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Singapore Essays & Research Papers

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  • Singapore - 534 Words Singapore officially known as the Republic of Singapore. Its English name Singapore is derived from the Malay word, Singapura, where Singa means Lion and Pura means town, referring the country as the Lion City. However the recent studies of Singapore indicate that lions have never lived there, the beast seen by the founder in the 13th century was most likely a Malayan Tiger. Singapore is a southeast Asian island. Singapore consists of 63 islands, including the main island, widely known as... 534 Words | 2 Pages
  • Singapore - 16142 Words SINGAPORE TOURISM BOARD ANNUAL REPORT 2011/2012 SINGAPORE TOURISM BOARD ANNUAL REPORT 2011/2012 SINGAPORE TOURISM BOARD ANNUAL REPORT 2011/2012 Vision and Mission 3 Chairman’s Message 4 Chief Executive’s Message 5 Board of Directors 7 Management Team 11 Corporate Governance 12 Singapore Tourism: Competing at a New Level 17 Tourism Sector Performance: Another Outstanding Year in Singapore Tourism 18 Greater Value Creation 22... 16,142 Words | 93 Pages
  • Singapore - 384 Words Singapore could be an alternative for your vacation due to many fun tourist attractions in this country. Singapore has been recorded among foreign tourists as an attractive tourist destination. Singapore has a well-developed tourism industry, as a cosmopolitan city that highlight racial and cultural harmony. Cultural differences reflect a rich colonial history and the ethnic Malays, Chinese, Arab and India. For years considered a business center in Southeast Asia, Singapore has a thriving... 384 Words | 2 Pages
  • Singapore - 5801 Words  By: Aboli Gunjal Introduction Island Country in South-East Asia Highly urbanized One of major commercial hub Fourth biggest financial centre One of five... 5,801 Words | 21 Pages
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  • singapore - 6178 Words INTERNATIONAL COUNTRY PAPER SINGAPORE I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY One of the tropical fruit in the Philippines is mango. It is known as the National Fruit of the Philippines and the most majestic among Philippine fruits. Philippine Mango is one of the best mangoes in the world because nothing can be sweeter than this. That’s why, Philippines is one of the major exporters of mangoes in different countries around the world. Philippine Mango marks the world because of its unique sweetness, fruity... 6,178 Words | 18 Pages
  • Singapore - 253 Words Going by the history of Singapore, it is one of the most recently formed nations highly influenced by its neighbors and British colonial holdings. The PAP party, as described in the case, has been pivotal in shaping Singapore Inc. To better understand the key elements of the Singapore “competitiveness” model, identification of major players in the game has been conducted in Exhibit 1. Keeping in mind the history of Singapore and the main players involved, the following are the key elements of... 253 Words | 1 Page
  • singapore - 389 Words The began when Singapore gained its independence and became a republic following an ejection fromMalaysia on 9 August 1965.[1] After the separation, the fledgling nation had to become self-sufficient, and faced problems including mass unemployment, housing shortages and lack of land and natural resources such as petroleum. During Lee Kuan Yew's term as prime minister from 1959 to 1990, his administration curbed unemployment, raised the standard of living and implemented a large-scale public... 389 Words | 2 Pages
  • Singapore - 488 Words May 1, 2012 Geography Asia Project Writing Assignment Singapore Singapore may be small in size on the world map; however, it is very important to the world economy. It has been Southeast Asia’s most modern city for over a century. Singapore blends Malay, Chinese, Arab, Indian and English cultures and religions, which I will talk about in more detail. Its unique background makes tourists want to come here sightseeing and eating. I will be talking about unique landforms and physical... 488 Words | 2 Pages
  • Singapore - 10386 Words Subscribe to blog Subscribe via RSS 52 Things to do in Singapore before you die Posted by Bryan Choo on Monday, 25 November 2013 in Featured Attraction ReviewsFont size: Larger SmallerSubscribe to this entryPrintSome say Singapore is boring. That there isn't anything to do besides shopping, eating, movie watching and um... queuing. Why do people spend hours lining up for tyre manufacturer recommended dim sum, American donuts and black Japanese cats? They must be really bored to give up... 10,386 Words | 29 Pages
  • Malays in Singapore - 666 Words In this section of the essay, I will give a brief overview of the Malays in Singapore and thereafter the progress that they have made as an ethnic group and their gender equality. In pre-colonial Singapore, the Malays are the indigenous people living on the island. It is also essential to lend credit to Sang Nila Utama who renamed the island of Temasek to ‘Singapura’ which consists of a combination of two Malay words; Singa meaning ‘lion’ and ‘pura’ meaning temple. As the British came and... 666 Words | 2 Pages
  • Singapore Culture - 614 Words Singapore may have traded in its rough-and-ready opium dens and pearl luggers for towers of concrete and glass, and its steamy rickshaw image for hi-tech wizardry, but you can still recapture the colonial era with a gin sling under the languorous ceiling fans at Raffles Hotel. It is this carefully stage-managed combination of Western modernity and treasured Eastern and colonial past that makes Singapore such an accessible slice of Asia. Lying almost on the equator, Singapore is a thriving... 614 Words | 2 Pages
  • Love Singapore - 586 Words Lush. Greenery. Justice. Freedom. Singapore, to me, means a lot more. What may seem to be a normal piece of rock to one, might seem like gold to another. We have to see Singapore as gold, treasure, and value it. The world is filled with uniqueness and differences. Singapore, being a little red dot, is filled with her own uniqueness. Although life in Singapore is hectic, it is filled with the pleasure of people and the contentment of solitude. Life in Singapore is balanced with both good and bad... 586 Words | 2 Pages
  • Lenovo in Singapore - 2265 Words Singapore marketing report Content Content 1 1 The reason for expanding the market in Singapore 1 2 Introduction 2 3 the global marketing environment 3 3.1 A Singapore Overview 3 3.2 Cultural environment 4 3.3 Economic environment 5 3.4 Political environment 6 4 STP Strategies 8 4.1 Segmentation 8 4.2 Targeting 8 4.3 Positioning 8 5 market entry strategy 8 5.1 Special Licensing Arrangements 8 5.2... 2,265 Words | 8 Pages
  • Singapore PESTAL - 1209 Words Access the environment of Singapore (PEST) Political Forces 1. Political Climate Singapore is under a stable political climate. The political system is considered as centralized and authoritarian, the political culture is pragmatic, rational and based on the rule of law. The highest aim of the government is the nation's survival and prosperity. Based on the results of Corruption Perception Index ranks, Singapore has a totally clean and corruption-free image in the world and it's the... 1,209 Words | 5 Pages
  • Singapore Culture - 397 Words As Singapore is a small and relatively modern amalgam of Chinese, Malay, Indian and European immigrants, the culture of Singapore expresses the diversity of the population as the various ethnic groups continue to celebrate their own cultures while they intermingle with one another. For example, one can find a Malay wedding taking place beside a Chinese funeral. Singapore has achieved a significant degree of cultural diffusion with its unique combination of these ethnic groups, and has given... 397 Words | 2 Pages
  • Essay On Singapore - 1216 Words Sngapore’s seperation from Malaysia was caused by UMNO’s policies. The spotlight of this statement is the correspondance of the seperation of Singapore from Malaysia, due to the policies carried out by the United Malay National Organisation. During this post-war period, although Singapore was already a part of Malaysia, their relationship was uncertain due to the political tension and differences in ideology between Singapore and the Malayan states at that time. It has been reviewed that... 1,216 Words | 3 Pages
  • Singapore English - 1844 Words 1.0 Introduction The presence and use of borrowed words and discourse particles in Colloquial Singapore English (CSE) have been widely studied by linguists (e.g. Lim, 2007; & Deterding, 2007). It is also widely accepted, both amongst scholarly literature and within the general population, that CSE (its lexicon/syntax/etc.) is predominantly Chinese- or Malay-based and that Tamil has only had minimal influences (Leimgruber, 2009). However, little thought has been given, by the general... 1,844 Words | 7 Pages
  • Singapore Casino - 853 Words Casino gambling has been legalised in Singapore. Give economic arguments for and against legalisation. There has been much debate in Singapore both amongst the politicians, religious leaders, senior people in the community, and the lay people at large. It is a hot topic. But, the decision has finally been made, the casino will be built. There are many arguments both for and against building a casino. The government, which is for, cites the economic advantages and everyone who is... 853 Words | 3 Pages
  • History of Singapore - 1052 Words "Strategic locations are places important to those with the power to make or break you. It thus follows that external trends, not local efforts, will always decide which locations thrive." Does the rise of regional hubs from Palembang to Melaka confirm or refute this theory? The Malay world first acquired high strategic value because improvements in shipping technology made seaborne trade more efficient than shorter land-based routes. Combined with the increase in demand for goods traded over... 1,052 Words | 3 Pages
  • Singapore Inc - 13139 Words 9-703-040 REV: FEBRUARY 28, 2008 RICHARD H.K. VIETOR EMILY J. THOMPSON Singapore Inc. We have become rich in one generation—a miracle perhaps—but too quickly and hence not deep-rooted enough. Will we decline in the next generation? Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong 1 Introduction On January 1, 2003, Singapore’s prime minister, Goh Chok Tong, sat down to breakfast to review his notes for the New Year’s speech he would give later that afternoon. After 40 years of remarkable growth, Singapore had... 13,139 Words | 133 Pages
  • Singapore Airlines - 275 Words Singapore Airlines (SIA) began in 1947 as Malayan Airlines in a joint venture between the Malaysia and Singapore governments. However, due to political disagreements between Singapore and Malaysia in 1965, the two governments agreed to set up separated airlines, resulting in the formation of two bodies namely, Singapore Airlines and Malaysian Airlines System. Thus, Singapore Airlines was established in 1972 after the Republic of Singapore’s Independence from the Malaysia Federation. Singapore... 275 Words | 1 Page
  • Haze in Singapore - 830 Words How should the haze problem be tackled in Singapore? I am going to share with you on how the haze problem could be tackled in Singapore, as individuals, as a community and government. I am sure you all have experienced the haze that was blown over from our dear neighbor during mid-June period. Just to update those who don’t know, the haze hit a hazardous record high PSI of 421. That’s almost twice the amount of the old record of 221 in 1997. Individual As an individual, we have to realize the... 830 Words | 2 Pages
  • The Fall of Singapore - 1309 Words THE FALL OF SINGAPORE SPEECH The Battle of Singapore was fought in South-East Asia during World War II, when the Japanese Army was severely underrated. Nobody could have predicted the outcome of the battle that commenced on the 31st of January 1941 and lasted til the 15th of February in 1942. Singapore was a great strategic naval base for the Allied Forces, and they anticipated an attack. The British had the numbers, but it seems as though the Japanese had the luck. Let me start by telling... 1,309 Words | 4 Pages
  • Singapore Airlines - 540 Words CASE 3: STRATEGIC CHOICES AT THE SINGAPORE AIRLINES GROUP Strategic Management and strategic Competitiveness Productivity Enhancement 1) Deployment of Technology 2) Total Involvement 3) Incentives The External Environment A) General Environment 1) Demographic • Malaysian Airlines (regional competitor), which is geographically closed to Singapore, were imitating SIA’s strategy (threats) 2) Economic • Global financial crisis – reduced... 540 Words | 6 Pages
  • Malaysia and Singapore - 506 Words BUS-363 Cross Cultural Management Malaysia and Singapore Management Culture Malaysia and Singapore are located in South-East Asia and is the member of ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) same as Thailand. As people say “Learning from someone closes to you is the best way to know yourself”, as the people of country called “Thailand”, learning about neighbor’s culture is best way to know ourselves and our community “ASEAN”. Malaysia and Singapore are both multicultural country with... 506 Words | 2 Pages
  • singapore government - 3652 Words  Describe the main principles of good governance as articulated by Singapore leaders. Singapore continues to rank high globally on indexes that measure good governance, especially in terms of investment and corruption (Economic Development Board, 2013). Within the region, according to Vriens & Partners’ Asia Pacific Investment Climate Index 2013, Singapore was ranked second among Asian Pacific countries, after New Zealand, for rule of law, political stability, corruption and taxation.... 3,652 Words | 10 Pages
  • Singapore airline - 594 Words Pestel and Five Forces analysis of Singapore Airline Background Information Singapore Airline has been widely acknowledged as well known brand name in the aviation industry since it was established in 1947, particularly in term of safety, innovation and excellent services. Due to the route network spans over 93 cities in more than 38 countries ( with the most modern fleet in the industry, in addition to Star Alliance member airlines to co-operate with more than 20... 594 Words | 2 Pages
  • Introduction to Singapore - 4535 Words 1 Introduction G.K. Chesterton, a british novelist, poet and critic once said: "They say travel broadens the mind; but you must have the mind." (Source (1)) Mr Chesterton made a good statement considering the business world's increasing globalization where an understanding of international protocol has become more a necessity than a choice. The way to understand and being sensitive towards different cultures is just as important as business know how when it comes to being successful in... 4,535 Words | 14 Pages
  • Singapore Development - 2383 Words Introduction The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) oversees Singapore's land use and is the country's national planning authority. Their mission is 'to make Singapore a great city to live, work and play in' (Urban Redevelopment Authority, 2012). They aim to make Singapore a sustainable city by carefully planning Singapore's physical development as well as ensure that the country has sufficient land to meet long term population. Using formulating strategic plan like Concept and Master Plan,... 2,383 Words | 8 Pages
  • Singapore- Essay - 6459 Words SINGAPORE Table of Contents Introduction3-4 The Education in Singapore5 School grades6 Top Universities 7 Scholarship 8 Government Scholarship9 Private funds9 The government of Singapore10-11 Ministries and responsibilities of ministers12 Culture and truism 13-15 language16 religion16-19 art20-21 The economy in Singapore21-22 budgeting and planning22 Labor23 Foreign labor23 Trading partner24 Currency, trade and investment regulation 25 Financial Center Development25... 6,459 Words | 22 Pages
  • Singapore tourism - 1665 Words Contents Introduction-------------------------------------------------------------------------------page 2 Economic impact analysis------------------------------------------------------------page2,3 Demand analysis--------------------------------------------------------------------page3,4 Environment impact analysis----------------------------------------------------page4,5 Conclusion----------------------------------------------------------------------page5,6... 1,665 Words | 6 Pages
  • Colonialism in Singapore - 442 Words Colonialism in Singapore Asian Studies Grade 9 Singapore was colonized for quite a lot of years, from around 1819 until 1965. The British, Japan and Malaya colonized Singapore during 1819 to 1965. The British colonized Singapore from 1819 till 1963. But during these 144 years, Japan also colonized Singapore and colonized them for 3 years, in 1942 till 1945 during the World War II. The British only fully colonized Singapore in 1824. In that time the British did colonize... 442 Words | 2 Pages
  • Singapore Airlines - 2655 Words If there are images in this attachment, they will not be displayed. Download the original attachment Implementing Change in SIA (Singapore Airline) Introducing SIA Ltd Singapore Airline is a global company dedicated to providing air transportation service of the highest quality of services; it has grown from a regional airline into one of the world’s leading passenger and cargo carrier. SIA is engaged in air transportation and other related businesses. It has been consistently one of the most... 2,655 Words | 8 Pages
  • Singapore Airline - 988 Words Singapore Airline Strenght: Premium product and brand SIA has been at or near the top in premium product rankings since the years. Although the gap has been closing, but its leading premium product remains an important differentiator . Meanwhile, SIA brands product still remain one of the best known and popularity. Airlines around the world use SIA as the benchmark for product and brand; there cannot be a higher compliment. The logo of Singapore Airline is special.It is a bird, inspired by a... 988 Words | 4 Pages
  • Tradenet - Singapore - 1893 Words Download the original attachment ANSWER 1 The best known IT system, and the one that plays a most significant role in Singapore's trade, is TradeNet. TradeNet is an EDI system that links over 12,000 traders (an increase from 1,000 in 1990), support companies, and government agencies that are involved in Singapore's international trade, for the purpose of exchanging trade documents electronically. Through TradeNet, companies and agencies can submit, directly from their... 1,893 Words | 8 Pages
  • Foreigners & Singapore - 1839 Words Examine the impact that foreigners have on Singapore. In Singapore, there has been a rise in the number of foreigners over the last few years. Foreigners, who include highly skilled professionals, lowly skilled workers, and even foreign students negative impact brought about by them. Foreigners are considered to be a double-edged sword by many Singaporeans. The impact that foreigners have on Singapore can be classified in terms of education, economic, social and political impact.... 1,839 Words | 5 Pages
  • Business in Singapore - 30748 Words Doing Business in Singapore DOING BUSINESS IN SINGAPORE 1 CONTENTS 3 4 11 FOREWORD INTRODUCTION - Getting to know Singapore OVERVIEW OF LEGAL ENVIRONMENT - Legal Framework - Handling Civil Disputes - Employment - Immigration - Competition Act - Singapore's Free Trade Agreement (FTAs) STARTING A BUSINESS BANKING RELATIONSHIP IN SINGAPORE - Introduction to the Financial Landscape in Singapore - Banking in Singapore - Business Credit Facilities - Business Protection TYPES OF BUSINESS... 30,748 Words | 104 Pages
  • History of Singapore - 931 Words THE FOUNDING OF MODERN SINGAPORE In late 1818, Lord Hastings – the British Governor General of India – appointed Lieutenant General Sir Stamford Raffles to establish a trading station at the southern tip of the Malay peninsula. The British were extending their dominion over India and their trade with China was expanding. They saw the need for a port of call to “refit, revitalize and protect their merchant fleet” as well as to prevent any advances made by the Dutch in the East Indies. After... 931 Words | 3 Pages
  • Immigrants in Singapore - 1488 Words Name: Clara Soo Wen Lin (4) Class: 2E History Holiday SEQ Assignment Question 1(a) Immigrants came to early Singapore due to push factors such as famines and droughts as well as natural disasters and starvation, and the desire to seek protection and safety. India was overpopulated and the immigrants faced many droughts and natural disasters in their homeland. After droughts wiped out their crops and resulted in famine, many would be forced to find jobs in the city in order to earn... 1,488 Words | 4 Pages
  • Singapore Chinatown - 1606 Words Background Singapore's Chinatown is an ethnic neighbourhood featuring distinctly Chinese cultural elements and a historically concentrated ethnic Chinese population. Chinatown is located within the larger district of Outram. As the largest ethnic group in Singapore is Chinese, composing approximately 75% of the population, Chinatown is considerably less of an enclave than it once was. However, the district does retain some significant historical and cultural significance. Large sections of it... 1,606 Words | 5 Pages
  • Singapore Flyer - 2371 Words Introduction Our group’s choice of attraction is the Singapore Flyer (FIG.1). Endorsed by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and opened on 25th April 2008, the Flyer stands at 165m in height and was built at a cost of S$240 million. It is ranked #19 out of 276 attractions in Singapore on TripAdvisor and is one of the attractions that make up the “See Singapore Pass”. A General Assessment of the Singapore Flyer With reference to Butler’s Tourism Area Cycle of Evolution theory... 2,371 Words | 7 Pages
  • Tourism in Singapore - 357 Words Hi, my name is Jayvin and I’m from Malaysia. As a foreigner, I think that Singapore, an island country which made up of 63 islands is a clean and quiet place to visit. Although Singapore is a small country but there’s a lot of fun and interesting places such as Universal Studio Singapore, Garden by the Bay, Night Safari, Singapore Flyer and so on that we can pay a visit to. Well, I’ll talk about the 150-year old Singapore Botanic Gardens which is well known as a star visitor attraction for the... 357 Words | 1 Page
  • Singapore Casino - 711 Words Do you know what is a casino? Everyone knows casino is a facility, which has entertainment, and it is equipped with gambling devices like gambling tables. Casinos are commonly built near town areas, where it is the hotspot for tourist attraction, shopping malls, restaurants and 5 star hotels. This is the feature of Singapore’s casino. Casinos from around the world are graded differently. The first casino in Singapore was built at the Marina Bay Sands. People described the Casino as the building... 711 Words | 2 Pages
  • The Singapore Culture - 2422 Words The Singapore Culture Terri Swayzer Ashford University Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 101 Christina Winn May 16, 2011 The Singapore Culture Singapore is a harmonious society, where diversity is dominant throughout the entire island. The elders of Singapore have interacted with different races for generations. There is a mixture of Malay, Chinese, Indians and Europeans all living within their own culture and calling themselves Singaporeans regardless of their race. Each... 2,422 Words | 8 Pages
  • A Day in Singapore - 888 Words Singapore is a famous honeymoon destination where the island of Singapore comprises of many world famous lover spots and I recommend Singapore as the best honeymoon destination in South East Asia. I recommend this place because in Singapore there have many interesting places to visit and activities can do. May be you can experiences by your own and you may find for sure something for you. Day 1 In first day, I take you to Mt. Faber for a cable ride to Sentosa Island and a panoramic view of the... 888 Words | 3 Pages
  • History of Singapore - 738 Words This essay integrates and revises material from Kwa Chong Guan, "From Temasik to Singapore: Locating a Global City State in the Cycles of Melaka Straits History" in Miksic, John & Low, Cheryl-Ann (eds) Early Singapore 1300s to 1819: Evidence in Maps, Texts and Artefacts p125-139, De Coutre’s Proposal for a fort on Singapore and Sentosa, c.1625 (A/Prof Peter Borschberg’s website at, and Kwa Chong Guan, Derek Heng and Tan Tai Yong (2009) Singapore: A 700-Year History, From... 738 Words | 2 Pages
  • Singapore Education - 12113 Words 7 Singapore: Rapid Improvement Followed by Strong Performance Singapore is one of Asia’s great success stories, transforming itself from a developing country to a modern industrial economy in one generation. During the last decade, Singapore’s education system has remained consistently at or near the top of most major world education ranking systems. This chapter examines how this “tiny red dot” on the map has achieved and sustained so much, so quickly. From Singapore’s beginning, education has... 12,113 Words | 46 Pages
  • Singapore Society - 419 Words 1) the characteristics of Singapore (values that help the Singaporean survive) Competitive : education hub Cosmopolitan Multi-racial(reduce racism) Bilingualism (prevent misunderstanding/ understand each other better= respect) Nation of workaholics(based in the number of working hours per week) (Iceland, New Zealand, Taiwan, China, US, UK) Campaigns: 2010: speak good English(2000 started, but reinforced in 2010), National healthy lifestyle. Top cause of death (cancer @ 29.3%) 2)... 419 Words | 2 Pages
  • Essay Singapore - 728 Words  "Given the limited land available in Singapore, is it wise to set aside some areas as nature reserves?" Singapore, officially known as Republic of Singapore is a beautiful country in Southeast Asia. It comprises of 63 islands and the main island is known as the Singapore Island or Pulau Ujong in Malay. The territories of the country are expanding rapidly through land reclamation. The land reclamation process have increased its land area from 581.5 km2 in the 1960s to 718.3 km2 presently.... 728 Words | 2 Pages
  • Tourism in Singapore - 374 Words Tourism in Singapore is a major industry and attracts millions of tourists each year.[1] Its cultural attraction can be attributed to its cultural diversity that reflects its colonial history and Chinese, Malay, Indian and Arab ethnicities. It is also environmentally friendly, and maintains natural and heritage conservation programs. As English is the dominant one of its four official languages, it is generally easier for tourists to understand when speaking to the local population of the... 374 Words | 1 Page
  • Landmarks in Singapore - 1856 Words Landmarks in Singapore Merlion Park When you’re in the vicinity of the Merlion Park and One Fullerton, it’s hard to miss out on the iconic symbol, regarded as the pride of Singapore. The large Merlion statue, standing at a height of 28 feet has a lion’s head and a fish’s body and represents the city’s humble origins as a fishing village. From here, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Marina Bay. Monument Park Landmark Helix Bridge Set to become Singapore’s next landmark, this... 1,856 Words | 6 Pages
  • History Singapore - 1398 Words History Chapter 2&5 Notes Checklist on Chapter 2: Who was the founder of Singapore? 1. Reasons why Singapore was chosen as a port 2. Importance of the signing of the Anglo-Dutch Treaty 3. Contributions of Maj William Farquhar, Sir Stamford Raffles, John Crawfurd. Reasons why Singapore was chosen as a port British Current Situation 1. They had ports at Bencoolen and Penang 2. They were also in trade with China and India. They traded their Opium which was from... 1,398 Words | 6 Pages
  • Singapore economy - 848 Words Globalization is a process of interaction and integration among the people, companies, and governments of different nations, a process driven by international trade and investment and aided by information technology. There are varying degrees of economic integration ranging from theoretically completely free trade to the use of preferential trade agreements to stimulate relationships between specific trade partners. Removing trade barriers comes with costs and benefits, depending on the degree... 848 Words | 3 Pages
  • Decolonisation of Singapore - 2709 Words John de Bhal Singapore achieved independence in 1959 due to a lack of British colonial retaliation to the Japanese occupation during World War II. In 1965, it achieved independence for a second time as a result of poor leadership within the Federation of Malaysia from both Tunku Abdul Rahman and Lee Kuan Yew. Singapore, unlike most other states and nations, has achieved independence twice: once in 1959 when it was decolonised by the British;1 then again after it was expelled from the... 2,709 Words | 10 Pages
  • Singapore Airshow - 1634 Words Thoughts and Impressions It's our pleasure using the trade pass to visit the Singapore airshow 2014. This event is the Asia's biggest for aviation’s finest, different international organizations have joined this event such as famous aircraft manufacturers --- Airbus and Boeing. We enjoyed the aerobatic flying display on the third day of the trip which is the opening of the airshow. Many fighter aircraft such as F16, black eagles flew in high speed, some of them even flew faster than sound.... 1,634 Words | 4 Pages
  • Nation Building in Singapore - 2729 Words Thesis Statement: In this essay, I will argue that Singapore will always be a nation in the making. Although Singapore’s nation building efforts have been successful, there is still a continual need for nation building efforts to persist as Singapore is a vulnerable migrant society, aptly illustrated as “an 80-storey building standing on marshy land” by Lee Kuan Yew. This reveals continual nation-building is critical for Singapore as it ensures her survival amidst vulnerabilities. What defines... 2,729 Words | 8 Pages
  • Uae Product in Singapore - 7962 Words 1. Introduction This report aims to undertake cultural and economic analysis of Singapore. The country analysis will assist and guide us in the development of the marketing plan for exporting dates from UAE to Singapore. The country analysis is considered to be the first step in the development of the marketing plan, and for a foreign market expansion is considered by a company for its products. As a company in UAE “Bateel” is planning to export dates (produced and packaged in Dubai),... 7,962 Words | 26 Pages
  • Visitor in Singapore Art Museum Executive summary As the tourism industry is doing well throughout the world, there are a lot of tourism sites which has gained benefits from it and one of it is the Singapore Zoo. However, many of the tourism sites do not aware of the visitor-related management issues that are happening under their area of control. For the Singapore Zoo, there is currently an overcrowding issue which has brought detriments for them. In order to deal with the overcrowding issue, the manager of the Singapore Zoo... 2,709 Words | 9 Pages
  • Confucian Values in Singapore - 1091 Words “Confucian dynamism” - Singapore Singapore is an amazing nation. From their initial colonisation by the British in 1826 to their eventual self governance in 1959, Singapore has emerged as an industrial hub and the largest trading port in the South of Asia (and one of the 5 largest ports in the world). Through their development as a nation, Confucian values were a crucial mechanism used by the government. Confucian values can be described as CONFUCIAN RESEARCH NEEDED, with a great emphasis... 1,091 Words | 4 Pages
  • The Importance of Racial Harmony in Singapore The Importance of Racial Harmony Singapore is a bustling metropolis. It is also one of the world’s most prosperous countries with strong international trading links and a per capita GDP comparable to that of the leading nations of Western Europe. However, the nation has also suffered from a turbulent history. Hence, the government has taken several steps to safeguard the present social security and stability of the nation. One of the most essential steps it has taken in ensuring social order... 792 Words | 2 Pages
  • Singapore Tourism Slogan - G.I Human Geography Project 1: Geographical Imagination Written by: Joyce Ching Ngai Chi Teo Hui En Diane Anastasia Wanda Soetjoadi Tan Miao Peng INTRODUCTION Geographical Imagination is the pre-existing impression of a place where one has yet to visit and how people give their own identity to a certain space. One’s pre-existing impression of a place can be formed by a few social factors: the media‘s portrayal of the place (Books, films, magazines, advertisements) and views heard... 2,513 Words | 8 Pages
  • Singapore Airline Swot Analyse Singapore airline SWOT analyse Introduction Singapore international airline has started its journey as Malayan airline in 1947. It was joint venture airline between the two governments of Malaysia and Singapore. It served primarily in the south East Asian region. Singapore Airline was born in 1972 after the independent. Singapore airline faced many difficulties to get the competitive advantages. There were no domestic routes to serve, it was forced to straight away start competing with... 1,564 Words | 5 Pages
  • Ministry of Manpower, Singapore - 395 Words Brief Description of Ministry of Manpower EE4041 E-learning week assignment by LIU TIANCHI Group Y15 As one of the Tripartite Partners in Singapore, Ministry of Manpower (MOM) plays the government role and aspires to develop a great workplace together with the other two partners, the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) and the Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) which represent the employees and employers separately. The mission of MOM is to achieve a globally competitive... 395 Words | 2 Pages
  • The Impact of Tourism on Economy of Singapore The Impact of Tourism on Economy of Singapore Introduction Located in the southern tip of Malay Peninsula, Singapore is a sovereign city-state and island country in Southeast Asia. By 2012, the population of the country was 5.3 million, composed by 62 percent citizens and 38 percent permanent residents or foreigners. As a small country with limited resources, it is strategized to develop itself as a trading-based and tourism-based country. In 2013, there were 15.6 million tourists visited the... 1,500 Words | 5 Pages
  • Singapore Grad Trip Reflec Singapore visit reflection We knew a lot of things about singapore. For example, it’s culture, schools and food after this visit. It is a very good experience for us as we find out special things we did not know before. Beside, we learned to respect, listen to others and to be initiative to increase our knowledge. We enjoyed the show: Our Credo at SOTA. It was wonderful. we were impressed by ... 323 Words | 1 Page
  • The Case of Sars Epidemic in Singapore | Public Health - SARS | CONTENT PAGE Cover Page Page 1 Content Page Page 2 Abstract Page 3 Introduction Page 3 - 4 Research Methodology Page 4 - 5 Data Collected & Analysis: Tourism Page 5 - 12 Manpower Page Health Prevention Awareness Page Mental Health of Survivors Page Final Conclusion Page Acknowledgement Page Bibliography Page ABSTRACT Through this extended essay assignment, we hope to understand the effects the SARS (Severe Acute... 2,765 Words | 9 Pages
  • The Port of Singapore : a Reflective Essay [Company Address] 08 Fall The Port of Singapore Prepared by : Rajib Das, Student # 38410098 This document discuses about the Port of Singapore and the strategic importance of its location to the modern traders. It also discusses the government incentives and the Advanced Information Technology that the port has been using to attract new shipping companies in the recent past. Anything beyond is not discussed for the limitation of the term paper. Table of Contents The Port of Singapore... 2,543 Words | 9 Pages
  • Globalisation Is a Blessing for Singapore “Globalisation has been a blessing for Singapore’s development.” The world we live in today is characterised by globalised markets and a merciless pace of change. Powered by relentless technological advances, the forces of globalization have undoubtedly driven the ever-accelerating expansion in economic activity and capital flows, even opening previously closed sectors and countries. The economies of countries are becoming increasingly integrated with one another. Indeed, living in... 1,253 Words | 4 Pages
  • The Acquisition of Singapore by the British - 4065 Words The Acquisition of Singapore by the British. The description of the Island of "Pu Luo Chung" is the original and earliest written trace or record of Singapore which was a Chinese account of the 3rd century, probably a paraphrase of the Malay Pulau Ujong, "island at the end" . The Sejarah Melayu contains a tale of a prince of Srivijaya, Sri Tri Buana, also known as Sang Nila Utama, who landed on the island sometime during the 13th century. Catching sight of a strange creature that he thought... 4,065 Words | 11 Pages
  • Issue of Foreigners in Singapore - 764 Words In the last decade, Singapore had liberalized immigration policies thus a large influx of foreigners. There are several reasons to this decision. Firstly, is to keep the citizen population size stable due to declining total fertility rate, longer life expectancy and migration. According to AsiaOne news (a Singapore Press Holding portal) dated 24th April 2012, the paper stated that Singapore’s ageing population will outstrip births by 2025 if fertility rates remain low. Immigration can help... 764 Words | 3 Pages
  • The General Importance of the UNCRC to Singapore The General Importance of the UNCRC to Singapore Children have additional needs because of their vulnerability Children face a confusing array of minimum ages at which they are deemed capable of making decisions for themselves – some of them potentially life-changing. The UNCRC is sometimes spoken of as the most complete of the international human rights instruments as it includes civil, political, economic, social, and cultural rights as well as incorporating aspects of humanitarian law.... 1,090 Words | 5 Pages
  • Constitutional Equality in Singapore - 4409 Words [pic] Constitutional and Administrative Law (LAW204) 2011–2012, Semester 1 Individual Research Paper Section: G2 Instructor: Assistant Prof. Jack Tsen-Ta Lee Topic Number: 4 Student Number: S89XXXXXX I declare that this research paper contains 2993 words. I. Introduction An assertion that the unequal constitutional treatment of minorities in Singapore must exist to the extent necessary to achieve substantive equality is not entirely justified. It is submitted... 4,409 Words | 14 Pages
  • Free Corruption Singapore - 7367 Words A Dynamic Game of Risk Control: A New Perspective on Singapore’s National Integrity System By Tan Tay Keong Corruption Control in Singapore During the country’s formative years in the 1950s and 1960s, corruption was rampant in Singapore. Syndicated corruption was rampant among police officers, public health inspectors, customs officials, and school administrators. Corruption was a way of life in the city during the British colonial rule and the Japanese occupation. In his... 7,367 Words | 23 Pages
  • Economic Environment of Singapore - 3309 Words International Marketing 560 Economic Environment of Singapore Laura L. Erwin-Hall October 12, 2007 "Home to some 4.48 million people (based on the last census in 2005 reported in 2006), Singapore is the fourth most densely populated country in the world and has one of the highest per capita gross domestic products in the world."1 The employment rate is 2.40 million (June 2006), with unemployment at an all-time low at only 2.5 percent. The labor force consists of mainly... 3,309 Words | 10 Pages
  • Setting Up Business in Singapore - 635 Words Setting up Business in Singapore Singapore, the Lion City, is one of the five busiest ports in the world and has the fastest-growing economy in the world as of the year 2010. Ever since the country’s early days as a British trading post, traders all around the world had been setting up businesses and had been successful even since then. Singapore as we know it today is still one of the best places to start and establish companies or businesses. Considering that, many entrepreneurs would love to... 635 Words | 2 Pages
  • Racial Harmony in Singapore - 2046 Words SINGAPORE'S EFFORTS TO FOSTER RACIAL AND RELIGIOUS HARMONY A FACTSHEET BY NEXUS Singapore's racial and religious harmony did not come about by accident or chance. Over the years, we have taken sustained efforts to build understanding, tolerance, sensitivity and trust among the different races living in Singapore. This factsheet gives an overview of these efforts. NE Facilitators may wish to use the information in this factsheet when a suitable occasion presents itself during interactions with... 2,046 Words | 8 Pages
  • Singapore 21 & Nation Building Singapore 21 & Nation Building In August 1997, Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong launched the Singapore 21 Committee with the aim of strengthening the “heartware” of the Republic in the 21st Century. This comprised of five subject committees that were formed to study the pertinent issues Singaporeans would have to face in the building of such a new society during the 21st Century. Some 6,000 Singaporeans from all walks of life were then consulted for the time span of one year in order to... 2,734 Words | 7 Pages
  • Legal Issues in Singapore - 958 Words BLOG 1 Name: Cheong Boon Kit (123906Q) Article: CCTV to put Singapore’s Leadership into 10-parter Documentary I came across an article recently on how China's State Broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV) is in Singapore to film a 10-part documentary on Singapore's model of governance. The article reported on how the series, endorsed by China Vice Premier Xi Jinping, aims to provide with a blueprint for China's incoming administration. Mr Xi has also mentioned about his admiration for how... 958 Words | 3 Pages
  • PESTLE Analysis of Singapore for Gillette P E S 1. Singapore is country which is democratic. 1. The GDP of Singapore is 297.9 Billion US dollars. Due to increasing GDP of Singapore, Gillette might want to expand the shaving and personal care products in Singapore. And also in Singapore there is no competition from domestic companies as the entire GDP of Singapore is based on imports from other countries. 1. Singaporeans are very competitive in nature. Singaporeans have a mindset of “Kia-su” which means afraid of losing out to others.... 477 Words | 2 Pages
  • Labor Market in Singapore - 2325 Words Introduction Since Singapore gained its independence in 1965, its economy had progressed due to globalization, rapid technological advances and the rise of China and India. With these different stages of development, Singapore’s labor market had adapted itself by transforming from a labor abundant and capital limited city into a labor deficient and capital rich country (Chia 2005). Singapore is now a popular export-manufacturing base, regional headquarter for foreign multinational company... 2,325 Words | 7 Pages
  • Ageing Population in Singapore - 785 Words Benedict Tan Wei You Ageing Population in Singapore The Singapore government has had a heavy hand in dealing with the nation state’s demographics, specifically in areas such as the total fertility rate (TFR), and population density. Rated as one of the fastest ageing countries in the Asia­Pacific region, it has been estimated that 25 per cent of Singaporeans will be above 60 years of age by 2030.1 The recommended ... 785 Words | 1 Page
  • Environmental Issues of Singapore and Cambodia Environmental Issues in SINGAPORE: AIR POLLUTION In 1984, there were health concerns with the great number of pig farms in Singapore. They were deemed to have contributed to the pollution of the country, namely to the air. This problem was solved by reducing the number of such farms. 65.8 metric tons (64.8 long tons; 72.5 short tons) of carbon dioxide were emitted in the country in 1996, ranking among one of the highest emission levels in the world. Air polluters in Singapore are mostly,... 468 Words | 2 Pages
  • Cultural Policy in Singapore - 13561 Words CULTURAL POLICY IN SINGAPORE: NEGOTIATING ECONOMIC AND SOCIO-CULTURAL AGENDAS1 Lily Kong Associate Professor Department of Geography National University of Singapore Kent Ridge Singapore 119260 Email: [email protected] Fax: 65-7773091 Geoforum For Special Issue on “Culture, Economy, Policy” 2000 This paper was written while I was Visiting Fellow at the Institute of Oriental Culture, Tokyo University. I would like to record thanks to Assoc Prof Tong Chee Kiong for facilitating my... 13,561 Words | 40 Pages
  • Informative speech - History of Singapore Informative speech outline Topic: The history of Singapore Introduction While some people may know Singapore as a food paradise, shopping heaven or “jewel in Formula One’s crown” in Mr Bernie Ecclestone’s own words, not many people know how Singapore came about and how it has transformed to what it is today. So today, I will bring you down Singapore’s memory lane, starting with 1. Discovery; 2. Modernization & 3. Independence. Body To start off, I will touch on the discovery of Singapore.... 646 Words | 2 Pages
  • Singapore Tourism Industry - 521 Words Overview of Singapore’s Tourism Sector · According to the Singapore Tourism Board, Singapore posted an estimated S$13.8 billion in tourism receipts from January to December 2007, representing an 11.3% increase over January to December 2006. This had exceeded the target of S$13.6 billion for 2007, and set a new record for tourism receipts. · In 2007, Singapore welcomed 10.3 million visitors, registering a growth of 5.4% over 2006 (9.7 million visitors). This is the highest annual visitor... 521 Words | 3 Pages
  • Singapore Pestle Analysis - 2610 Words PESTLE Analysis Politics The political power is extremely centralized in the government and it is a bureaucratic country. Although the elections are being held often, the offices are mostly assigned instead of elected. The government put efforts in communicating the decisions and policies to the public instead of gathering their opinion. The reason of that is after the "Depoliticize" the power structure in 1965, the government is convinced by a concept that a city state without natural... 2,610 Words | 7 Pages
  • Singapore Business Etiquette - 1856 Words Business Etiquette Lists of business etiquette ‘do’s and do not’s’ can be pages in length and while they are a useful starting point in cultural knowledge, they do not bring about cultural strategic thinking. Business etiquette closely mirrors cultural values so having an understanding of the overall concepts of a culture (such as it being high-context, high-diplomacy, low assertiveness, high power distance, relationship-based, etc). Understanding these concepts along with relevant... 1,856 Words | 5 Pages
  • Singapore: the Lion Island I have heard much about the beauty of Singapore, one of four remaining true city-states in the world and one of the most famous cities in Asia. It is the smallest nation in Southeast Asia that is made by many wonderful islands. Last summer, I and my friends decided to visit Singapore, the Lion Island. Singapore, a small island, lies at the southern and of West end of Malaysia. A long and narrow piece of land joins Singapore with Johore Hahru, the southern-most town of West Malaysia. Singapore... 476 Words | 2 Pages
  • Economic Growth of Singapore - 452 Words Economic Growth of Singapore (1980-1990) I may be a Filipino, but I’m not a kind of person who’s only loving for his/her nation. I’m a kind of person who loves my nation and respects my fellow nations. I’m a student of San Pablo City Science High School and I’m going to write an informative essay about the economic growth of Singapore in the time frame of the years 1980-1990. I’ve already been a tourists of Singapore. I’m 9 years old, the last time I visited it. And from what I’ve seen,... 452 Words | 2 Pages
  • Brief History of Singapore - 668 Words The history of Singapore dates to the 11th century. The island rose in importance during the 14th century under the rule of Srivijayan prince Parameswara and became a port until it was destroyed by Acehnese raiders in 1613 During World War II, Singapore was conquered and occupied by the Japanese Empire from 1942 to 1945. When the war ended, Singapore reverted to British control, with increasing levels of self-government being granted, culminating in Singapore's merger with the Federation of... 668 Words | 2 Pages
  • Singapore Flyer Marketing - 1060 Words Segmentation of market Using demographic and behavioral segmentation Singapore flyer can segment its market. Using demographic segmentation, we have targeted the age group and the income group factor. Firstly, for the age group, Singapore flyer should segment the market into four different age groups. They are the children, youths, adults and elderly. We have chosen to target the youths and adults (age 13 to 45), mainly because they are the ones who are willing to spend their money for... 1,060 Words | 3 Pages
  • Short Speech on Singapore Universities Good morning teacher and fellow classmates. My name is ______and today, I will be talking about the increasing amount of diversity in higher education in terms of student admissions and the different university experiences in Singapore. With 7 different local universities to choose from, A-level and polytechnic graduates nowadays have a variety of courses to choose from that suit their needs. But is diversity in schools a problem? Singapore Management University (SMU) partnered up with the... 420 Words | 2 Pages
  • F1 Formula in Singapore - 2030 Words Introduction- The largest sporting event in Singapore, Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix, and official name called the Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix. It was announced that the telecommunications company Singtel would sponsor the event in November 2007. After signing a five-year deal, it will be set the first ever night race Singapore’s Marina Bay street circuit and also be Asia's first F1 street race in 2008. In one of the sport's most striking settings, the street circuit snakes through... 2,030 Words | 6 Pages
  • Global Port Cities - Singapore Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary 3 2. Introduction 3 3. History Evolution 3 4. Purpose of this Report 3 5. Methodology 3 6. Comparative Advantages 4 6.1. Location 4 6.2. Deep Waters 4 6.3. Natural Shelter 4 7. Competitive Advantages 5 7.1. Global Connectivity 5 7.2. Logistic Infrastructure 5 7.2.1. Safety 5 7.2.2. Security 5 7.2.3. Pollution Control 6 7.3. Tax 6 7.4. Registration 6 7.5. Incentives 6 7.5.1. Free Trade Zone 6 7.5.2. Approved International Shipping (AIS)... 2,556 Words | 8 Pages
  • SEPARATION OF SINGAPORE FROM MALAYSIA 1.Separation of Singapore from Malaysia 2. Why was separation inevitable? Economic reasons Delays in setting up common market Imposition of new taxes on Singapore Attempts to increase Spore’s contribution to the central government Political reasons Political rivalry Racial politics Effects of the Malaysian Malaysia campaign 3. Details of disagreements – Economic reasons Kuala Lumpur saw Singapore as an economic rival – implementation of common market was delayed as a result. Central government... 604 Words | 2 Pages
  • Walmart's Prospects of Entering Singapore FEASIBILITY REPORT FOR WALMART ENTERING SINGAPORE INTRODUCTION WALMART Walmart was founded by Sam Wilton. He founded it in 1962, and incorporated it in 1969. According to the Fortune Global 500 list, Walmart is the largest retailers in the world. Also, it is the biggest private employer, with over two million employees. Walmart is a family owned business. It belongs to the Walton family. It have 8500 stores in 15 countries all over the world. SINGAPORE Singapore is located in a small... 3,701 Words | 11 Pages
  • Singapore S Economic Development213  Word: 2060 Contents 1. Description article and Analysis------------------------------------------------3 2. Introduction of Sustainable Economic Development and Singapore’s economic development-------------------------------------------------------------------------3-4 3. Reason to promote economic development in Singapore-----------------4 3.1 Government-led---------------------------------------------------------------5 3.2 Opening-up... 2,173 Words | 7 Pages
  • Singapore Cultural Research - 1737 Words My research paper will explain Singapore’s history, kinship and beliefs-values. Each section will have own examples and explanations regarding Singapore’s culture. Singapore was an important trading center and port as early as the seventh century. By the fourteenth century Chinese immigrants had established a small community on the island, and the name Singapura, a word of Sanskrit origin meaning Lion City, was in common use. After Portugal wrested control of the... 1,737 Words | 7 Pages
  • Malaysia-Singapore Relations - 4623 Words MALAYSIA-SINGAPORE RELATIONS UNDER MOHD. NAJIB TUN RAZAK 1: By Rusdi Omar Mas Juliana Mukhtaruddin Senior Lecturer, Department of International Studies, College of Law, Government and International Studies (COLGIS), Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), Sintok, Malaysia ABSTRACT Malaysia and Singapore enjoy and share a special relationship due to their geographical, historical, familial, cultural, political, economic and strategic features. Their relationship is characterized by... 4,623 Words | 15 Pages
  • Fall of Singapore 1942 - 909 Words Explain the misconceptions of the power struggle in the conflict of Singapore that led to its fall in 1942. The Fall of Singapore By January 31, 1942, Japanese forces had pushed the British Empire Forces from the Malaya peninsula onto Singapore island. On February 8, the Japanese landed on the north west side of the island and within six days, they were on the outskirts of Singapore city, constantly sending air attacks. Their invasion started with amphibious landings on the north-west side... 909 Words | 3 Pages

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