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Normal distribution Essays & Research Papers

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  • Normal Distribution - 809 Words 1. Find a) P(Z > 2.58), b) P(Z < -1), c) P(-1.5 ( Z < 5) Ans : a) P( Z > 2.58) = 0.0049 ( 4 decimal places) b) P ( Z < -1) = 0.1587 ( 4 decimal places) c) P ( -1.5≦ Z < 5) = P ( -1.5 < Z < 5) = (0.5- 0.0668) + ( 0.5 -0) = 0.9332 ( 4 decimal places) 2. Find the value of z if the area under a Standard Normal curve a) to the right of z is 0.3632; b) to the left of z is 0.1131; c) between 0 and z, with... 809 Words | 3 Pages
  • Normal Distribution - 2715 Words Final Exam Review Questions Solutions Guide You will probably want to PRINT THIS so you can carefully check your answers. Be sure to ask your instructor if you have questions about any of the solutions given below. 1. Explain the difference between a population and a sample. In which of these is it important to distinguish between the two in order to use the correct formula? mean; median; mode; range; quartiles; variance; standard deviation. Solution: A sample is a subset of a population. A... 2,715 Words | 7 Pages
  • Normal Distribution - 293 Words Normal Distribution It is important because of Central Limit Theorem (CTL), the CTL said that Sum up a lot of i.i.d random variables the shape of the distribution will looks like Normal. Normal P.D.F Now we want to find c This integral has been proved that it cannot have close form solution. However, someone gives an idea that looks stupid but actually very brilliant by multiply two of them. reminds the function of circle which we can replace them to polar coordinate Thus... 293 Words | 2 Pages
  • Normal Distribution - 291 Words Normal Distribution:- A continuous random variable X is a normal distribution with the parameters mean and variance then the probability function can be written as f(x) = - < x <, - < μ <, σ > 0. When σ2 = 1, μ = 0 is called as standard normal. Normal distribution problems and solutions – Formulas: X < μ = 0.5 – Z X > μ = 0.5 + Z X = μ = 0.5 where, μ = mean σ = standard deviation X = normal random variable Normal Distribution Problems and Solutions –... 291 Words | 2 Pages
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  • Normal Distribution - 16101 Words blu34978_ch06.qxd 8/13/08 4:39 PM Page 299 Confirming Pages C H A P T E R 6 The Normal Distribution Objectives Outline After completing this chapter, you should be able to 1 2 3 Identify distributions as symmetric or skewed. 4 Find probabilities for a normally distributed variable by transforming it into a standard normal variable. Introduction 6–1 Normal Distributions Identify the properties of a normal distribution. Find the area... 16,101 Words | 129 Pages
  • Normal Distribution - 982 Words NORMAL DISTRIBUTION 1. Find the distribution: a. b. c. d. e. f. following probabilities, the random variable Z has standard normal P (0< Z < 1.43) P (0.11 < Z < 1.98) P (-0.39 < Z < 1.22) P (Z < 0.92) P (Z > -1.78) P (Z < -2.08) 2. Determine the areas under the standard normal curve between –z and +z: ♦ z = 0.5 ♦ z = 2.0 Find the two values of z in standard normal distribution so that: P(-z < Z < +z) = 0.84 3. At a university, the average height of 500 students of a course is 1.70 m; the... 982 Words | 4 Pages
  • Normal Distribution - 347 Words A population of measurements is approximately normally distributed with mean of 25 and a variance of 9. Find the probability that a measurement selected at random will be between 19 and 31. Solution: The values 19 and 31 must be transformed into the corresponding z values and then the area between the two z values found. Using the transformation formula from X to z (where µ = 25 and σ √9 = 3), we have z19 = (19 – 25) / 3 = -2 and z31 = (31 - 25) / 3 = +2 From the area between z =±2 is... 347 Words | 2 Pages
  • Normal Distribution - 656 Words Normal Distribution Student’s Name: Instructorr: Date ofSubmission: The table 1 below shows a relationship between actual daily temperatures and precipitation in the month of January 2011. These data was adopted from a meterological station in the states of Alaska, in the United States. Normal distributed data aresymmetric with a single bell shaped peaks. Th maean of the data it significant in indication the point that the peak is likely to... 656 Words | 4 Pages
  • Normal Distribution - 1225 Words  Normal Distribution Normal distribution is a statistics, which have been widely applied of all mathematical concepts, among large number of statisticians. Abraham de Moivre, an 18th century statistician and consultant to gamblers, noticed that as the number of events (N) increased, the distribution approached, forming a very smooth curve. He insisted that a new discovery of a mathematical expression for this curve could lead to an easier way to find... 1,225 Words | 5 Pages
  • Normal Distribution and Population Mean Chapter 7 #42 The accounting department at Weston Materials, Inc., a national manufacturer of unattached garages, reports that it takes two construction workers a mean of 32 hours and a standard deviation of 2 hours to erect the Red Barn model. Assume the assembly times follow the normal distribution. a. Determine the z values for 29 and 34 hours. What percent of the garages take between 32 hours and 34 hours to erect? z(29) = (29-32)/2 = -3/2 z(34) = (34-32)/2 = 1 z(32) = 0 P(32 < x <... 1,076 Words | 5 Pages
  • Normal Distribution and Answer - 891 Words  Question 1 The following table gives the classification of the amount paid and the method of payment at a department store. Cash Credit Debit Total < $20 10 8 6 24 $20 - $100 15 25 10 50 Over $100 5 15 6 26 Total 30 48 22 100 a) Find the probability that the amount paid is < $20 Answer: P(<$20) = b) Find the probability that the method of payment is credit Answer: P(Credit) = c) Find the probability that the amount is <$20 and the method of... 891 Words | 7 Pages
  • Normal Distribution and Standard Error II. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM As part of a long-term study of individuals 65 years of age or older, sociologists and physicians at the Wentworth Medical Center in upstate New York investigated the relationship between geographic location, health status ( healthy or one or more comorbidities), and depression. Random samples of 20 healthy individuals were selected from three geographic locations: Florida, New York, and North Carolina. Then, each was given a standardized test to measure... 2,075 Words | 13 Pages
  • NORMAL DISTRIBUTION AND SAMPLING - 477 Words HOMEWORK 2 FROM CHAPTER 6 and 7, NORMAL DISTRIBUTION AND SAMPLING Instructor: Asiye Aydilek PART 1- Multiple Choice Questions ____ 1. For the standard normal probability distribution, the area to the left of the mean is a. –0.5 c. any value between 0 to 1 b. 0.5 d. 1 Answer: B The total area under the curve is 1. The area on the left is the half of 1 which is 0.5. ____ 2. Which of the following is not a characteristic of the normal probability distribution? a. The mean and... 477 Words | 4 Pages
  • Normal Distribution and Significance Level Math 221 Week 6 Lab Submitted by: Merima Ceric Part 1. Normal Distributions and Birth Weights in America 1) What percent of the babies born with each gestation period have a low birth weight (under 5.5 pounds)? a) Under 28 = 99.88% The NORMDIST formula was used to calculate: =NORMDIST(5.5,1.88,1.99,True) X= 5.5 Mean= 1.88 Standard Deviation=1.19 b) 32 to 35 weeks = 43.83% The... 1,859 Words | 10 Pages
  • Normal Distribution and Egress - 612 Words The first step in building our simulation model was to confirm whether or not a normal distribution was in fact reasonable for the unknown demand of Egress’ ski jackets in the coming year. To do this we input Egress’ estimated demands into Best Fit. After analyzing the output (Exhibit 1 and 2) we see that the p-value for Chi Squared is .5637, this indicates that the assumption of a normal distribution of demand is indeed reasonable. Based on this output we determined that the mean of demand... 612 Words | 2 Pages
  • Lab 03 Normal Distribution  PGEG371: Data Analysis & Geostatistics Normal Distributions Laboratory Exercise # 3 1st and 5th February, 2015 Read through this instruction sheet then answer the ‘pre-Lab’ quiz BEFORE starting the exercises! 1. Aim The purpose of this laboratory exercise is to use a Normal Distribution to find information about a data population. On successful completion of this exercise, you should be able to Describe what a Normal Distribution is; How the histogram for a whole population looks... 1,215 Words | 6 Pages
  • 2 Normal Distribution - 963 Words McGill University Advanced Business Statistics MGSC-372 Review Normal Distribution The Normal Distribution aka The Gaussian Distribution The Normal Distribution y 1 f ( x)  e 2  1  x      2   2 x Areas under the Normal Distribution curve -3 -2 -  68% 95% 99.7% + +2 +3 X = N(, 2 ) Determining Normal Probabilities Since each pair of values for  and  represents a different distribution, there are an infinite number of possible normal... 963 Words | 8 Pages
  • Normal Distribution and Points - 1330 Words 1. A formal statement that there is an absence of relationship between variables when tested by a researcher is called: (Points : 1) | Null hypothesis Type I error Type II error Negative interval | 2. Bivariate statistics refers to the statistical analysis of the relationship between two variables. (Points : 1) | True False | 3. Positive relationships between two variables indicate that, as the score of one increases, the score of... 1,330 Words | 10 Pages
  • Math: Normal Distribution and Course School: Science, Technology, Engineering, and MathCourse Number: Math 302Course Name: StatisticsCredit Hours: 3 Credit HoursLength of Course: 16 WeeksPrerequisite: Math 110, College Algebra or an equivalent course | Table of Contents | Instructor Information | Evaluation Procedures | Course Description | Evaluation Criteria | Course Scope | Course Outline | Course Objectives | Policies | Course Delivery Method | Academic Services | Course Resources |... 6,748 Words | 23 Pages
  • Normal Distribution and Points - 765 Words COMP 211 DATA AND SYSTEM MODELING (PROB/STAT) Spring 2012 Assignment #2 Due: Monday, 5pm, 4/16/2012 Total points: 200 (each question 20 points) Please submit a softcopy (in PDF format) of your assignment to WebCT before the deadline. Late penalty: within 24 hours after the deadline: ‐20%; after 24 hours: 0 point. Question 1: [20 points] A film-coating process produces films whose thickness are normally distributed with a mean of 110 microns and a standard deviation of 10 microns. For a certain... 765 Words | 3 Pages
  • Normal Distribution and Chips Ahoy CASE DISCUSSION Case Study: The Chips Ahoy! 1,000 Chips Challenge Review the case study on page 359 of the textbook. The data on the number of chocolate chips per bag for 42 bags of Chips Ahoy! cookies were obtained by the students in an introductory statistics class at the United States Air Force Academy in response to the Chips Ahoy! 1,000 Chips Challenge sponsored by Nabisco, the makers of Chips Ahoy! Use the data collected by the students to answer the following questions and to... 429 Words | 2 Pages
  • Normal Distribution and Pic - 2004 Words AP Statistics Exam Review Topic I: Describing Data [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] FREE RESPONSE Use the given data set of test grades from a college statistics class for this question. 85 72 64 65 98 78 75 76 82 80 61 92 72 58 65 74 92 85 74 76 77 77 62 68 68 54 62 76 73 85 88 91 99 82 80 74 76 77 70 60 A. Construct two different graphs of these data B. Calculate the five-number summary and the mean and standard deviation of the data. C.... 2,004 Words | 16 Pages
  • Statistics: Normal Distribution and Data What are the characteristics of a population for which a mean/median/mode would be appropriate? Inappropriate? The analysis of data begins with descriptive statistics such as the mean, median, mode, range, standard deviation, variance, standard error of the mean, and confidence intervals. These statistics are used to summarize data and provide information about the sample from which the data were drawn and the accuracy with which the sample represents the population of interest. The mean,... 873 Words | 3 Pages
  • Computational Aspects of Normal Distribution •H.P.Gautam The purpose of this article is not to explain any more the usefulness of normal distribution in decision-making process no matter whether in social sciences or in natural sciences. Nor is the purpose of making any discussions on the theory of how it can be derived. The only objective of writing this article is to acquaint the enthusiastic readers (specially students) with the simple procedure ( iterative procedure) for finding the numerical value of a normally distributed variable.... 1,723 Words | 6 Pages
  • Data: Normal Distribution and Probability Statistical Methods 2011Fal Quiz #1--Key Date: 10/25/2011 A. MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS (50%) 1. Temperature is an example of a variable that uses a. the ratio scale b. the interval scale c. the ordinal scale d. either the ratio or the ordinal scale 2. The nominal scale of measurement has the properties of the a. ordinal scale b. only interval scale c. ratio scale d. None of these alternatives is correct. 3. Statistical studies in which researchers control variables... 1,344 Words | 9 Pages
  • Normal Distribution and Standard Deviation  Student Exploration: Sight vs. Sound Reactions Vocabulary: histogram, mean, normal distribution, range, standard deviation, stimulus Prior Knowledge Questions (Do these BEFORE using the Gizmo.) Most professional baseball pitchers can throw a fastball over 145 km/h (90 mph). This gives the batter less than half a second to read the pitch, decide whether to swing, and then try to hit the ball. No wonder hitting a baseball is considered one of the hardest things to do in sports! 1.... 1,389 Words | 8 Pages
  • Normal Distribution and Exhibit - 469 Words Fall 2011 - MGMT 305 - Quiz 1 Multiple Choices (1 point each) Name: ___________________________________________ ID: _______________________ ____ 1. The standard deviation of a sample of 100 observations equals 64. The variance of the sample equals a. 8 b. 10 c. 6400 d. 4,096 ____ 2. The weights (in pounds) of a sample of 36 individuals were recorded and the following statistics were calculated. mean = 160 range = 60 mode = 165 variance = 324 median = 170 The... 469 Words | 3 Pages
  • Normal Distribution and Confidence Interval 6 More Inference about a Population 1. Inference about a Normal Population Mean: Variance Unknown 2. Inference about a Normal Population Variance 3. Inference about a Population Proportion Based on Large Samples Section 6.1 Inference about a Normal Population Mean: Variance Unknown Assumption The population follows 2 N(,  ). Let X be the sample mean of a sample taken from the population, S be the sample standard deviation and n be the sample size. It can be X  follows the t distribution... 2,601 Words | 9 Pages
  • Normal Distribution and Random Sample Math 156–Sat: HW #4 Name: 1. What is the difference between [pic] and[pic]? Between s and[pic]? (10 points) 2. Explain the difference between [pic] and [pic] and between [pic] and[pic]? (10 points) 3. Suppose that a random sample of size 64 is to be selected from a population having [pic] and standard deviation 5. (a) What are the mean and standard deviation of the [pic] sampling distribution? Can we say that the shape of the distribution is... 1,373 Words | 6 Pages
  • Normal Distribution and Points - 420 Words  STAT 200 Section 7983 Sping 2012 ` Quiz #2 Please answer all 6 big questions. The maximum score for each question is posted at the beginning of the question, and the maximum score for the quiz is 60 points. Make sure your answers are as complete as possible and show your work/argument. In particular, when there are calculations involved, you should show how you come up with your answers with necessary tables, if applicable. Answers that come straight from program software... 420 Words | 3 Pages
  • Normal Distribution and Data - 17781 Words S1 Jan 2001 1) The students in a class were each asked to write down how many CDs they owned. The student with the least number of CDs had 14 and all but one of the others owned 60 or fewer. The remaining student owned 65. The quartiles for the class were 30, 34 and 42 respectively. Outliers are defined to be any values outside the limits of 1.5(Q3 – Q1) below the lower quartile or above the upper quartile. On graph paper draw a box plot to represent these data, indicating clearly any... 17,781 Words | 92 Pages
  • The Normal and Lognormal Distributions - 891 Words The Normal and Lognormal Distributions John Norstad [email protected] February 2, 1999 Updated: November 3, 2011 Abstract The basic properties of the normal and lognormal distributions, with full proofs. We assume familiarity with elementary probability theory and with college-level calculus. 1 1 DEFINITIONS AND SUMMARY OF THE PROPOSITIONS 1 Definitions and Summary of the Propositions ∞ √ Proposition 1: −∞ 2 2 1 e−(x−µ)... 891 Words | 31 Pages
  • Normal Distribution and Collective Premium AMA470 Midterm exam March 5, 2010 Please show full working out in order to obtain full marks. 1. Suppose that: • The number of claims per exposure period follows a Poisson distribution with mean λ = 110. • The size of each claim follows a lognormal distribution with parameters µ and σ 2 = 4. • The number of claims and claim sizes are independent. (a) Give two conditions for full credibility that can be completely determined by the information above. Make sure to define all terms in your... 276 Words | 2 Pages
  • Normal Distribution and Answer. a. 1 Marks: 1 Assume that X has a normal distribution, and find the indicated probability. The mean is μ = 60.0 and the standard deviation is σ = 4.0. Find the probability that X is less than 53.0. Choose one answer. a. 0.5589 b. 0.0401 c. 0.9599 d. 0.0802 Question2 Marks: 1 Use the given degree of confidence and sample data to find a confidence interval for the population standard deviation. Assume that the population has a normal distribution. Weights of eggs:... 505 Words | 6 Pages
  • Normal Distribution and Obj - 5463 Words Chapter 13: Chi-Square Applications SHORT ANSWER 1. When samples of size n are drawn from a normal population, the chi-square distribution is the sampling distribution of = ____________________, where s2 and are the sample and population variances, respectively. ANS: PTS: 1 OBJ: Section 13.2 2. Find the chi-square value for each of the right-tail areas below, given that the degrees of freedom are 7: A) 0.95 ____________________ B) 0.01 ____________________ C) 0.025... 5,463 Words | 55 Pages
  • Normal Distribution and Multiple Vitamin 1. For air travelers, one of the biggest complaints is of the waiting time between when the airplane taxis away from the terminal until the flight takes off. This waiting time is known to have a skewed-right distribution with a mean of 10 minutes and a standard deviation of 8 minutes. Suppose 100 flights have been randomly sampled. Describe the sampling distribution of the mean waiting time between when the airplane taxis away from the terminal until the flight takes off for these 100 flights.... 1,309 Words | 3 Pages
  • Math: Normal Distribution and Confidence Interval Statistics Math 1342 Final Exam Review Name___________________________________ MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. Provide an appropriate response. 1) A card is drawn from a standard deck of 52 playing cards. Find the probability that the card is an ace or a heart. 17 7 3 4 A) B) C) D) 52 52 13 13 Answer: D 2) The events A and B are mutually exclusive. If P(A) = 0.7 and P(B) = 0.2, what is P(A or B)? A) 0.5 B) 0.9 C) 0.14... 3,357 Words | 15 Pages
  • Examining Stock Returns for Normal Distributions Examining Stock Returns for Normal Distributions July11, 2012 Part A. A1 (CRSP 2000-2008) | VW Daily | EW Daily | VW Monthly | EW Monthly | Mean | 0.00% | 0.05% | -0.12% | 0.50% | σ | 1.35% | 1.12% | 4.66% | 6.14% | Table A1 shows return means and standard deviations for the CRSP market portfolio from 2000-2008. In comparing daily vs monthly returns in both cases, equally weighted (EW) and value weighted (VW), Table A1 shows the mean and standard deviation... 3,215 Words | 9 Pages
  • Probability: Normal Distribution and Null Hypothesis Homework 3 Probability 1. As part of a Pick Your Prize promotion, a store invited customers to choose which of three prizes they’d like to win. They also kept track of respondents’ gender. The following contingency table shows the results: | MP3 Player | Camera | Bike | Total | Men | 62 | 117 | 60 | 239 | Woman | 101 | 130 | 30 | 261 | Total | 163 | 247 | 90 | 500 | What is the probability that: a. a randomly selected customer would pick the camera? 247/500=... 819 Words | 2 Pages
  • Cumulative Properties for the Standard Normal Distribution CUMULATIVE PROBABILITIES FOR THE STANDARD NORMAL DISTRIBUTION Entries in this table give the area under the curve to the left of the z value. For example, for z = –.85, the cumulative probability is .1977. Cumulative probability z z 0 .00 .01 .02 .03 .04 .05 .06 .07 .08 .09 3.0 .0013 .0013 .0013 .0012 .0012 .0011 .0011 .0011 .0010 .0010 2.9 2.8 2.7 2.6 2.5 .0019 .0026 .0035 .0047 .0062 .0018... 268,275 Words | 1960 Pages
  • Assignment: Normal Distribution and Business Forecasting DRIVE PROGRAM SEMESTER SUBJECT CODE & NAME BK ID CREDITS MARKS ASSIGNMENT WINTER 2013 MBADS/ MBAFLEX/ MBAHCSN3/ MBAN2/ PGDBAN2 I MB0040 STATISTICS FOR MANAGEMENT B1731 4 60 Note: Answer all questions. Kindly note that answers for 10 marks questions should be approximately of 400 words. Each question is followed by evaluation scheme. Questions Marks Total Marks Q.No 1 Distinguish between Classification and Tabulation. Explain the structure and components of a Table... 308 Words | 7 Pages
  • Normal Distribution and Min 1q Median > data=read.table("d:/111113/1.txt",header=T) > model1=lm(S~u_direction+mx+my+mz,data) > summary(model1) Call: lm(formula = S ~ u_direction + mx + my + mz, data = data) Residuals: Min 1Q Median 3Q Max -11.8430 -0.3962 0.3252 0.7887 18.3963 Coefficients: Estimate Std. Error t value Pr(>|t|) (Intercept) -0.50372 0.12738 -3.955 7.93e-05 *** u_direction -0.40368 0.07996 -5.048 4.85e-07 *** mx -0.40573... 31,871 Words | 149 Pages
  • Normal Distribution and Engineering Statistics Semester SSCE 2193 Engineering Statistics Semester 2, Session 2012/2013 ASSIGNMENT (10%) Instructions: a. This is a GROUP assignment. b. Each student must be a member of a group of 4 or 5 students, selected by lecturer. c. Solutions from each group must be submitted by 19 April 2013. SPECIAL DISTRIBUTIONS I. Concept of probability (3%) 1. Explain why the distribution B(n,p) can be approximated by Poisson distribution with parameter if n tends to infinity, p 0, and... 423 Words | 2 Pages
  • Statistics: Normal Distribution and Confidence Interval Study Set for Midterm II, Chapters 7 & 8 ESSAY. Write your answer in the space provided or on a separate sheet of paper. 1) The average score of all pro golfers for a particular course has a mean of 70 and a standard deviation of 3.0. Suppose 36 golfers played the course today. Find the probability that the average score of the 36 golfers exceeded 71. 2) At a computer manufacturing company, the actual size of computer chips is normally distributed with a mean of 1... 1,734 Words | 13 Pages
  • Normal Distribution and Strong Markov Property BROWNIAN MOTION 1. I NTRODUCTION 1.1. Wiener Process: Definition. Definition 1. A standard (one-dimensional) Wiener process (also called Brownian motion) is a stochastic process {Wt }t≥0+ indexed by nonnegative real numbers t with the following properties: (1) (2) (3) (4) W0 = 0. With probability 1, the function t → Wt is continuous in t. The process {Wt }t≥0 has stationary, independent increments. The increment Wt+s − Ws has the N ORMAL(0, t) distribution. A Wiener process... 7,843 Words | 35 Pages
  • Normal Distribution and Khan Academy Website Applied Statistics for Health Care Professionals Details Credit Hours PreRequisites coRequisites Course Add-Ons This introductory course on statistical concepts emphasizes applications to health care professions. The course is designed to prepare students to interpret and evaluate statistics and statistical methods used in published research papers and to make decisions about the appropriateness of specific statistical methods in a variety of settings. Areas of emphasis include... 2,673 Words | 30 Pages
  • Variances: Normal Distribution and Budget Cash Figure Variances Variances can be either: * Positive/favourable (better than expected) or * Adverse/unfavourable ( worse than expected) A favourable variance might mean that: * Costs were lower than expected in the budget, or * Revenue/profits were higher than expected By contrast, an adverse variance might arise because: * Costs were higher than expected * Revenue/profits were lower than expected What causes budget variance? There are four key reasons and it is important... 703 Words | 3 Pages
  • Final: Normal Distribution and Self-check Practice Exercises Directed Independent Adult Learning COURSE SYLLABUS PRINCIPLES OF STATISTICS STA-201-GS Course Syllabus PRINCIPLES OF STATISTICS STA-201-GS ©Thomas Edison State College August 2012 Course Essentials Principles of Statistics (STA-201-GS) is designed to meet the needs of students in many disciplines and professions. The sciences, social sciences, and business are increasingly using quantitative methods. This course provides the tools and techniques needed to design studies that... 5,628 Words | 24 Pages
  • Quality: Normal Distribution and Corresponding Probability Measures IE423 PROBLEM SESSION III SOLUTIONS Oct 19, 2012 1. According to Western Electric sensitizing rules for Shewhart Control Charts, the action signals are also defined according to the following rules: i) Two out of three consecutive points fall beyond the 2σ limit on the same side of the centerline. ii) Four out of five consecutive points fall beyond the 1σ limit, on the same side of the centerline. iii) Eight... 671 Words | 8 Pages
  • Assignments: Normal Distribution and Managerial Applications Assignment  ASSIGNMENTS Course Code : MS 08 Course Title : Quantitative Analysis for Managerial Applications Assignment No. : MS-08/TMA/SEM-I/2014 Coverage : All Blocks Note : Attempt all the questions and submit this assignment on or before 30th April, 2014 to the coordinator of your study center. 1. The distribution of Intelligence Quotient (I.Q.) scores measured for 100 students in a test is as follows: I.Q.* 40-50 50-60 60-70 70-80... 259 Words | 2 Pages
  • sampling distribution - 395 Words Sampling distribution The sampling distribution is the distribution of the values of a sample statistic computed for each possible sample that could be drawn from the target population under a specified sampling plan. Because many different samples could be drawn from a population of elements, the sample statistics derived from any one sample will likely not equal the population parameters. As a result, the sampling distribution supplies an approximation of the true value’s population... 395 Words | 2 Pages
  • Sampling Distribution - 2570 Words SAMPLING SAMPLING   SAMPLING DISTRIBUTION (THEORETICAL) SAMPLING TECHNIQUES (APPLIED) 8/13/2014 QM_Session 14 15 SAMPLING TERMS An unit/element is the entity on which data are collected. A population is a collection of all the units/elements of interest. A sample is a subset of the population. The sampled population is the population from which the sample is drawn. A frame is a list of the elements/units that the sample will be selected from. 8/13/2014 QM_Session 14 15 Parameter and... 2,570 Words | 36 Pages
  • Survival DIstributions - 1378 Words THE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG DEPARTMENT OF STATISTICS AND ACTUARIAL SCIENCE STAT2801 Life Contingencies LN1: Chapter 3 (Actuarial Mathematics): Survival distributions Age-at-death random variable T0 – age-at-death (lifetime for newborn) random variable To completely determine the distribution of T0, we may use (for t ≥ 0), (1) (cumulative) distribution function: F0 (t) = Pr(T0 ≤ t) (2) survival function: s0 (t) = 1 − F0 (t) = Pr(T0 > t) (3) probability density function: f0 (t) = F0 (t)... 1,378 Words | 32 Pages
  • Distribution Assignment - 988 Words Assignment Q1Find the parameters of binomial distribution when mean=4 and variance=3. Q2. The output of a production process is 10% defective. What is the probability of selecting exactly two defectives in a sample of 5? Q3. It is observed that 80% of television viewers watch “Boogie-Woogie” Programme. What is the probability that at least 80% of the viewers in a random sample of five watch this Programme? Q4. The normal rate of infection of a certain disease in animals is known to... 988 Words | 4 Pages
  • special prob distribution - 2079 Words Special Probability Distributions Chapter 8 Ibrahim Bohari [email protected] LOGO Binomial Distribution Binomial Distribution In an experiment of n independent trials, where p is a the probability of a successful outcome q=1-p is the probability that the outcome is a failure If X is a random variable denoting the number of successful outcome, the probability function of X is given P X  r  nCr p r q nr Where q=1-p r=0,1,2,3,….. X~B(n,p) The n... 2,079 Words | 20 Pages
  • Statistic Distribution Measures - 1085 Words F-distribution: A continuous right-skewed statistical distribution also Known as Snedecor’s F distribution or the Fisher - Snedecor distribution ( After R.A. Fisher and George W. Snedecor)(2) which arises in the testing of whether two observed samples have the same variance. (1) Note that three of the most important distributions (namely the normal distribution, the t distribution, and the chi-square distribution) may be seen as special cases of the F distribution: (3) Example: We want... 1,085 Words | 4 Pages
  • Chi-square Distribution - 882 Words 2.3. The Chi-Square Distribution One of the most important special cases of the gamma distribution is the chi-square distribution because the sum of the squares of independent normal random variables with mean zero and standard deviation one has a chi-square distribution. This section collects some basic properties of chi-square random variables, all of which are well known; see Hogg and Tanis [6]. A random variable X has a chi-square distribution with n degrees of freedom if it is a... 882 Words | 3 Pages
  • Probability Distribution Case - 590 Words Chapter 6 Continuous Probability Distributions Case Problem: Specialty Toys 1. Information provided by the forecaster At x = 30,000, [pic] [pic] Normal distribution [pic] [pic] 2. @ 15,000 [pic] P(stockout) = 1 - .1635 = .8365 @ 18,000 [pic] P(stockout) = 1 - .3483 = .6517 @ 24,000 [pic] P(stockout) = 1 - .7823 = .2177 @ 28,000 [pic]... 590 Words | 5 Pages
  • Standard Deviation and Frequency Distributions TUI Frequency Distributions Module 3/Case 10/148/2012 Professor Kuleshov Frequency Distributions This assignment is based on Frequency Distributions and will include the following information: 1. The ability to describe the information provided by the Standard Deviation. 2. The ability to use the Standard Deviation to calculate the percentage of occurrence of a variable either above or below a particular value. 3. The ability to describe a normal... 968 Words | 5 Pages
  • Chap07 Sampling And Sampling Distributions Business Statistics Chapter 7 Sampling and Sampling Distributions 6-1 Learning Objectives  In this chapter, you learn:  The concept of the sampling distribution  To compute probabilities related to the sample mean and the sample proportion  The importance of the Central Limit Theorem  To distinguish between different survey sampling methods  To evaluate survey worthiness and survey errors 7-2 Reasons for Drawing a Sample  Selecting a sample is less time-consuming than selecting... 2,476 Words | 35 Pages
  • The T-Distribution and T-Test The T-Distribution and T-Test “In probability and statistics, Student's t-distribution (or simply the t-distribution) is a continuous probability distribution that arises when estimating the mean of a normally distributed population in situations where the sample size is small” (Narasimhan, 1996). Similar to the normal distribution, the t-distribution is symmetric and bell-shaped, but has heavier tails, meaning that it is more likely to produce values far from its mean. This makes the... 1,244 Words | 4 Pages
  • Population and Sampling Distribution - 2936 Words SAMPLING DISTRIBUTIONS |6.1 POPULATION AND SAMPLING DISTRIBUTION | |6.1.1 Population Distribution | Suppose there are only five students in an advanced statistics class and the midterm scores of these five students are: 70 78 80 80 95 Let x denote the... 2,936 Words | 21 Pages
  • Sampling Distribution of the Sample Mean PROBABILITY AND STATISTICS Lab, Seminar, Lecture 4. Behavior of the sample average X-bar  The topic of 4th seminar&lab is the average of the population that has a certain characteristic.  This average is the population parameter of interest, denoted by the greek letter mu.  We estimate this parameter with the statistic x-bar, the average in the sample. Probability and statistics - Karol Flisikowski X-bar Definition 1 x   xi n i 1 Probability and statistics - Karol... 503 Words | 3 Pages
  • forced distribution system - 7871 Words The current issue and full text archive of this journal is available at Performance appraisal based on a forced distribution system: its drawbacks and remedies Rachana Chattopadhayay International Management Institute, Kolkata, India, and Anil Kumar Ghosh Theoretical Statistics and Mathematics Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, India Performance appraisal based on a FDS 881 Received 8 August 2011 Revised 29 January 2012 1 May... 7,871 Words | 41 Pages
  • Normal Versus Pathological Aging of the Brain The line between normal and abnormal cognitive changes with age remains indistinct. Normal aging is due to physiological processes over a person’s lifetime, in which the biological clock controls development and survival of nerve cells. That does not exclude a spectrum of variable levels of health or a continuum within normal aging, as well as between normal and pathological aging. At one end there are individuals with “successful aging” [34]. At the other end, we find frail, easily... 346 Words | 1 Page
  • Random Variable and Probability Distribution Function Exercise Chapter 3 Probability Distributions 1. Based on recent records, the manager of a car painting center has determined the following probability distribution for the number of customers per day. Suppose the center has the capacity to serve two customers per day. |x |P(X = x) | |0 |0.05 | |1 |0.20 | |2 |0.30 | |3 |0.25 | |4 |0.15 | |5 |0.05 | a. What is the... 5,518 Words | 19 Pages
  • Binomial Distribution and Conway Maxwell Poisson Appl. Statist. (2005) 54, Part 1, pp. 127–142 A useful distribution for fitting discrete data: revival of the Conway–Maxwell–Poisson distribution Galit Shmueli, University of Maryland, College Park, USA Thomas P. Minka and Joseph B. Kadane, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA Sharad Borle Rice University, Houston, USA and Peter Boatwright Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA [Received June 2003. Revised December 2003] Summary. A useful discrete distribution... 5,836 Words | 59 Pages
  • Ratio Test Statistic: Asymptotic Distribution of Likelihood On Asymptotic Distribution Of Likelihood Ratio Test Statistic When Parameters Lie On The Boundary A Project Submitted To The Department Of Statistics University Of Kalyani, For Fulfillment Of M.SC 4th Semester Degree In Statistics. Submitted by Suvo Chatterjee Under the supervision of Dr. Sisir Kr. Samanta... 3,083 Words | 14 Pages
  • Descriptive Statistics and Probability Distribution Problem Sets Descriptive Statistics and Probability Distribution Problem Sets Emily Noah QNT561 Anthony Matias December 24, 2012 Descriptive Statistics and Probability Distribution Problems Sets Descriptive statistics and probability distribution is two ways to find information with certain data giving. In Descriptive statistics the data can give a mode, mean, median, and range by the numerical information, which is giving to find the information. In probability distribution the data is collected... 765 Words | 3 Pages
  • EXERCISE 18 Mean Standard Deviation And 95 And 99 Of The Normal Curve Name: Ashley Lee Class: HLT-362 Applied Statistics for Healthcare Professionals Date: 04/01/2015 EXERCISE 18 • Mean, Standard Deviation, and 95% and 99% of the Normal Curve 1. Assuming that the distribution is normal for weight relative to the ideal and 99% of the male participants scored between (–53.68, 64.64), where did 95% of the values for weight relative to the ideal lie? Round your answer to two decimal places. In order to find where 95% of the values for the weight of relative to... 1,016 Words | 4 Pages
  • Revlon Ad Analysis: Why Does It Feel Natural and Normal to Viewers Revlon Ad- Emma Stone Lip Balm I turn the page of a Vogue magazine to see a close up picture, from head to right below the shoulders, of celebrity/actress Emma Stone in a Revlon lip balm ad. I’m stopped for a second to admire the ad, to see how inviting it is to see a famous woman like her look “normal” without all the extra glam for once. Which is unlike my second ad, of Pantene hair care products with model Gisele Bündchen promoting what seems like photoshopped golden locks. Now I don’t... 1,563 Words | 4 Pages
  • Mis-specification Analysis of Generalized Gamma distribution for ALT censored data Dissertation abstract My research focuses on mis- specified distribution apply to reliability modeling. Based on lifetime distributions, log normal and Weibul are one of the most widely used distribution in reliability engineering, location scale models which involves one or more shape parameters also are sometimes useful. Beside additional flexibility for fitting data, such models can provide comparisons of Weibull and Lognormal models and can be used to examine the robustness of conclusions to... 365 Words | 2 Pages
  • Engineering Statistics notes - 791 Words Data Analysis and Design of Experiments – CHEE231 (3 credits) Fall 2013 Department of Chemical Engineering McGill University Instructor : Prof. Pierre-Luc Girard-Lauriault M.H. Wong Building, room 4150 Tel. 514-398-4006 email : [email protected] Co-Requisite: CHEE 291 - Instrumentation and Measurement 1 Teaching Assistants: Simon Kwan ([email protected]) - Assignments Gregory Laskey ([email protected]) - Assignments Mahdi Roohnikan... 791 Words | 15 Pages
  • Study Guide - 2010 Words MA 211 Item Bank Quiz 2: Chapters 7-9 Chapter 7 Multiple-Choice Questions 1. What does a hypothesis help you determine? a. Statisitcal techniques to be used b. Research question c. Average score d. Sampling error 2. Which of the following refers to the group to which you wish to generalize your results? e. Sample f. Population g. Sampling error population h. General group 3. What does “generalizability” mean? i.... 2,010 Words | 9 Pages
  • 10 For Example Two People Try (10) For example, two people try to book seats on a flight in the website, at the same time, both of them want to book seat 20C. Even though the booking requests are made at the same time, one request will be received by the airline's computer just before the other. The computer will receive a booking of 20C, because it is available so that it can be confirmed for seat 20C. After that, computer receive a second booking of 20C, because it has already been booked, so it will be rejected (12) a... 648 Words | 3 Pages
  • Myung Tutorial On Maximum Likelihood Journal of Mathematical Psychology 47 (2003) 90–100 Tutorial Tutorial on maximum likelihood estimation In Jae Myung* Department of Psychology, Ohio State University, 1885 Neil Avenue Mall, Columbus, OH 43210-1222, USA Received 30 November 2001; revised 16 October 2002 Abstract In this paper, I provide a tutorial exposition on maximum likelihood estimation (MLE). The intended audience of this tutorial are researchers who practice mathematical modeling of cognition but are unfamiliar with the... 5,552 Words | 27 Pages
  • Stats Chapter 1 and 2 Review AP Statistics 1st Chapter 1 & 2 Review Name: 1. What are the two types of variables? Give examples of each. 2. How do you describe a distribution? 3. Floyd scored 85, 92, 89 on his first three midterm exams. What does he need to score on his next exam in order to have an A (90%) average? 4. What is the IQR and how do you find it? 5. What percent of the data is in the IQR 6. How do you test for outliers? 7. With respect to resistance, what is the difference between the mean... 671 Words | 3 Pages
  • Ilab Week 6 Devry Statistics – Lab #6 Name:__________ Statistical Concepts: * Data Simulation * Discrete Probability Distribution * Confidence Intervals Calculations for a set of variables Answer: Calculating Descriptive Statistics Answer: Variable N N* Mean SE Mean StDev Minimum Q1 Median Q3 Maximum Mean 20 0 3.560 0.106 0.476 2.600 3.225 3.550 3.775 4.500 Median 20 0 3.600 0.169 0.754 2.000 3.000 3.500 4.000 5.000... 660 Words | 3 Pages
  • Unit 4 Problem Set 1 Unit 4 Problem Set 1: Normal Probability Distributions 4/27/2014 MA3110 Statistics Otis Jackson Unit 4 problem set 1: Normal Probability Distributions Page.285 Ex 6,8,10,12 6. x = 80, z=80-10015 = -1.33 z= 0.0918 1-0.0918 = 0.9082 8. x = 110, z=110-10015 = 0.67 z= 0.7486 z= 75-10015 = -1.67 z= 0.0475 0.7486-0.0475= 0.7011 (shaded area) 10. z= 0.84 (shaded) z= -0.84 x= 100+(-0.84∙15) = 87 (rounded) 12. . z= 2.33 x= 100+(2.33∙15) = 135 (rounded) Page 288 Ex 34 34.Appendix B Data Set: Duration of... 1,081 Words | 4 Pages
  • Qnt 561 Week2 - 1289 Words Central Limit Theorem and Confidence Intervals Problem Sets Tiffany Blount QNT 561 September 7, 2010 Michelle Barnet University of Phoenix Central Limit Theorem and Confidence Intervals Problem Sets Chapter 8 Exercises: 21. What is sampling error? Could the value of the sampling error be zero? If it were zero, what would this mean? * Sampling error is the difference between the statistic estimated from a sample and the true population statistic. It is not impossible for the... 1,289 Words | 5 Pages
  • STA 201 CASE study Chest size Chapter 6 Case Study: Chest size of Scottish Militiamen p. 295 a. Chest size (in) Frequency Relative Frequency 33 3 0.000523 34 19 0.003315 35 81 0.014131 36 189 0.032973 37 409 0.071354 38 753 0.131368 39 1062 0.185276 40 1082 0.188765 41 935 0.163119 42 646 0.112701 43 313 0.054606 44 168 0.029309 45 50 0.008723 46 18 0.003140 47 3 0.000523 48 1 0.000174 5732 1 b. (μ=39.85, σ=2.07) The normal curve is the one whose parameters are the same as the mean and standard deviation variable,... 171 Words | 5 Pages
  • Analysis of Financial Time Series Analysis of Financial Time Series Third Edition RUEY S. TSAY The University of Chicago Booth School of Business Chicago, IL A JOHN WILEY & SONS, INC., PUBLICATION Analysis of Financial Time Series WILEY SERIES IN PROBABILITY AND STATISTICS Established by WALTER A. SHEWHART and SAMUEL S. WILKS Editors: David J. Balding, Noel A. C. Cressie, Garrett M. Fitzmaurice, Iain M. Johnstone, Geert Molenberghs, David W. Scott, Adrian F. M. Smith, Ruey S. Tsay, Sanford Weisberg Editors... 230,239 Words | 896 Pages
  • Expiriment in Pupilometry - 2365 Words Introduction: Pupilometry is the study of how a pupil reacts to different emotions and stimuli. The research on the topic of pupilometry is scattered and fairly shallow. Related research has been conducted on facial expressions and their reaction and relation to emotion. There are some relationships to the facial expression research and pupilometry, but these relationships do not tell the whole story. Some interest has been brought up through research in the field of pupilometry and its... 2,365 Words | 10 Pages
  • maths - 9650 Words Think Stats: Probability and Statistics for Programmers Version 1.6.0 Think Stats Probability and Statistics for Programmers Version 1.6.0 Allen B. Downey Green Tea Press Needham, Massachusetts Copyright © 2011 Allen B. Downey. Green Tea Press 9 Washburn Ave Needham MA 02492 Permission is granted to copy, distribute, and/or modify this document under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License, which is available at... 9,650 Words | 53 Pages
  • Experiment 1 DETERMINATION OF WEIGHT VARIATION IN SAMPLES APPLICATION OF STATISTICAL CONCEPTS IN THE DETERMINATION OF WEIGHT VARIATION IN SAMPLES DEPARTMENT OF MINING, METALLURGICAL AND MATERIALS ENGINEERING, COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES, DILIMAN QUEZON CITY, PHILIPPINES date performed: NOVEMBER 19, 2013 instructor’s name: KAYE CARILLO results and discussion In the experiment, ten one-peso coins are used as samples. The 10 samples have the same year of coinage to lessen the error. These are cleansed... 963 Words | 6 Pages
  • Econometrics - 1295 Words | ECONOMETRICS | | | First of all, I would like to apologize for showing the results in Spanish, but I couldn’t find the way to change Gretl’s language. However, all the explanations are in English, so I hope there is no problem to understand the results. Secondly, I would just inform you that the time-series data that I have used is “U.S. macro data, 1950-2000” from Greene Sample folder in Gretl. Before building the model… I would try to explain the variable “Real GDP”... 1,295 Words | 5 Pages
  • Hamptonshire Express - 2153 Words Arjun R. Sabhaya Production 529 Hamptonshire Express October 16, 2012 PROBLEM #1 A. The simulated function given in the Excel spreadsheet “Hamptonshire Express: Problem_#1” allows the user to find the optimal quantity of newspapers to be stocked at the newly formed Hamptonshire Express Daily Newspaper. Anna Sheen estimated the daily demand of newspapers to be on a normal standard distribution; stating that daily demand will have a mean of 500 newspapers per day with a standard... 2,153 Words | 8 Pages
  • Statistics: Uncertainty, Decision and Judgement UDJ | FINANCE | Use/Name | Formula | Use/Name | Formula | Variance (2) (For Poisson, equal to mean) | or n*p*(1-p) | NPV (Costs up front) | | Standard Deviation () | | Discount Factor | _1_ (1+r)n | Exp. Val E(W) of combined linear function | a + bμx + cμx Where b&c are weights | Annuity Discount Factor | 1-DF or 1-_1_ k ( 1+r)n k | Variance (2) of combined lin funct (X,Y) | b2V(x)+c2V(y)+2bc•Cov(x,y) Where b&c... 288 Words | 2 Pages
  • Event Will Never Forget Comparison of Di erent Neighbourhood Sizes in Simulated Annealing Xin Yao Department of Computer Science University College, University of New South Wales Australian Defence Force Academy Canberra, ACT, Australia 2600 Abstract Neighbourhood structure and size are important parameters in local search algorithms. This is also true for generalised local search algorithms like simulated annealing. It has been shown that the performance of simulated annealing can be improved by adopting a... 2,313 Words | 8 Pages
  • ASSIGNMENT - 1045 Words  ASSIGNMENT (2015-16) 1. During a socio-economic survey conducted in a rural area, the concerned authorities came to the conclusion that mean level of income in the area was Rs 150 per month with a standard deviation of Rs 20 and that income is approximately normally distributed. The total population of the area was 4000. Compute the number of people who fell into the following categories: (i) monthly income less than Rs 50 (ii) monthly income greater than Rs 100 but less than or equal... 1,045 Words | 4 Pages
  • Decision Analysis - 807 Words Case Problem RC Coleman Activity Description Immediate Predecessor A Determine equipment needs - B Obtain vendor proposals - C Select vendor A, B D Order System C E Design new warehouse layout C F Design warehouse E G Design computer interface C H Interface computer D,F,G I Install system D,F J Train system operators H K Test system I,J (a) (m) (b) Time Activity Optimistic Most Probable Pessimistic A 4 6 8... 807 Words | 5 Pages
  • Study of Relative Risk Indexes Decomposing Portfolio Value-at-Risk: A General Analysis Winfried G. Hallerbach *) Associate Professor, Department of Finance Erasmus University Rotterdam POB 1738, NL-3000 DR Rotterdam The Netherlands phone: +31.10.408 1290 facsimile: +31.10.408 9165 e-mail: [email protected] final version: October 15, 2002 forthcoming in The Journal of Risk 5/2, Febr. 2003 *) I’d like to thank Michiel de Pooter and Haikun Ning for excellent... 8,173 Words | 35 Pages
  • Exercise 31 Hlt 362v Name:_ Class: _GCU_HLT-362 V________________ Date: ___ □ EXERCISE 31 Questions to be Graded 1. What are the two groups whose results are reflected by the t ratios in Tables 2 and 3? Table 2 reflects the Health Promotion Program’s effects on cardiovascular risk factors and Table 3 is reflective of the program’s effects on health behavior. 2. Which t ratio in Table 2 represents the greatest relative or standardized difference between the pretest and 3 months outcomes? Is this t... 681 Words | 3 Pages
  • jhjhj - 836 Words SOC 222 -- MEASURING the SOCIAL WORLD Session #6 -- CONFIDENCE INTERVALS Oct 2013 TODAY’S OBJECTIVES 1. Understand what confidence intervals tell us 2. Understand how we get them 3. Know the SPSS procedure for getting confidence intervals Terms to Know Confidence interval Mu (μ) t-curve normal curve RICK’S SITUATION Recap His RQ: Population: Real population mean: Sample: Sample mean: 6 Sampling distribution: 2 Estimated... 836 Words | 8 Pages
  • How Does Peter Shaffer Use Themes as Devices in Equus to Validate the Unpleasant. It is difficult to suggest what the comfortable view of normal is as there are many different perceptions, which should be considered. In the beginning of ‘Equus’ one considers the character of Martin Dysart to be normal as he rarely strays outside of societies boundaries. However, as we move through the play one discovers there is much more to Martin Dysart than once thought. In reality the themes dealt with in ‘Equus’ challenges our own sense of what is normal. They are as equally as shocking... 1,147 Words | 3 Pages
  • Business and Management Assignment Questions ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR Deadline: 28th or 29th December 2013 ASSIGNMENT-1 Briefly explain the groups in an organisation and also the influences associated for the organisation development. Briefly explain the emotions associated to the labours and what are the entire intelligence factor to overcome that? Theories of emotions with the diagrams. Briefly explain the organizational culture and climate with the importance. Difference between Stability versus Change. ASSIGNMENT-2... 634 Words | 7 Pages
  • Chapter 9 Case Study  Statistics – Case Chapter 9 1. It is not proper to multiply the average order size by the number of addresses (1.3 million people = population) in the target mailing because the sample is representative of the 600,000 people in the database, not the 1.3 million target population, thus you cannot use the average of the sample as an estimate for the population. Also, multiplying by 1.3 million would suggest that the entire 1.3 million people would be purchasing. 2. It is better to multiply the... 489 Words | 2 Pages
  • 2012P M1 E - 2109 Words Please stick the barcode label here. PP-DSE MATH EP M1 HONG KONG EXAMINATIONS AND ASSESSMENT AUTHORITY HONG KONG DIPLOMA OF SECONDARY EDUCATION EXAMINATION Candidate Number PRACTICE PAPER MATHEMATICS Extended Part Module 1 (Calculus and Statistics) Question-Answer Book (2½ hours) This paper must be answered in English INSTRUCTIONS 1. After the announcement of the start of the examination, you should first write your Candidate Number in the space provided on Page 1 and stick barcode labels... 2,109 Words | 34 Pages
  • X-Chart and P-Chart 1: The mean time to clean a motel room is 15.0 min and the standard deviation is 1.6 min and the data are normally distributed. a. What percentage of the rooms will take less than 12.0 min to complete? Answer: 0.0301% Reasoning/Work: from my understanding I subtracted 1.8 from 1.88 which is my answer = .08 then I found the answer on the table b. What percentage of the rooms will take more than 21.0 min to complete? Answer: 0 % Reasoning/Work: the answer is 0. c. What... 278 Words | 4 Pages
  • Wk 5 Word Problem Exercise Week 5 problems Name: Show your work to receive partial credit. PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY RED FONTS #1 Find the standard error of the mean for each sampling situation (assuming a normal population). What happens to the standard error each time you quadruple the sample size? a. σ = 36, n = 9 36 √9=12 b. σ = 36, n = 36 36 √36=6 c. σ = 36, n = 144 =3 formula SE= σ √n #2. A sample was taken of 36 people... 300 Words | 2 Pages

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