, Camus is effective in utilizing many symbols and motifs to symbolize certain aspects of Meursault’s life. This essay will explain the reasons as to how does Albert Camus depict society’s... 1,239 Words | 3 Pages
  • Symbolisim in john steinbecks flight Symbolism and Steinbeck: An In-depth Analysis of Flight The use of symbolism in John Steinbeck's classic short story, Flight, effectively foreshadows the outcome of the story and helps presage Pepe’s tragic demise. Through the symbolic messages of color, direction, and nature, Steinbeck provides the reader with evidence as to what is to happen later in the story. When writing Flight, he included many hidden messages, which can only be noticed if analyzing deeply, as he... 1,036 Words | 3 Pages
  • Unit 2 DB AIU Art Appreciation "I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free." — Michelangelo Part 1 In the quote above, Michelangelo describes his creation of a religious symbol. Discuss with your fellow class: What art images and symbols do you see presented in religious ceremonies in churches, greeting cards, books, and the visual arts? There are multiple symbols to represent religious ceremonies in church. The most common I think would be the cross. But, if you look deeper into different denominations... 497 Words | 2 Pages
  • "A Rose for Emily" Symbolism “A Rose for Emily” Symbolism In “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner symbolism is used throughout the entire story. A symbol “in literature [is], a person, place, or thing that suggests more than its literal meaning” (Kennedy 223). William Faulkner used symbolism constantly in many of his stories, so he was very familiar with creating symbols and giving them meanings that the wanted the readers to understand. There is a main symbol and then there are some symbols that are still important to... 965 Words | 3 Pages
  • The Use of Symbolism in Susan Glaspell's a Jury of Her Peer ESSAY SAMPLE ON "THE USE OF SYMBOLISM IN SUSAN GLASPELL'S A JURY OF HER PEER" Susan Glaspell's short story, A Jury of Her Peers, was written long before the modern women's movement began, yet her story reveals, through Glaspell's use of symbolism, the role that women are expected to play in society. Glaspell illustrates how this highly stereotypical role can create oppression for women and also bring harm to men as well. Character names are very important in A Jury of her Peers. The two... 930 Words | 3 Pages
  • Symbolism in the Glass Menagerie - 835 Words Symbolism in The Glass Menagerie Symbolism plays a fundamental part in Tennessee Williams’s play, “The Glass Menagerie”. Examples of the use of symbolism include the fire escape, as an escape from the family, the phonograph, as an escape from reality, the unicorn, as a symbol for Laura's uniqueness and the father’s photograph, representing something different to each character. Through recognition of these symbols, a greater understanding of the play’s theme is achieved. Throughout... 835 Words | 2 Pages
  • The Welcome Table - 853 Words The Welcome Table As people make their way through life, they come to many realizations and learn things about themselves as well as others. “The Welcome Table” by Alice Walker is a beautifully written literary piece about an elderly African American woman and her desire for acceptance and equality. This story contains a number of literary elements that contribute to the story in a way that supports the themes in the story. The purpose of this paper is to discuss how the point of view and... 853 Words | 2 Pages
  • Symbolism in Rider to the Sea - 342 Words Symbolism in Synge's Riders to the Sea. J.M.Synge's Riders to the Sea is fraught with numerous symbols elevating the domestic tragedy to the position of a universal tale of suffering.Most of the symbols used in the play are archetypal in keeping with the classical spirit of the play .The most powerful symbol is that of Sea, the giver and taker of life.The islanders depend on it for their sustenance but it also snatches the live that it gives.Synge makes use of the popular belief that the flood... 342 Words | 1 Page
  • The Symbolism in "A Rose for Emily" The Symbolism in “A Rose for Emily” “I want the best you have... I want arsenic.” Emily was purchasing rat poison. Did she really have rats? Or did she poison her husband Homer Barron? William Faulkner used a few ciphers in “A Rose for Emily” to get his readers to explore their imagination. It is an extremely suspenseful, on the edge of your seat, story with a shocking ending. It is a short story about an old women who loses her father and eventually her husband; she is the talk of the town... 660 Words | 2 Pages
  • Pardeep Kaur A Family Supper Essay  The ending of "Family Supper" remains indefinite. A family seems to be having a peaceful dinner but is that really the reality? Could the family be a eating the deadly fish, Fugu? Many questions remain unanswered for readers to form their own perspective. Kazua Ishiguro indicates a negative ending through the various use of symbols and allusions, diction, and archetypes. These literary devices convey that was father was not simply "sharing a meal" with his family but using the deadly fish... 296 Words | 1 Page
  • The Welcome Table - 363 Words Theme of “The Welcome Table” The Welcome Table, by Alice Walker is a story filled with religious symbolism. All through the story, the lady is slightly fazed by the pretentious and conceited congregation that is time after time piercing her with ridiculing looks of disdain. It is only by force that the men feel duty-bound to get rid of her by force. As it stands in this story traditional society is absolutely wrong yet unapologetic. Religion is the theme of this story. Still, while in the... 363 Words | 1 Page
  • Symbolism in the Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane In most classic American literature, symbolism is ingenuously present and undoubtedly praised. In the novel The Red Badge of Courage, Stephen Crane depicts the Civil War in a blatantly authentic manner. At the same time, he purposely creates a much deeper message through the usage of symbols. The novel is seemingly plot less, but when read thoroughly it is a truly remarkable personal account of such a milestone in United States history. Crane uses Jim Conklin, the flag, and even the title to... 571 Words | 2 Pages
  • The Yelow Brick Road - 601 Words The Yellow Brick Road “Joe Versus the Volcano” is both a fairy tale and romantic comedy. The goofball characters, and sneaky symbolism of this screenplay by Shanley, make this zany movie the comic delight that it is. The overall look and feel of this movie leaves the audience with the feeling that life is worth living, miracles do occur, and God is in control. There are many symbolisms and visual metaphors incorporated into this movie, and these visual elements work collectively to give the... 601 Words | 2 Pages
  • Emily Dickinson - 463 Words Emily Dickinson's Obsession with Death Death is a major theme in the works of Emily Dickinson. The poems of Emily Dickinson show an obsession with death. The poem Because I Could Not Stop for Death,"This is oneof the best of those poems in which Emily triumphs over death by acceptiong it,calmly,civilly, as befits a gentlewomen receiving the attentions of a gentleman" (Sewall 125). In one of her poems "Because I Could not stop for Death," death is a portrayed as a gentleman who comes to... 463 Words | 2 Pages
  • juj on juj - 263 Words The symbolism in the “Masque of the Red Death” I.)Introduction A.)Thesis Statement The colored rooms symbol the stage of life. However, the way the Red Death is described is a symbol of Tuberculosis. The clock symbolizes the time we have in life. B.)examples 1.)The first colored room is blue that symbols infancy. 2.)The clock symbols the time when have in life. 3.)Tuberculosis is a disease in which blood fills your lungs up, and Poe said “blood is its... 263 Words | 1 Page
  • araby - 558 Words Araby Symbolism is the use of symbols to signify ideas and qualities by giving symbolic meanings that are different from their literal sense. Symbolism can take different forms. It is a way to give something meaning in a much deeper and more significant. For example, “smile” is a symbol of friendship. Similarly, the action of someone smiling at you may stand as a symbol of the feel of affection. Symbols could mean different things from positive to negative for example “chains”, this can mean... 558 Words | 2 Pages
  • A Seperate Peace (Symbolism) - 270 Words A symbol is a person, place, or object that represents something beyond itself. This is clearly shown in A Separate Peace by John Knowles. One example of a symbol in the novel is when Finny wears a pink shirt and a tie as a belt. This symbolizes Finny's outlook on authority, how he has lack of respect for it and tests it. When Finny wears the pink shirt and the tie as a belt proves how Finny can get away with anything. The Headmaster for violating the dress code at the luncheon questions him.... 270 Words | 1 Page
  • Literary Review of “a Rose for Emily” Anthony Placanica Linda Cashman ENC1102-46 15 January 2013 Literary Review of “A Rose for Emily” In “A Rose for Emily,” written by William Faulkner, Faulkner uses a lot of symbolism. As in most of Faulkner’s writings, he generates fictional stories from the South. This story has symbols that are reflected by changes going on around the time it was published. Slavery, taxes, marriage, and death are some of his key points. An important symbol in this story is Emily’s House. Faulkner lets... 612 Words | 2 Pages
  • The Night of the Iguana: Symbolism in the Movie  The Night of the Iguana Symbolism This movie is saturated with symbolism even if it sometimes made no sense. I found several symbols interesting and one of them was the rum-coco. It was a symbol for Maxine’s sexuality, especially towards Shannon. Throughout the movie, Maxine continuously offers Shannon a rum-coco when she’s attempting to calm/seduce him. At the end of the movie, it is Shannon offering Maxine the rum-coco as a form of acceptance... 289 Words | 1 Page
  • Symbolism in Beloved - 419 Words Alantra Evans ENG 102.023 Prof. Jarrett May 5, 2011 Nature as Depicted Throughout Beloved A symbol is something that stands for or suggests something else by reason of relationship, association, convention, or accidental resemblance. Throughout Beloved nature is used in many ways to symbolize different things. For this paper, I will discuss how the chokecherry tree, blackberries, and water are symbolized. The first symbol of nature I will discuss is Chokecherry tree. On Sethe back are... 419 Words | 2 Pages
  • Macbeth Essay - 395 Words Life, passion, violence, and death have one idea in common: blood. Reoccurring symbols often enforce greater significances to a plot in a grander scheme. Readers are able to experience a representation visually, sensually, and emotionally when motifs are utilized to their highest potential. In the play Macbeth, Shakespeare uses the brutal imagery of blood to illustrate honor, betrayal, and guilt. In literature, blood traditionally represents the essence of life in a physical sense because it... 395 Words | 2 Pages
  • Speak: Symbolism - 565 Words People experience symbolism every day. When you think of clouds, dreary or sad days come to mind, when you think of sunsets many people would think of the end or conclusion. In the book Speak by Laurie Anderson, almost everything Melinda does gives a deeper meaning. They may all seem like normal everyday things but sometimes it’s essential to read between the lines. Some of the many ways she uses symbolization include the dissection of the frog in biology, the way Melinda draws her trees and... 565 Words | 2 Pages
  • Fashion Theory - 573 Words Semiotic analysis McQueen Within McQueen’s 1997’s A/W collection, It’s a Jungle Out There he based his design work on the Thomson’s gazelle, found in East Africa. The collection used many animal skins, and featured this brown fur jacket with horns protruding from the shoulders. McQueen used this to symbolize the relationship between animals and humans. With this jacket McQueen uses the horns as a signifier signifying power, freedom as well as survival Using this on female models... 573 Words | 2 Pages
  • Biblical Symbolism in "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner," written in 1797, has been widely discussed throughout literary history. Although critics have come up with many different interpretations of this poem, one idea that has remained prevalent throughout these discussions is the apparent religious symbolism present throughout this poem. "The Ancient Mariner" contains natural, gothic, and biblical symbolism; however, the religious and natural symbolism, which coincide with one another,... 996 Words | 3 Pages
  • Christian Symbolism in James Joyce's the Sisters James Joyce's "The Sisters" is full of Christian symbolisms. They play a very important part in the story because the symbolism accomplishes the story (by giving new meanings to things/behaviors) and most important-helps us understand it better. While reading "The Sisters" carefully and looking "between the lines" for things (with symbolic meaning) that are only hinted at and not said openly we can discover many interesting things that can bee seen only by understanding the symbols' meanings.... 764 Words | 2 Pages
  • Symbolism - 849 Words Adrienne Macaluso April 8th, 2014 ENG 120 - Dupcak Essay #2 Revised Symbolism is an object, reference, or emotion that is especially used in literature to provide a meaning beyond what essentially is being shown. Specific and unique symbols presented in both “Cathedral” by Raymond Carver and “The Slough” by Pasha Malla are used to represent something other than itself. Specifically in “Cathedral” the two most obvious symbols are the audiotapes and the cathedral. In “The Slough” the skin... 849 Words | 3 Pages
  • LOTF Symbolism Essay - 783 Words Alvana Ha 11/03/2012 Moradkhan English 2A Symbolism in Lord of the Flies A literary symbol is something in literature that stands for something else and may be interpreted in many ways. Lord of the Flies just so happens to be one big allegory, containing many objects that represent abstract ideas or concepts. In the book, symbols begin to change with time as it goes on. The changes also represent what the symbols mean. First off, the conch becomes a symbol of authority as well as law and... 783 Words | 3 Pages
  • How Does the Author Use Contrasts and Symbolism to Convey the Central Ideas of the Novel? How Does the Author use Contrasts and Symbolism to Convey the Central Ideas of the Novel? What is life? This is a very difficult question that David Malouf invites the reader to ponder over in his novel, “Fly Away Peter”. One of the ways Malouf does this is establish the idea of binary nature of life; how something simply is, or isn’t. This is conveyed through techniques such as symbolism and contrasts that the author expertly uses, to create a philosophical text. The binary nature of life is... 1,007 Words | 3 Pages
  • The Lottery - 529 Words The lottery is a short story that cruelly documents the annual sacrifice of an unlucky townsperson. The majory of the story is the process of selecting the townsperson being sacrificed. This process is called the lottery. Jackson uses an abundant amount of symbols throught her story which perfectly convey the inhuman tradition that is the lottery. The two main symbols Jackson uses are the townspeople’s names, and the objects used to conduct the lottery. The names assigned to the townspeople... 529 Words | 2 Pages
  • The Red Convertible and Reunion Comparative Essay Essay Topic #1: The Growing Distance between Family Members Louise Erdrich’s “The Red Convertible” and John Cheever’s “Reunion”, both use symbolism to reveal the growing distance between the main characters. However, this fictional technique is used and appears uniquely in both works. In the “Red Convertible” the car is one solitary symbol that represents the brothers’ relationship but in “Reunion” the places the father and son visit resembles their growing distance. Even though the symbols... 489 Words | 2 Pages
  • Durkheim - 507 Words Durkheim argued that the totem is a symbol or material expression that represents the clan or society (Durkheim 1912, pg 74). He argued that people use insignificant objects such as animals and vegetables (lizard, caterpillar, rat, plum tree) make them into totems, which they collectively worship (Durkheim 1912, pg 75). Thus those objects(totems) represent society and distinguish one society from another and when people worship their totems they are worshipping their society (Durkheim 1912, pg... 507 Words | 2 Pages
  • Symbolism in Hawthornes " The Birthmark" and "The Ministers Black Veil" Symbolism is the practice of representing things by means of symbols or of attributing symbolic meanings or significance to objects, events, or relationships. In both of Hawthorne’s short stories “The Ministers Black Veil” and “The Birthmark” show symbolism, “The Ministers Black Veil” symbolizes sin and strong will; “The Birthmark” symbolizes amour love and imperfection. “The Ministers Black Veil” is a story about a well-liked Minister in a small town named Mr. Hooper. As the story progresses... 725 Words | 2 Pages
  • Lord of the Flies Lit Analysis What’s in a Symbol? For centuries, philosophers have debated the question of whether man is innately evil. William Golding poses this question in his realistic novel Lord of the Flies. Set on an idyllic island during World War II, the novel begins when schoolboys from Great Britain are being flown to safety and their plane is shot down. No adults survive, and the boys are left to govern themselves and get rescued. Golding uses symbolism in his novel to represent the idea of society. The... 797 Words | 2 Pages
  • An Analysis of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button An Analysis on the Symbolisms in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a short story written by F. Scott Fitzgeraldon May 1922. It was later adapted into a movie in 2008. The story is one of its kinds as it is about a person named Benjamin Button who is born with a body of a dying man in his 80s. As the story progress, Benjamin finds out that his physical states are becoming better as he grow. The story mainly focuses on Benjamin’s life particularly on... 1,335 Words | 3 Pages
  • Our Town Symbolism - 287 Words In the book, “Our Town”, symbolism is used very often. One example of symbolism used is constant reference to the song “Blessed Be the Tie that binds”. I believe it symbolizes the tie that everyone in the town has to everyone else, in some way or another. This song is the background music three times during the play. It also symbolizes stability and tradition, as well as the bind between humans and God. This song is mentioned primarily three times. The choir sings it in Act I which is overheard... 287 Words | 1 Page
  • The Functions of Symbolism in Literature - 1628 Words The Functions of Symbolism in Literature In literature, almost all writers like using symbols to extend meaning beyond the prosaic. A symbol is a figure of speech in which an object, person or situation represent something in addition to its literal meaning. Many writers—in fact, most or all authors of fiction—make the symbolic use of concepts and objects as rhetorical devices central to the meaning of their works. Cisneros, O’Connor, and Poe, for... 1,628 Words | 5 Pages

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