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Shopping mall Essays & Research Papers

Best Shopping mall Essays

  • Malls: Shopping Mall Experiences Assignment #4 Suburban Regional Shopping Malls: Can The Magic Be Restored? Summary According to the text, Basic Marketing by William Perreault, et al, the retail life cycle consists of the Introduction, Growth, Maturity, and Sales Decline Stages. As suggested by the text, management would need to find that niche that would draw customers locally, and in the neighboring communities. Catering to the appetites of different and diverse cultures of people, thus attracting the consumer from every... 354 Words | 1 Page
  • Shopping Mall - 4539 Words CHAPTER 2 LITERATURE REVIEW This chapter reviews the related literature and conceptual framework of this study. The literature review cover the shopping behaviour, shopping value, consumer’s decision making styles, perceived shopping mall image, shopping mall brand loyalty and consumer segmentation. The conceptual framework of this study will be explained in the end of this chapter. 2.1 Shopping behaviour This section is attempts to provide an explanation on consumer shopping behaviour... 4,539 Words | 15 Pages
  • Shopping Mall - 492 Words i> Innovative ideas for increasing footfalls and conversion rate 1. Purchase of some amount and above would exempt the car parking charges in the mall premises. This would help to increase conversion from window shoppers. 2. Include counters where all types of bill payments can be made. 3. Conduct some activities related to the local and regional festivals. 4. 24*7 hours mall-which is not popular in India. Mall management must try and trap BPO workers as well as young crowd... 492 Words | 2 Pages
  • Shopping Mall - 433 Words Far eastern university Institute of architecture and fine arts Shopping mall Delos trinos, Elaine p. Design 531 – ar36 CHAPTER 1 A. Background of the Study A shopping mall is one or more buildings forming a complex of shops representing merchandisers, with interconnecting walkways enabling visitors to walk from unit to unit, along with a parking area – a modern, indoor version of the traditional marketplaces. As traders moved into more spacious shops in the early 19th... 433 Words | 2 Pages
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  • Shopping Malls - 5807 Words PROJECT ON MARKETING MANAGEMENT SHOPPING MALL 1 MARKETING PROJECT ON SHOPPING MALL NAME: MRINMOY CHAUDHURY ENROLMENT NO: 011102003 PROGRAM: PGDIB 02 Term : 6 2 Contents 1. Introduction Pg. no. 4 What is a shopping mall? ................................................. Advantage and disadvantage Brief history Type of shopping malls Components 2. Objective……………………………………….. 9 What are the key factors which is making shopping mall hugely successful? Effect... 5,807 Words | 23 Pages
  • Shopping Malls - 634 Words HOW ARE SHOPPING MALLS CHANGING OUR SOCIETY? Program: Addictions & community Support Worker Module: Communications Name: Ismail Erten Date: June 3, 2013 Instructor: Burns MacLeod Assignment # 1 HOW ARE SHOPPING MALLS CHANGING OUR SOCIETY ? * How much do you really know about shopping malls? * How are shopping malls changing your life? * Are you aware of the influence shopping malls may have on future generations? In just under the past fifty years, small family... 634 Words | 3 Pages
  • Shopping Malls - 1264 Words INTRODUCTION A shopping mall is a building or group of buildings that contains stores. The stores are connected by walkways so that consumers can easily walk between the stores. Malls can be built in an enclosed or open-air format. These malls have brought a new revolution in the world of shopping. Nowadays shopping is no longer limited to buying stuff that you require but now it has extended its sense to have lip smacking food along with enjoyment, fun, refreshment and entertainment. In malls... 1,264 Words | 4 Pages
  • CONTRAST SHOPPING ONLINE and SHOPPING MALL CONTRAST SHOPPING ONLINE and SHOPPING MALL In general, we all know that some people like to spend their money through shopping. There is also some people that hates the whole process of buying things. Basically, shopping at stores requires us to go to the mall but recently technology had exposed us that shopping can be much easier, by not going to the mall. Most people nowadays prefer online shopping rather than shopping at the mall for some reasons. Which one gives us the best... 470 Words | 2 Pages
  • construct shopping mall - 7104 Words Original Article Journal of Retail and Leisure Property (2009) 8, 39–55; doi:10.1057/rlp.2008.25; published online 14 January 2009 Towards defining shopping centres and their management systems Michael Pitt1 and Zairul N Musa2 Correspondence: Zairul N. Musa, School of the Built Environment, Peter Jost Enterprise Centre, Byrom Street, Liverpool L3 3AF, UK. E-mail: [email protected] 1is currently Professor of Facilities Management and School Head of Business Development at... 7,104 Words | 23 Pages
  • Synopsis on Shopping Mall - 1127 Words A SYNOPSIS ON To study the potential of shopping mall with special reference to Rewa city: Year 2011-2012 Submitted to Dr.AtulPandey Professor in-charge of BBA Programme Under the guidance ofMrs. Shikha Singh ChauhanFaculty of BBA | Submitted ByJaya PanjwaniB.B.A. (VIth Sem.) | Department of Business Administration A.P.S.U. Rewa (M.P.)... 1,127 Words | 5 Pages
  • The Shopping Mall as Consumer Habitat The Shopping Mall as Consumer Habitat PETER H. BLOCH University of Missouri NANCY M. RIDGWAY University of Colorado SCOTT A. DAWSON* Portland State University Although large enclosed shopping malls represent signt$icant institutions in modem Western culture, consumers’ activities within malls have been surprisingly underresearched. In the present study, consumers’ interrelationships with malls as consumption sites are explored using the concept of a habitat drawn from the ecological... 9,038 Words | 32 Pages
  • advantage of shopping at mall - 790 Words A shopping mall is a building or group of buildings that contains stores. The stores are connected by walkways so that consumers can easily walk between the stores. Malls can be built in an enclosed or open-air format. The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is an early shopping mall dating from the 15th century. In 1819,London opened a shopping center called the Burlington Arcade. Milan, Italy built a shopping center in the 1860s called the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. In the United States, people... 790 Words | 2 Pages
  • The World in a Shopping Mall - 1863 Words In this world today, we as Americans live and survive on the presents of malls. Malls now are enacted into our way of living, our ability to consume the standards of social and economic impacts brought on by malls have and will continue to alter the composition of day to day survival. Margaret Crawford’s article (“the World in a Shopping Mall”) breaks down how the world is placed within a shopping mall, and because of this, the impacts that have resulted from the world being placed in such a... 1,863 Words | 5 Pages
  • Shopping Mall as a Leisure Destnation SHOPPING MALL AS A LEISURE DESTINATION SUFIAN HAMAT SCHOOL OF HOUSING, BUILDING AND PLANNING UNIVERSITI SAINS MALAYSIA, PENANG SUPERVISOR: DR. NURWATI BADARUZZAMAN ASSOC. PROF. DR ABDUL GHAFAR e-mail: [email protected] Shopping mall has become part of a ‘way of life’. The place is a destination frequented by many levels and age groups of people during leisure time and weekends. The intentions of going to the mall now are no longer confined to... 3,296 Words | 9 Pages
  • Shopping Mall and Discount - 2262 Words Discount and Hawkins Exercise: Confidential Instructions for Tenant Instructions You represent a major retail chain engaged in a difficult negotiation with the developer of a proposed new shopping center. Although you have worked out most of the key provisions of a longterm lease, your company and the developer are currently at impasse over the clause that would govern the allowable use, assignment, and subletting of the premises. Your assignment is to make one last effort to break this... 2,262 Words | 8 Pages
  • Lifestyle of Shopping Mall - 1119 Words Life cycle of Indian shopping centre 27/09/11 G.D. Goenka, Gurgaon Amanpreet Banga 1 We will talk about…. Before opening of shopping centre 1. 2. 3. 1. Feasibility study and market analysis The design phase and deciding the tenant mix Preleasing of anchors and leasing of the vanilla stores 2. After opening of the shopping centre 1. 2. 3. Facilities management Marketing of th project M k ti g f the j t Mall management as a whole 3. 3 The Indian market of... 1,119 Words | 9 Pages
  • Shopping Mall and Mother - 655 Words Fire is a good servant but a bad master. I could never forget the raging fire that destroyed the shopping mall which I often used to go. The scorching sun glared fiercely at my mother and me as we made our way back home from the market. Much to our surprise, a large crowd of people had gathered in front of the shopping mall which was just a stone’s throw from where I live. Everyone had their heads hung up, gasping in horror. Our curiosity piqued, mother and I averted our gaze, and saw that... 655 Words | 2 Pages
  • Bluesky Shopping Mall - 3515 Words Analytical Report on Blue Sky Shopping Mall Executive Summary Blue Sky Shopping Mall is a large shopping mall in a thriving business center in Myaynigone. However, it is in a bad shape and its growth is declining. Several factors, such as the lack of vision and mission and long-term plan, unsuitable organizational structure, lack of target market and market strategies and the high turnover rate affect the growth of the Shopping Mall. This report sets out a plan and recommendations to... 3,515 Words | 12 Pages
  • Synopsis on Shopping Mall - 697 Words Synopsis on SHOPPING MALL FOR ENUGU STATE The role of mall as a cultural hotspot A seminar course Submitted by ------------------------- REG NO: ---------------------- LECTURER: Dr. J.A DATE: APRIL 2012 Enugu state, popularly known as “Coal city state” is the capital of the South-East Nigeria, has a population of approximately 5.6million people is in dire need of a state of the art world class shopping centre where its cultural heritage, the ibo’s and Nigerians in general... 697 Words | 3 Pages
  • Shopping Mall (Research Project) ON MARKET RESEARCH ON SHOPPING MALL IN NCR A report submitted to U.P. Technical University for the partial Fulfilment of MBA Degree 2009-11 Submitted To:|Submitted By:| || Greater Noida Institute of Technology (MBA Institute), Code: 272 7, Knowledge Park-II, Greater Noida (U.P) 2009-11 CERTIFICATE This is to certify that the Research Project Report entitled Marketing Research on Shopping Mall in NCR being submitted... 10,479 Words | 43 Pages
  • Reading the Shopping Mall City Reading the Shopping Mall City If the shopping mall is a text, and specifically an encoded text of a city, how shall we read it? As a seemingly endless concatenation of crass, vulgar displays urging consumerism and overspending: as dystopia reified? To Joan Didion, for example, malls are "toy garden cities in which no one lives but everyone consumes..." (179). Or shall we see this text, these malls, as the representation of an idealized city, a contemporary fabrication of the mythical, utopian... 7,165 Words | 18 Pages
  • Are Shopping Malls a Boon or a Bane? Shopping Malls: Boon or Bane The world has witnessed rapid economic development in last twenty years. Countries specially, India, China, Brazil, Russia etc have seen rapid growth in terms of direct foreign investments, development of infrastructure and migration of rural population to urban centres. Shopping malls, expressways, commercial centres rule the urban landscape amidst sordid state of social structure and governance. Shopping malls are seen as weekend hubs for shopping, dining or... 478 Words | 2 Pages
  • Term Shopping Mall - 1766 Words What is a Mall ? A shopping mall, shopping center/centre, shopping arcade, shopping precinct, or simply mall is one or more buildings forming a complex of shops representing merchandisers, with interconnecting walkways enabling visitors to easily walk from unit to unit, along with a parking area – a modern, indoor version of the traditional marketplace. Modern "car-friendly" strip malls developed from the 1920s, and shopping malls corresponded with the rise of suburban living in many parts of... 1,766 Words | 6 Pages
  • Shopping Mall Event - 610 Words O2 (Oasis tuns 2) THEME The theme will revolve around the idea that it’s the mall’s second anniversary, so every activity planned out for the day will be in sync with the number *2* - for example – 2 partners, buy 2 get 1 free promotions, etc. DÉCOR The mall will be decorated in colors of the oasis. Blue and white will be the theme colors. The number TWO will be emphasized on even in the décor – for instance flower arrangements in that shape, balloons, bloopers. ACTIVITIES Cake cutting –... 610 Words | 2 Pages
  • Swot: Shopping Mall and Similar Stalls III. SWOT Matrix |STRENGTHS |WEAKNESS | |FEATURES OF USB WATCH |MARKETING SERVICES AGENCIES | |As the USB watch has the USB the watch can also have an alarm and |As the product is new to the market it would be difficult to | |timer.... 270 Words | 2 Pages
  • Shopping Mall Impact on Small Bussinesses Impact of Malls on Small Shops and Hawkers A small sample survey of the impact of malls on small shops and hawkers in Mumbai points to a decline in sales of groceries, fruits and vegetables, processed foods, garments, shoes, electronic and electrical goods in these retail outlets, ultimately threatening 50 per cent of them with closure or a major decline in business. Only 14 per cent of the sample of small shops and hawkers has so far been able to respond to the competitive threat of the malls... 2,051 Words | 6 Pages
  • Shopping Mall, the Study of Space Syntax INTRODUCTION WHAT IS SHOPPING MALL? The Mall A shopping centre, shopping mall, or shopping plaza, is the modern adaptation of the historical marketplace. The mall is a collection of independent retail stores, services, and a parking area, which is conceived, constructed, and maintained by a separate management firm as a unit. They may also contain restaurants, banks, theatres, professional offices, service stations etc. A shopping mall, shopping centre or shopping precinct is one or more... 3,216 Words | 9 Pages
  • Shopping Mall and Theater Concession Sales 1. Scale Economies and Diseconomies at McDonalds: How does having a menu that is uniform around the country provide McDonald’s with economies of scale? How is menu planning made more complex by expanding into other countries? McDonalds menu is economy to scale because when they order their product, they can order in bulk to lesion the cost. Also when you have a uniform menu, no matter what state you go to you know what to expect; which in return could increase sales. In places like India,... 329 Words | 1 Page
  • Summary: Shopping Mall and Zombie Effect Summary of „Mallaise: How to Know if You Have It“ William Kowinski in his article „Mallaise: How to Know if You have it“ claims that malls have negative effect on people. In author‘s opinion, shopping centres make people sick: they usually get tired very fast, feel anxious and even lost the perception of place and time. The disease, which has got the name Mallaise, has such sypmtoms as: difficulties in concentrating, extreme nervousness or unjustified worries. This sickness affects... 308 Words | 1 Page
  • REPORT ON CONSUMER BEHAVIOR IN SHOPPING MALLS  STUDY OF CONSUMER BEHAVIOR IN SHOPPING MALLS INTRODUCTION Marketplaces in urban demographic settings attract a large number of buyers and sellers, which can be termed as market thickness. The co-existence of many shopping malls with traditional markets in a marketplace causes market congestion. This problem may be resolved by developing small kiosks for transactions and allowing consumers to test out customised products and services from the main stores The growth of market share for... 6,309 Words | 24 Pages
  • Unforgettable: Shopping Mall and Great Food Though I am from Francisco, my home country is Philippines, which I decided to visit on Oct, 2007 since I had not been there for fifteen years. On my way to my home from the airport, I took notice of a big mall which had been constructed in my absence and this prompted me to list it as one of the vacation route destination. On that fateful day, my friend accompanied me to the mall, where we watched a movie, did some shopping and had great food in a restaurant. We had lots of fun strolling along... 565 Words | 2 Pages
  • The Mall - 289 Words In Alan Brinkley’s essay The Mall he explores the history of shopping complexes in the United States and gives us insight on the different kinds of complexes. The mall started off as a shopping center. The first shopping center was the Country Club Plaza, opened in Kansas City in 1924. The shopping center soon increased in size and became small “strips.” In 1956, the first enclosed, climate controlled shopping opened in Minneapolis and was called South Dale Shopping Center many cities. The malls... 289 Words | 1 Page
  • Choosing Retail Locations for Shopping Malls in India EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Background Store location and real estate markets are two most important areas of concern for a retailer by the virtue of the fact that real estate is the largest fixed investment for a retailer. For a retailer, being at the right place at the right time facilitates the development of sustainable competitive advantage. The decline in real estate prices in last 4-5 years has boosted the morale of the retailers. Because of this there has also been an increase in the supply of... 3,173 Words | 11 Pages
  • Retail Shopping Mall Semotics and Hedonic Consumptions Assignment 1 - 40% The different aspects of the retail experience within the Hollister store and how it creates and enhances value.  define and discuss the retail experience? Use a case example to demonstrate its application and How does the retailer create and enhance value? Customer retail experience for Hollister’s. When looking at the aspects of the consumer experience, there are many different conceptions which may... 1,770 Words | 7 Pages
  • Shopping Mall Descriptive Essay Brain Storming (Points) Shopping malls are the important part of lives of some people in today’s era. An essay on shopping mall all the benefits of a shopping mall. The shopping malls are the places that are packed in weekends. The malls of today’s world are huge and provide all the products that a man desires as a source of entertainment. During weekends people come with the families for shopping and fun in the shopping malls. There are large in size with hundreds of shops. If one enters a shopping mall, he/she can... 474 Words | 2 Pages
  • A Network Enterprise Management System for Shopping Malls PROJECT TOPIC A Network Enterprise Management System for Shopping Malls CASE STUDY GICEL Shopping Mall, Accra. Background GICEL Shopping Mall is just like an advanced supermarket that sells mostly home products such as home appliances and cosmetics. It provides other services like selling ice creams, beverages and most food items used at home. The Mall sells products to customers categorized from children to adults. A Brief study of an Existing System During my decision to present... 1,237 Words | 5 Pages
  • Suburban Regional Shopping Malls: Can the Magic Be Restored? 1. Imagine yourself as the manager of a struggling local suburban regional shopping mall. What do you think the mall should do to improve its performance? To keep a local suburban regional shopping mall from reaching its decline, there are a few things that must be done to keep your mall relevant in today’s society. One must spend time and money during the maturity phase to keep with today’s trends. Getting more or newer department or anchor stores may help to draw in business. Then fill... 825 Words | 3 Pages
  • Power of E-Commerce over Traditional Mall Shopping POWER OF E-COMMERCE OVER TRADITIONAL MALL SHOPPING i. Most people with different ages can easily browse the internet for several reasons; however, the online shopping considered being one of the most amazing motives. Internet revolution and growing of online marketing shifted most of consumers’ preferences to rely on online shopping instead of the usual traditional mall shopping especially when it comes to convenience, easiness, and globalization. ii. Convenience a. Convenience is the... 1,207 Words | 4 Pages
  • Analysis of Purchasing Habits of Shopping Mall Retail.Doc Study of Buying Pattern Shopping Malls (Retail Stores) Customers (With Reference To Retail Stores in Pune & PCMC.) Proposed Research work 1. I) Project Title: Study of Buying Pattern Shopping Malls (Retail Stores) Customers (with reference to retail stores in Pune and Pimpri- Chinchwad.) ii) Introduction • Origin of the research problem Retail sector is one of the booming sectors for product promotion for every new and existing... 2,288 Words | 11 Pages
  • Generation Y Adults' Shopping Mall Preference: in Malaysia Perspective Malaysia Generation Y adults love to visit the mall. They visit the shopping mall very frequent at least 1 – 2 times a week. However, Generation Y adults treat shopping mall activities as a social activity. They prefer hanging out with friends. Prior to that, they follow and tag along with peers' opinion. As a result, their expenditure increases as they shop with friends. They are also loyal customer that will constantly visit the same stores each time they visit the shopping mall. Surprisingly,... 554 Words | 2 Pages
  • Fire Load Density Survey in Four Shopping Malls in Hong Kong International Journal on Engineering Performance-Based Fire Codes, Volume 10, Number 1, p.12-16, 2011 FIRE LOAD DENSITY SURVEY IN FOUR SHOPPING MALLS IN HONG KONG Carmen C.S. Fong and W.K. Chow Research Centre for Fire Engineering, Department of Building Services Engineering The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, China (Received 1 December 2010; Accepted 11 January 2011) ABSTRACT Fire loads in four shopping malls with 301 retail shops in Hong Kong were surveyed and reported... 2,339 Words | 10 Pages
  • Shooping Malls - 1750 Words Disadvantages of Malls a) Over Spending by visitors, Shopping Malls are a drain of resources : Shopping malls incorporate a large number of products and services inside them. It is not always easy to go to a shopping mall and exit with only what you came to purchase. The temptation to browse is always present, and browsing often leads to buying things that are not needed. b) Electric energy is supplied to this industry too much. If we consider in the long way of the source of energy to... 1,750 Words | 5 Pages
  • Mall Culture - 1128 Words Gone are the days when people had to buy different things from different places. People would visit local Kirana stores for purchasing daily-required household materials, and go to some other local markets for buying clothes. Shopping was never as convenient for people as it is now. The shopper gets the experience of one stop shop. From apparels to FMCG goods, the consumer gets leisure time visiting malls. Each store offers an individual a wide variety be it for choosing a stationery pen or a... 1,128 Words | 3 Pages
  • Mall Preferences - 682 Words Summary: Mall Attractiveness and Shopping Preferences is a study conducted to find out what variables attract shoppers to a mall, their preferences and how mall operators should consider this significant analysis to implement an effective strategy to position their strategy. The study involved five major shopping malls in Davao City: SM City Davao, NCCC mall of Davao, Gaisano Mall of Davao, Gaisano South City Mall and Victoria Plaza. Factor analysis is applied for this study and... 682 Words | 3 Pages
  • Mall Of America - 471 Words  Scenario MKT 113 - Mall of America Sheila Savage Southern New Hampshire University Mall of America is the largest mall to date in the United States. In my paper today I will be talking about the two primary target markets that Mall of America has and what marketing strategies they should be using to reach those markets. We will also be talking about the types of market research the Mall should be using to decide how to grow. Finally we will also be talking about how the Mall should use... 471 Words | 2 Pages
  • Mall Goers - 446 Words Mall Goers Just what goes into “having fun”? For many people, “fun” involves getting out of the house, seeing other people, having something interesting to look at, and enjoying a choice of activities, all at a reasonable price. Going out to dinner or to the movies may satisfy some of those desires, but often not all. But an attractive alternative does exist in the form of the free-admission public mall. Teenagers, couples on dates, and the modest family can all be observed having a good... 446 Words | 2 Pages
  • Mall Culture - 5110 Words Ch-1. Overview Of Malls 1.1.Shopping Malls In Mumbai The tremendous hike in the number of shopping malls in Mumbai is the direct result of globalization. In its march towards the 'Global Village', the shopping malls are providing Mumbai with the gusto to move still further. The shopping malls can be said to be the outcome of the class conscious citizens who prefers sophisticated environs for shopping. In fact, the mushrooming of the international brands in India, has also created the need... 5,110 Words | 26 Pages
  • mall prjection - 1923 Words Design of Shopping Mall Management System Course Project Report: CS686 – Object Oriented Systems Kamlesh Laddhad Akshay Ukey (05329014) (05305045) Under Guidance of Prof. R. K. Joshi. Project Description: In this project, we will be designing a simple shopping mall using object oriented technology. The mall will provide a soothing shopping experience for customers, while at the same time allowing us to explore design patterns and other features object oriented technology. .... 1,923 Words | 11 Pages
  • Mall Culture - 982 Words 1. All-in-one stores. With everything from groceries and vegetables to footwear, clothes, cosmetics, furnishings and electrical items available under one roof, a growing middle class with higher disposable incomes is heading for the malls in droves. 2. For some, it is a way to chill out on movies and food in the added comfort of a fully air-conditioned space. “In short, it is a living room for most of them.” 3. The malls are another sign of the new, prosperous India, of call centers,... 982 Words | 3 Pages
  • coupon mall - 4402 Words A STUDY ON COUPON MALL IN FULLFILMENT OF THE REQUIREMENT FOR THE RETAIL MANAGEMENT COURSE PROF. ASHIS MISHRA UTKALIKA MOHANTY 1211058 ABHINAV DAHARWAL 1211090 RAMANJIT S ANAND 1211130 PUSHPENDU KUMAR 1211285 DEEPAK KARWASARA 1211091 INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT BANGALORE Executive Summary A detailed study has been conducted on Coupon mall, a discount format retail chain to understand the problems which Indian value focussed retailers are facing. The... 4,402 Words | 39 Pages
  • An essay on shopping malls and the power struggles going on within them: A critical analysis of Fiske's "Shopping for Pleasure", from "Reading The Popular". An essay on shopping malls and the power struggles going on within them. In this essay, I have given a critical analysis of Fiske's "Shopping for Pleasure", from "Reading The Popular". In this analysis, I will be examining the main points in this chapter and discussing Fiske's explanation for including each one. I will also be examining counter arguments from other sources on his theories. There are five distinctive sections within this chapter: 'malls, power and resistance', 'consuming... 1,520 Words | 5 Pages
  • mall of america - 281 Words Mall of America Why has the Mall of America been such a marketing success so far? The main reason for the success of the Mall of America is its unique retail-entrainment mix. This mall offers more than the regional malls. Because of the uniqueness of this mall it attract 40 million visitors each year. Visiting the one-stop complex offering retail shopping, guest service, convenience, and a huge variety of entertainment and fun for all. The location was the focus of the mall along with the... 281 Words | 1 Page
  • Malls in America - 722 Words When observing an autocratic atmosphere, one’s mind, body and soul becomes engrossed within their surroundings. Richard Francaviglia highlights this perspective through his article “The Mall as Disneyland.” H e explains how Walt Disney’s Main Street USA has set the precedent for all malls around America because it incorporates all aspects that entice one to enter this environment. David Guterson maintains a similar perspective in relation to Francaviglia’s article. Guterson further enlightens... 722 Words | 2 Pages
  • Mall Goers - 1349 Words Mall Goers On a cold, sunny, Thursday afternoon, I head to the Christiana Mall, in Newark, Delaware. I pull into the parking lot and notice that it’s quite crowded; people are fighting over the closet parking spots. I drive around to find a place to park, passing by the bus station outside of Target. There are a lot of people of different races, standing there, shivering, and attempting to keep warm on the bitter winter day. As I pass, I notice an African American guy with head phones in... 1,349 Words | 4 Pages
  • Mall Mania - 25783 Words Mall Mania in India – Changing Consumer Shopping Habits Mall Mania in India – Changing Consumer Shopping Habits A dissertation submitted to The University of Nottingham for the degree of Ma in Management Kanika Taneja Business School, University of Nottingham September, 2007 Mall Mania in India – Changing Consumer Shopping Habits ACKNOWLEDGMENT I deeply thank God and my family for showing me the way, no matter how difficult the time was. For his aspiring and invaluable... 25,783 Words | 110 Pages
  • Mall as Disneyland - 1512 Words Sierra Larson ENG112-16PR Position Essay 2/10/14 The Mall as Disneyland Almost all Americans have heard the name Walt Disney. He created Disneyland, the happiest place on Earth. Walt Disney plays a large role in American society than just providing entertainment; many developers turned to part of his park, Main Street USA, for ideas when they started to design modern day American shopping malls. In “The Mall as Disneyland” Richard Francaviglia argues that Walt Disney played a key... 1,512 Words | 5 Pages
  • Lost in the Mall - 1020 Words Lost In The Mall: Misrepresentations and Misunderstandings Article Review Shane Raymer South-central Kentucky Community and Technical College Abstract The studies described in this article investigates whether people can be fed false memories, or believe false information, into believing that (for example) they were once lost in a shopping mall at a point in their life.... 1,020 Words | 4 Pages
  • Mall Management - 19580 Words INTRODUCTION: Organised retailing in India witnessed a gross turnover of USD 320 billion in 2006. Although this figure is low compared with other developed economies, industry experts expected the growth rate of this sector at 35% until 2010. At present, about 100 malls are operational at India with a total area of 19 million sq ft. As per the estimates, about 3003 additional malls were constructed across the country by 2010. According to the Jones Lang LaSalle Retailer Sentiment Survey... 19,580 Words | 61 Pages
  • Observation of a Mall - 729 Words S00758438 ENG-1010-013 Observational Essay June 30, 2013 On the outside of the mall are lines after lines of cars are parked in the enormous parking lots. It is not that loud, every once in a while you hear the beeping of car doors being locked. Creative accents on the doors invite you to come in and enjoy. Different textures on the building pop out at you creating different lines. You go from flat to bumpy as move your hand against the side of the building. At night, the lights shines... 729 Words | 2 Pages
  • Call of the Mall - 1363 Words CALL OF THE MALL Meaning of Mall 2. A large, often enclosed shopping complex containing various stores, businesses, and restaurants usually accessible by common passageways. 4. A street lined with shops and closed to vehicles. 3. A shady public walk or promenade. South China Mall Location: Dongguan, China Year Opened: 2005 Gross Leasable Area: 7.1 million square feet Golden Resources Shopping Mall Beijing, China Year Opened: 2004 Gross Leasable Area: 6 million square feet... 1,363 Words | 7 Pages
  • Mall Promotion - 2199 Words According to JP Biswas, Head – Leasing and Marketing, L&T Realty, the events organised by the management of a mall inside the property cost a lot of money. It is therefore important that these do not merely increase the footfall for its own sake, but actually contribute to the increased sales of the tenants by driving traffic to their stores. Typically, when we talk of mall marketing, we talk about increasing the footfalls and prolonging customer visits. Mall managers focus on events such... 2,199 Words | 7 Pages
  • Mall Culture - 5164 Words Look at shopping malls in a new perspective. It is not anymore only a place to do your shopping. It has gained status as a social phenomenon. From the early 1980’s a new social phenomenon came to the forefront world wide, the shopping mall. Although the concept of malls was to induce consumerism, inventors of this new concept could never in their wildest dreams visualise the social revolution it would start. Make no mistake, although there was here and there some scepticism from the old... 5,164 Words | 14 Pages
  • Malls Typology - 2374 Words Mall Culture- Rise, Current Trends, Types and Economic Study Difference Between a Shopping Mall & a Shopping Centre ? SHOPPING CENTRES SHOPPING MALLS 1. Shopping Centre is one or more buildings. 2. It is an open outdoor market. 3. In a shopping centre there are only one or two entrances to each store. 4. Here, in order to go to another store you have to go outside & then enter another store. 5. Shopping centre is one or more buildings that contain stores and... 2,374 Words | 8 Pages
  • mall of asia - 4836 Words  SM Mall of Asia From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia SM Mall of Asia "No other mall comes close" Location Barangay 76, Bay City, Pasay,Philippines Opening date May 21, 2006 Developer SM Prime Holdings Management SM Prime Holdings Owner Henry Sy, Sr. Architect Arquitectonica No. of anchor tenants 13 Total retail floor area 407,101 m2 (4,382,000 sq ft) No. of floors Main & entertainment buildings: 2 Carpark buildings: 6 Website SM Mall of Asia SM Mall of Asia at SM... 4,836 Words | 17 Pages
  • Christmas Shopping - 418 Words Christmas shopping can be a stressful experience but if you follow these simple steps, you can easily pick up the perfect gift stress free. Christmas shopping in December is a sure fire way to be stressed. The packed parking lot full of elderly people who cant drive and the mile long line ups at the tills is not a good way to spend the holidays. The first step is to by all of your gifts in November. This way instead of being in a line up you can be at home drinking eggnog. If you are reading... 418 Words | 1 Page
  • MALL CULTURE - 1053 Words MALL CULTURE Mall culture is nothing but an exploitative phenomenon mastermind by materialistic sharks of a blind imitation of the wild west for personal gains – and even at the cost of small traders and entrepreneurs who provide spot service to the community while these huge magnet like sophisticated centralized retail chains attract the gullible customer through media and advertisement blitz craze. Where? Of course, not in villages and in towns but in metropolis like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai,... 1,053 Words | 3 Pages
  • Visit to a Mall - 680 Words Visit to a Pacific Mall, Ghaziabad Visit this mall to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Pacific Mall is a huge shopping mall spread over 4, 50,000 sq. ft. It belongs to Pacific India group. The mall consists of many retail spaces along with food and entertaining zones. Pacific Mall (Ghaziabad) is visited by a large number of patrons every day. It is designed with latest facilities and amenities. It has a wonderful environment. It is air conditioned and houses city's best stores... 680 Words | 2 Pages
  • Mall Culture - 339 Words Gone are the days when people had to buy different things from different places. People would visit local Kirana stores for purchasing daily-required household materials, and go to some other local markets for buying clothes. Shopping was never as convenient for people as it is now. The shopper gets the experience of one stop shop. From apparels to FMCG goods, the consumer gets leisure time visiting malls. Each store offers an individual a wide variety be it for choosing a stationery pen or a... 339 Words | 1 Page
  • Mall of Asia - 638 Words SM Mall of Asia - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review SM Investments Corporation (SMIC) is a retail company. It operates services in retail, tourism, shopping mall, banking, and real estate development. The company through its subsidiaries engages in five operating business segments namely, Retail, Hotels and Conventions, Shopping Mall Development, Real Estate Development and Tourism, and Others. The Retail and shopping segment includes SM prime holdings, SM department store, SM... 638 Words | 3 Pages
  • Mall Culture - 359 Words Views of Various age groups on growing trend of mall culture • Aim: To study of effects of mall culture on various age groups and how it is affected both socially and economically. • Objective: To study the differences in various age groups regarding the growing trend of mall culture on them. • Methodology: Using the survey method, we took into consideration the various age groups and took sample of at least 10 people from each group. • Sampling: (Division of age group)... 359 Words | 2 Pages
  • The Mall as Prison - 976 Words Kimberly Campbell English 1013 Comp 1 October 4, 2010 “The Mall as Prison” Author David Guterson, journalist and novelist, spent a week in The Mall of America on assignment for Harpers Magazine. His essay, “The Mall as Prison”, tells his views on the Mall as a psychological effect on today’s society. He uses witty and sarcastic comments to get his point across. Is American culture being corrupted by what Americans consider a retail structure that is vital to the survival of our needs? He... 976 Words | 3 Pages
  • Electronic Mall - 1378 Words Electronic Mall By the increase in the internet usage in different aspects of today’s life, the amount of creative and innovative ways to utilize the electronic world have eventually increased. It is easy and popular among the users to use search engines as a method to gain access to a specific product or service. However, while using the internet for their shopping, they may face difficulties regarding to lack of enough information about the product or service they are looking for, such as... 1,378 Words | 4 Pages
  • Traditional Shopping vs Online Shopping 1. Traditional and online shopping environment In the traditional shopping, one has to leave home, either walk or take a ride to a particular location in order to buy what one wants. There are many ways of traditional shopping such like shopping at shopping center, outlet village, markets or department stores. However, online shopping has been developing at a fast rate through recent years and more and more people are moving towards this mode of shopping. The online shopping is typically done... 1,549 Words | 5 Pages
  • The Signs Of Shopping - 1715 Words FYW 100 Professor Baluch Essay 1, Final Draft The Signs of Shopping For me, it is the same question every month, should I go shopping or pay my insurance? Most of the time it comes down to going shopping until the insurance has to be paid, and I am sure I am not the only one that has been in this situation. There are different ways of shopping and each one of these ways are coded systems that construct our own identity. They each encourage consumers to buy products and then group the... 1,715 Words | 5 Pages
  • Online Shopping - 344 Words Internet shopping is faster, convenient, and generates better deals. The concept of home shopping has been here for a long time in the form of commercial catalogues and television infomercials. But the concept of home shopping never became a widespread phenomenon until internet came due to internet’s vast potential that the pre-internet technologies lacked. Internet shopping has become an integral part of our daily lives and has been adopted by every major brick-and-mortar retailer in the U.S.... 344 Words | 1 Page
  • Shopping Habits - 4292 Words RMM PROJECT TOPIC: “Shopping Habits survey among Mall visitors in Delhi / Gurgaon.” “A Study on Shopping Habits in metro cities and factors important for Mall Growth” PGP 1 - A Submitted By: Abhay Narain (001) Dheeraj Joshi (016) Joydeep Sen (021) Nitin Soni (034) Sneh Verma (050) Mission To identify the Shopping Habits Of People In Malls. Survey Method We followed a structured questionnaire, which was designed to elicit specific information. The survey method... 4,292 Words | 28 Pages
  • Shopping Centers - 693 Words Shopping Centers and Their Role in Today’s Society Sha’ylon Davis Mall of America, King of Prussia Mall, Sawgrass Mills, and The Shops at Columbus Circle are a few popular shopping malls to name. What do all these malls have in common? They have a connection of being huge shopping centers with the perfect layout of stores that attract the right type of consumers. For a shopping center to be successful, it has to have the right location, stores, and size. An important way to keep a shopping... 693 Words | 2 Pages
  • Shopping for one - 634 Words ”Shopping for one” Summary of the text: The text is about a girl named Jean who is out shopping for groceries. She is standing right behind or before them in line they are having a conversation. They are talking about how a girl they know would react, if she were to find out, that her boyfriend was cheating on her. The two ladies is constantly expanding the conversation and is now talking about how the former boyfriend of the black lady, came back to beg for her forgiveness, but only... 634 Words | 2 Pages
  • The Science of Shopping - 690 Words “The Science of Shopping” Analysis of shopping in USA & KSA Introduction: Caution! An anxietytriggers in your brain signaling the entry of new arrivals in the mall, an outcry for shoppers all around to come to the mall and buy the latest stuff designer/manufacturers have to offer claiming it is only a limited stock variety. The customer scout out the shop which is the most crowded considering it has the best to offer, he/she move in start sweeping by the items, trying to find what... 690 Words | 2 Pages
  • Phipps Plaza Mall Analysis Mall Analysis: Phipps Plaza How exciting malls are in terms of architectural and interior design! Just by going around the heart of any major city and seeing new steel and glass structures stretching towards the sky, many people may feel that shopping malls are a perfect destination for a combination of shopping and entertainment. As the largest city in the Southeast, Atlanta along with its vast history and historical museums, also offers the region's largest selection of shopping... 1,566 Words | 4 Pages
  • Report On Dolmen Mall - 3195 Words  REPORT ON DOLMEN MALL CLIFTON Principles of Marketing Submitted to: Syed Bilal Ahmed Submitted By: Rabia Siddiqui Date: 11/01/2015 Report on Dolmen Mall The purpose of conducting this research on Dolmen Mall Clifton is to understand the concept of how marketing has evolved in Karachi? How local brands and international brands become more popular? What type of strategies they use to become a leading brand? How they attract and retain the customers? how the Dolman Mall carry out their... 3,195 Words | 10 Pages
  • Impact of Malls to the Lifestyle of Students Introduction A mall is a large building with many retail stores and interconnecting walkways designed for many purposes and needs of the visitors. Today, malls are gaining increasing popularity and are beginning to be a part of the people’s lives, especially the youth, who are still in the stage of developing who they are and what they want to become in their lives. In Olongapo City, the recent constructions of SM and Harbor Point malls brought changes to the city and its people. But their... 686 Words | 3 Pages
  • Youth and Mall Culture - 4171 Words CHAPTER-1 INTRODUCTION 1. Introduction Shopping malls have taken the Indian scenario by surprise and the Indian youth are increasing attracted to the malls. It has grown at an incredible pace all across India, especially in the metropolitan cities. The earlier uncomfortable shopping process, under the scorching summer sun and sultry weather has now been put at ease. The few words that come to our mind when we hear the word “mall” are shopping, food, movies, entertainment and of course hanging... 4,171 Words | 13 Pages
  • Jackpine Mall Case - 501 Words Case 3: Jackpine Mall Jane Rodney, President of the Rodney development company, is creating a shopping centre at Jackpine Mall. She had already decided on a few stores to include within the shopping centre but could not decide on the next few. With our knowledge of decision modeling, we can achieve the most feasible solution for Jane. We based the decision of allocating the remaining few stores through our Present Value function: MAX = 28.1CM + 34.6CW + 50.0CV + 162.0RF + 77.8RL + 100.4RC... 501 Words | 3 Pages
  • Mall Management Strategies - 1258 Words Mall management strategies | | | | |By : Prof. A. K. Sharma | |[pic] | |... 1,258 Words | 5 Pages
  • Ali Mall Case Study ALI MALL: Repositioning Study ________________________________________________________________ I. Background Ali Mall is the first fully enclosed shopping mall in the Philippines. Named after famed boxing champion Muhammad Ali, it has a total area of over 62,000 square meters and houses four levels of specialty shops, entertainment outlets, designer boutiques, six cinemas, parking, and a food gallery. It belongs to the Araneta Group of Companies, a progressive and diversified... 1,752 Words | 7 Pages
  • Theme-Based Malls in India Theme Based Malls in India The development of unorganized retailing into an organized one in the form of shopping malls was a new concept for India until recent years. With the changing shopping needs and aspirations, consumers are finding it easier to shop at malls where a wide choice of merchandise is available under one roof which comprises the reasons for the growth of shopping malls in India. Thus bringing hundreds of bulk buyers under one roof is fast emerging as a new concept in the... 573 Words | 2 Pages
  • Essay About Malls - 301 Words Shopping Malls Shopping malls are the important part of lives of some people in today’s era. An essay on shopping mall all the benefits of a shopping mall. The shopping malls are the places that are packed in weekends. The malls of today’s world are huge and provide all the products that a man desires as a source of entertainment. During weekends people come with the families for shopping and fun in the shopping malls. There are large in size with hundreds of shops. If one enters a... 301 Words | 1 Page
  • Emergence of Malls in India - 728 Words Malls as we understand, is a form of organized retailing. They lend an ideal shopping experience with an amalgamation of product, service and entertainment, all under a common roof. Before going into the details of emergence of malls, let's see how the Indian retail sector has evolved over the years and how the concepts of malls came into being. The era of rural retail industry could be categorized into two formats: weekly markets and village fairs. Primarily, weekly formats catered to the... 728 Words | 2 Pages
  • My Day At The Mall - 679 Words Go to the mall visit 2 stores. Write a descriptive essay about your experience. My day at the mall, so many stores so little time. Some of the employees ran up to me to greet me and ask if they can help me with anything. Others just let me browse around and do what I wanted; they simply gave me breathing room. There are so many different techniques to get someone to buy what you need them to. I went into a few different stores so I can compare how the people were going to greet me... 679 Words | 2 Pages
  • Mumbai Mall Culture - 8594 Words ------------------------------------------------- Shopping mall A shopping mall, shopping centre, shopping arcade, shopping precinct or simply mall is one or more buildings forming a complex of shops representing merchandisers, with interconnecting walkways enabling visitors to easily walk from unit to unit, along with a parking area — a modern, indoor version of the traditional marketplace. Modern "car-friendly" strip malls developed from the 1920s, and shopping malls corresponded with the... 8,594 Words | 26 Pages
  • MillCreek Mall Review - 772 Words  Millcreek Mall Review Erie is a city known for its beautiful bayfront beaches, rich history, and exciting downtown nightlife, but its shopping is extremely underrated. One of the highlights of shopping in Erie is the Millcreek Mall located on upper Peach Street. Although the linear layout may cause a lot of backtracking, the Millcreek Mall has large variety of unique and nationally known stores with several hotels and restaurants surrounding it, making the experience convenient and... 772 Words | 3 Pages
  • The Impact of Malls on Small Retailers RESEARCH PROPOSAL A STUDY ON THE IMPACT OF ORGANISED GROCERY RETAIL ON SMALL RETAILERS AT CHENNAI CITY INTRODUCTION There is a tremendous scope for India’s retail growth. — Mukesh Ambani, Chairman, Reliance Industries Limited Organized corporate retailing is poised to become the business of the decade in India. With 30% of the population under 30 years, consumerism has become the mantra of India’s youth. With that said, India’s retail sector is already transforming the lives of... 1,504 Words | 6 Pages
  • CRM System for Mall Management CRM System for Mall Management A Second Review Report (Submitted by Dineshkumar V, Roll No: 1007MBA0329, Reg No: 68310100138) 1 NEED FOR THE STUDY The objective is to study the importance of CRM system on mall management and to know why business people are shifting to CRM applications. Also in this business world the... 2,342 Words | 12 Pages
  • Condition of Strip Mall - 450 Words Banadir Mall Condition Mawlid Ali Trevecca Nazarene University Abstract The condition at the strip mall was less than desirable for customers because of large potholes, lack of lighting and an overall badly marked parking lot cause lots of confusion for them. Should there be a solution or stick with status quo? Research The research is to come to a decision about the situation. Is the parking lot worth fixing to help the business? Articles and business journals were studied to find... 450 Words | 2 Pages
  • Theme Malls Feasibility in India Will Themed Malls Work in Country like India Shaila aunty is a busy woman these days. Not every day you have your daughter's wedding after all. Aunty ji is busy making recurrent rounds of T – Nagar, a crowded famous shopping street of Chennai. From Expensive Kanchivaram silk saries and jewelry to every small house decoration had its selling address in countless mini shops of T - Nagar. Shaila aunty ji is one harried, confused and anxious mother these days. These are the very problems... 569 Words | 2 Pages
  • Korum Mall Thane - 3492 Words Korum Mall Incepted in the year 2009, Korum mall is the biggest in the city of thane. It took long time to start basically due to the opposition of the society located behind it. But eventually things worked for them, and the mall was successfully open. It is a flagship project of KALPTARU PROPERTIES. Korum attracts thousands of footfalls every day. Highest recorded at more than 50,000 on a republic day. Awarded with the Asia Pacific International Property Award 2009 for Best Retail... 3,492 Words | 11 Pages
  • The Rise of the American Mall and Suburbia What exactly are malls and what is their purpose? What has malls done for Americans? A shopping mall, also known as a shopping center, or shopping plaza, is a modern, historical marketplace. The mall is a combination of independent retail stores, services and has a parking area, which is used by many Americans primarily for convenience. Many malls also contain restaurants, banks, theatres, professional offices, and sometimes entertainment areas for children. There is also a mall in the U.S.... 1,531 Words | 4 Pages
  • Kapampangan Teens on Mall Preference Kapampangan Teens on Mall Preference: SM Pampanga versus Robinsons Starmills (Qualitative) The research focuses on the preferences of Kapampangan teens to SM Pampanga over Robinsons Starmills. The group chose to focus on teens (13- 19 years old of both genders) because: (1) they tend to be heavy users of shopping malls (Baker and Haytko, 2000), (2) they spend disproportionately larger money in those in which they have a high degree of interest and involvement (McCasland, 2004), (3) they have... 2,450 Words | 8 Pages

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