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New Zealand Essays & Research Papers

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  • New Zealand - 6854 Words New Zealand is an island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. The country geographically comprises two main landmasses ‒ that of the North and South Islands ‒ and numerous smaller islands. New Zealand is situated some east of Australia across the Tasman Sea and roughly south of the Pacific island nations of New Caledonia, Fiji, and Tonga. Because of its remoteness, it was one of the last lands to be settled by humans. Polynesians settled New Zealand in 1250–1300 CE and developed a... 6,854 Words | 18 Pages
  • New Zealand - 664 Words New Zealand is an island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean. Capital : wellington Population : 4.471 million (2013) Environment: native forest, mountain, beaches, glaciers, and have been preserved by the people around the great top tourist attractions. Charming villages & vast untouched wilderness The bay islands: most popular holiday destinations in new Zealand, contains 144 islands, many animals that live in the marine life, around these beautiful islands, are whales, penguins, dolphins,... 664 Words | 3 Pages
  • New Zealand - 1437 Words | Business Report – Country Analysis NEW ZEALAND | | Executive Summary With a stable currency, sound-banking principles, and a business friendly government, New Zealand is an opportunity worth exploring. New Zealand supports a business friendly tax system, trade pacts with some of the world’s largest economies and sustains a skilled, well-educated workforce. New Zealand has upgraded its infrastructure and roads and supports a sophisticated telecommunications and advanced internet... 1,437 Words | 5 Pages
  • Environmental Law in New Zealand Environmental Law in New Zealand Introduction New Zealand is in an enviable position as it has been able to learn from the mistakes of other nations, however this does not mean disasterous environmental issues cannot arise here. Fortunately New Zealand has well established environmental laws with several legislative statutes and governmental authorities. Following international trends and heightened awareness of environmental issues throughout the years the legislation has become... 1,799 Words | 6 Pages
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  • The Geography of New Zealand - 1223 Words The Geography of New Zealand By Clayton Brown Kirkpatrick Period 7 February 25, 1996 The well-known country of New Zealand is a small, resourceful nation located 1,000 miles off Australia's south east coast. New Zealand has an impressive economy that continues to grow, a physical landscape that attracts people from around the globe, and although small, New Zealand is a respected nation for its advanced civilization and stable government. The geography of this prestigious nation can... 1,223 Words | 4 Pages
  • Colloquial English in New Zealand English in New Zealand (NZEng) Grammar Very few differences: Like AusEng ‘shall’ and ‘should’ avoidance “Will I see you there?” as in ScotEng Singular verb agreement preferred The team is playing badly “in the weekend” rather than at / on Vocabulary Includes Australianisms Some distinct NZEng items Maori loanwords Mostly in colloquial usage & slang More colloquially… to farewell tramping... 587 Words | 7 Pages
  • The Maori of New Zealand - 548 Words The Maori of New Zealand The Maori people, the natives of New Zealand, have played a strong part in the development and success of the small island nation. Their ferocity and determination won the respect of the colonizing English, and to this day they are esteemed members of the society. They hold positions in their government and are in control of their own destinies. Their greetings and posture when having their picture taken for the outside world is a part of culture that I would like to... 548 Words | 2 Pages
  • Maori Leadership in New Zealand Maori Leadership in Aotearoa/New Zealand Every generation needs a new revolution-Thomas Jefferson Introduction The Maori people are the indigenous race of New Zealand (King, 2003). The word Maori is derived from `tangata Maori`, which means ordinary people and it was first used by Maori to differentiate themselves from the early European settlers (Ranford, n.d.). The main characteristic of Maori society is communal living, with social groupings based on extended families. The British... 1,804 Words | 6 Pages
  • Asian Migrants in New Zealand Intergenerational Transnationalism: 1.5 Generation Asian Migrants in New Zealand1 Allen Bartley* and Paul Spoonley** ABSTRACT This paper explores some of the issues associated with the nature of contemporary transnationalism and the particular experiences and strategies of a specific cohort of migrants, the 1.5 generation. Based on a study of East Asian migrant adolescents to New Zealand, we argue that the experiences and strategies of this generation differ from those of their parents, the... 8,603 Words | 26 Pages
  • New Zealand Families Today RESEARCH PROJECT Women in later life who have chosen to remain voluntarily childfree what are the implications if any? 1. AIM The aim of the research is to explore the implications of remaining voluntarily childfree for women in later life within the New Plymouth district of New Zealand. 1.a. INTRODUCTION Within many Western industrialised societies there are notions that children provide fulfillment, give purpose and offset loneliness in later life. There are tales like the ‘Three... 4,614 Words | 16 Pages
  • Dirty Dairying in New Zealand FOCCUSING QUESTION To what extent does dairy farming affect waterways in New Zealand? BIOLOGICAL IDEAS The dairy farming industry causes a negative effect on New Zealand waterways. That is fact. The country is home to approximately six million cows which produce the equivalent amount of faeces as 70 million people! The effluents and fertilizers from farms can then drain through the soil and contaminate ground water or can run off into local a waterway, which significantly increases the... 2,492 Words | 7 Pages
  • New Zealand: General Information PAPER PRESENTION IN WORLD TOURISM 1 “NEW ZEALAND” GENERAL INFORMATION Capital: Wellington Currency: New Zealand Dollar (NZ$) Famous Landmark: Flag Carrier: Major Airport: Auckland Airport Motto: none, formerly Onward National Anthem: God Defend New Zealand and God Save the Queen GMT: +13:00 Nicknames: God Zone, The Long White Cloud. Etymology Aotearoa (often translated as "land of the long white cloud") is the current Māori name for New Zealand, and is also used in... 1,111 Words | 4 Pages
  • Maori Issues in New Zealand David Castle 300139085 Assessment 3: Essay A major Maori issue that is currently in the media is the sale of state owned enterprises and the issues that surround the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi. In a newly formed National led government, the plan is to sell up to 49% of some state owned enterprises, a proposal that is not sitting well with the Maori population of New Zealand. Maori are worried, and rightfully so, that these sales are not in accordance with the principles of the... 858 Words | 3 Pages
  • The Impact of Fishing in New Zealand In the warm southwestern seas of the world, just above Australia and the Tasman Sea, lies a beautiful island country of New Zealand. Governed by the Queen herself and kept fertile and wondrous by the gods above, this sanctuary of perfectness can only be enhanced by its superb fisheries and varied species of fish. Often pictured by many as an ideal place of the world or the favored vacation spot, for the residents of this paradise, it is not about the country, but about its fish. Even such little... 1,379 Words | 4 Pages
  • Air Pollution in New Zealand 1. Introduction Every people in the world expect and deserve a clean, healthy environment, not just for ourselves, but to pass on to future generations. In achieving this, many have been done by every country leader. The New Zealand government for example, has set standards so that everyone in New Zealand country has clean air to breathe, clean water to drink and clean land to live on. The standard known as “national environmental standards”, it covers air quality standard; sources of human... 362 Words | 1 Page
  • Colleges in New Zealand - 268 Words Colleges in New Zealand University of Canterbury - Christchurch Ø Waiariki Institute of Technology (NZ Govt. Institute) – Rotorua Ø Southern Institute of Technology – Invercargill, Christchurch, Gore Ø Wellington Institute of Technology – Wellington Ø Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology – Christchurch Ø UCOL Universal College of Learning- Auckland Ø Bay Of Plenty Polytechnic (NZ Govt. Institute) – Tauranga Ø Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NZ Govt.... 268 Words | 2 Pages
  • Air New Zealand essay 1. Internal Analysis•Current resources, resource capabilities and/or resources potential to provide sustainable competitive advantage for the company. •Distinctive competencies and deficiencies and core competencies. •Key areas of competitive advantageThe VRIO analysis from the appendix suggests Air NZ (Air New Zealand) have only one resource that will provide them with sustainable competitive advantage and is a distinctive competency, this is the intangible resource of Air NZ being the... 3,003 Words | 8 Pages
  • Healthcare in New Zealand - 3192 Words Essay one: Choose a New Zealand social policy issue (I suggest one covered in the course). Critically evaluate how effective New Zealand’s stance has been. Make sure you use empirical resources (e.g. statistics, existing research) and sustained theoretical reflection to substantiate your conclusion. A global social policy issue is that of healthcare and it’s distribution. The structure of the New Zealand health and disability sector is currently a mixed public-private system by which the... 3,192 Words | 9 Pages
  • air new zealand - 2474 Words  Air New Zealand began as Tasman Empire Airways Limited which from 1940 has been operating Short Empire flying boats on trans-Tasman routes. Tasman Empire Airways Limited has operated flights in world war II weekly from Auckland to Sydney and also added Fiji and Wellington to its route. In 1953 New Zealand and Australian governments purchased 50% stakes in Tasman Empire Airways Limited and the airline ended flying boat operations in favor of propeller and turboprop airliners by 1960. With the... 2,474 Words | 9 Pages
  • Culture in New Zealand - 2198 Words Implications for Managing Human Resources New Zealand The country’s indigenous name is Aotearoa (Land of the Long White Cloud). History: New Zealand is an island and was discovered by Polynesian and started migrating before AD 900. British captain James Cook visited this Island in 1769. Maori and British signed a treaty of Waitangi, which granted the Maori legal protection and rights to perpetual ownership of their lands and resources. Only the Crown was entitled to buy land from Maori.... 2,198 Words | 5 Pages
  • Nuclear-Free New Zealand Nuclear free New Zealand history evaluation To do this project I have had to research, annotate and gather information about the topic that I choose. The topic is Nuclear Free New Zealand, I opted for this topic because I had never studied it before and I was interested on learning more about it. Gathering the information was quite easy, I think I’ve got plenty of it and it should be enough to cover the entire subject. Annotating the information was quite hard as I was short of ideas and I... 855 Words | 2 Pages
  • Country Project New Zealand Country Briefing Report November 27, 2012 Global Business Dr. Gary Mahan Table of Contents Geography 1 7 Introduction 1.1 7 Description of New Zealand’s Location 1.2 7 Description of the Climate and Surface Features 1.3 8 Sources Used 10 Political Environment 2.0 11 Political System 2.1 11 The Executive 2.2 11 Governor General 2.3 12 Prime Minister 2.4 12 Jurisdiction 2.5 12... 10,830 Words | 34 Pages
  • Social Inequality in New Zealand  Social inequality in New Zealand Abstract The gap between New Zealand’s poorest and wealthiest citizens has broadened severely over recent decades. New Zealand society is being transformed, reshaping and accommodating new distance between those who are wealthy and those who are poor. New Zealand has one of the highest rates of income inequality compared to other developed countries. In two decades from mid-1980's to early-2010's, New Zealand went from being one of the most... 1,364 Words | 4 Pages
  • Income Inequality in New Zealand Income Inequality in New Zealand The purpose of this report is to examine inequality and inequity in New Zealand income between ethnicity, gender and education. It will look at the positive and negative effects in income inequality. Inequality is the unequal distribution of household or individual income across various participants in an economy and inequity is unfairness involving favourtism and bias. To conduct my investigation I looked at articles and websites which contained information... 1,512 Words | 4 Pages
  • Sociology in New Zealand - 3600 Words The country of New Zealand consists of two dominant cultures: Western-influenced European culture, and the Maori culture. This paper will focus on the sociological aspects of the environment, family, and aging in respect to the Western-influenced European culture only. I say that the European culture of New Zealand is Western-influenced because beliefs and values of Western cultures are affecting those of their own society. Based on findings regarding the three sociological topics that will be... 3,600 Words | 10 Pages
  • Transportation in New Zealand - 1793 Words Transportation in New Zealand 1. Car Rental Self-drive is a great way to explore New Zealand. You’ll have the flexibility to evolve your itinerary as you go along, and the freedom to explore places that are away from the usual tourist trails. Our roads are generally of a very high standard. All main routes are sealed and well signposted; beyond the cities, traffic is light. Car rental companies come in all shapes and sizes. You’ll find all the big names, as well as a wide range of local... 1,793 Words | 6 Pages
  • The Maory History of New Zealand The Maory History of New Zealand The original inhabitants of New Zealand were Polynesians who arrived by canoe in a series of migrations. Among these were the Moriori, or moa hunters, early ancestors of the Maory, who arrived in a later migration. Historians estimate the first Polynesians arrived over 1000 years ago, possibly as early as 800 AD. Whether the islands were discovered by accident or design is uncertain, but the original peoples found a plentiful food supply and larger, more varied... 781 Words | 3 Pages
  • Culture of New Zealand - 605 Words Culture of new Zealand: British and European Custom interwoven with Maori and Polynesian tradition. Maori tradition dominated the beginning of human existence in New Zealand and has stayed around even as the culture modernized. Māori established separate tribes, hunted and fished, traded commodities, developed agriculture, arts and weaponry, and kept a detailed oral history. Regular European contact began approximately 200 years ago, and British immigration proceeded rapidly during... 605 Words | 3 Pages
  • Nuclear Ban in New Zealand There are many international affairs going on all the time, in the past, present and future. A significant affair is when New Zealand became a nuclear-free zone.This had many effects on local and international countries including America, France and the Pacific Islands. The Rainbow Warrior had a huge impact on this law as well. The trading market, environment and immigration were also effected because of the new legislation and clean ways of New Zealand. Nuclear power is a radioactive... 1,052 Words | 3 Pages
  • The New Zealand Government - 632 Words Government Essay: The New Zealand government at both a Local and National level is an excellent example of a modern, Representative Democracy. Different election systems, including First Past the Post (FPP), Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) and Single Transferable Vote (STV), are used to allow electors to select representatives to sit on Councils, Boards and in Parliament. Some elements of Constitutional Monarchy are present in the New Zealand system of democratically elected representatives... 632 Words | 2 Pages
  • Racism in New Zealand - 1498 Words A couple of months ago I found myself trawling through Facebook. I had just finished watching a Close Up story on a guy I know – Wikatana Popata, who they were calling the new face of Māori protest – and I decided to go and check the story’s feedback on the Close Up page on Facebook. What I found was that this story, like many in the past, had scratched the surface of New Zealand society, and revealed the sickeningly racist underbelly which exists. Subject to a degree of anonymity, Facebook... 1,498 Words | 5 Pages
  • Maori Contribuation to New Zealand Department of Business Bachelor of Applied Management AMBH500 Business Heritage, Culture and Sustainability Assignment Two Semester One 2013 Due date: Wednesday 15 May 2013 Time: 1.00 pm Instructions: Please submit in class. Student Name/ID CPIT and its division members reserve the right to use electronic means to detect and help prevent plagiarism. Students agree that when submitting this assignment, it may be subject to submission for textual... 5,929 Words | 19 Pages
  • Tourism in New Zealand - 894 Words TRM 121- Assignment 1 Abigail Third Part 1: Tourism in New Zealand I have chosen to look at tourism in New Zealand because as a country they are very open, they want to attract a lot of visitors, and they also have many interesting tourism products available for a variety of people. New Zealand does a lot of advertising to young people looking to go backpacking and older people for the scenery. New Zealand’s economy does not rely on the tourism industry but it does play a big part of... 894 Words | 3 Pages
  • Earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand Earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand An earthquake is caused by a sudden slip on a fault. Tectonic plates are always slowly moving, but they get stuck at their edges due to friction. When the stress on the edge overcomes the friction, there is an earthquake that releases energy in waves that travel through the earth's crust and cause the shaking that is felt. On Tuesday February 22, 2011 an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.3 struck Christchurch, New Zealand which is the largest city in... 310 Words | 1 Page
  • New Zealand Research Paper Introduction Summer finally came and my parents decided that our family was going to take a trip somewhere out of the country. They said we needed to experience a different culture. Before my family and I could start planning our trip, we had to decide where we would like to go. My family and I looked at many different countries and they all had their own unique culture that stood out. The one I liked the most, though, was New Zealand. New Zealand has an interesting history, a variety of land... 2,105 Words | 7 Pages
  • New Zealand Country Analysis COUNTRY ANALYSIS REPORT OF NEW ZEALAND Prepared by: Prepared for: Rossignol Corporation May 24, 2006 Introduction Rossignol Company is a fully owned subsidiary of Quicksilver Corporation. (NYSE: ZQK) which produces snow sport equipment, apparel, and accessories. Currently Quicksilver is investigating additional manufacturing facilities in Asia to quickly capitalize on its newly entered market with the acquisition of Rossignol ski division. During the fiscal... 3,121 Words | 9 Pages
  • Development of a New Zealand Identity My report's focus is to see how the New Zealand identity is portrayed in New Zealand art and literature. The texts I chose come from the early nineteenth century - The Piano - to the 1940s in Frank Sargeson's short stories. Even though these texts may not be very modern, you can still see that there are a number of different factors that are in them which link to my theme. New Zealand Society In the short story ‘The Hole that Jack Dug’ and in the song ‘Whaling’, the male belongs to the... 751 Words | 2 Pages
  • Controlling Possum in New Zealand with 1080 Using 1080 to control possums in New Zealand The sodium fluoroacetate used for pest control as biodegradable 1080 is chemically identical to the toxin naturally found in leaves of many plants in Australia, Brazil and Africa1. Its first use dates back to 1944 in the United states for vertebrate control and has been used against several other species since. Currently used in Mexico, Japan, Australia and Israel. The first trials in New Zealand in 1954 were successful and by 1957 it was already... 2,337 Words | 6 Pages
  • The Five themes of Geography in New Zealand  As the years pass by, the world becomes a more diversified place in which to live. With the advent of faster and safer travel options, along with the prospects of bettering one’s life, people are becoming more susceptible to the idea of relocation. This means that an individual’s culture is no longer stymied to one location on the map. With this in mind, it is vital to understand the five themes of geography. By doing so, one can determine why a particular location may be preferred, what... 2,290 Words | 7 Pages
  • Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease in New Zealand Cardiovascular disease (CVD) and diabetes are major health issues for Māori, Pacific and south Asian people. The impacts of these diseases are increasing hospital admissions and readmissions hence increasing with an aging population. (Kaitiaki Nursing, New Zealand, 2013, pg. 20). Diabetes mellitus has been well pronounced as a cardiovascular risk factor in New Zealand and people with diabetes are 2-4 times more likely to suffer from CVD hence is a leading cause of death in diabetic patients... 1,954 Words | 5 Pages
  • Maori Health Care in New Zealand Access to health is a fundamental right of all human beings (WHO; 2004). If all people had access to health care then no disparities would be found between different groups. However, according to Giddings (2005) the health status of groups in various countries is not similar and have widened between groups since some groups are marginalised and others are privileged by their social identities. This may also be the case in New Zealand. Statistics by the Waikato District Health Board (2012)... 2,531 Words | 8 Pages
  • Air New Zealand Marketing Strategy Introduction Air New Zealand Limited was incorporated in 1940 registered in New Zealand, initially founded as Tasman Empire Airways Limited. Air New Zealand is a government owned airline based in Auckland; the exterior design of the aircraft carries the national flag. It provides air passengers international and domestic transport services to 48 destinations. Focus cities include Wellington International Airport, Christchurch International Airport, and Los Angeles International Airport.... 3,373 Words | 11 Pages
  • New Zealand Politics 1984-1993 On July 6 1984, the fourth Labour government were elected into parliament after defeating the National party in a snap election. 1984 can be regarded as a major turning point in New Zealand political history in the sense that significant political changes affected the whole of the New Zealand society, economy and political structure. New Zealand government's experimented with radical Neoliberal policy programmes to achieve economic and social progress during this period. The essay shall discuss... 2,573 Words | 8 Pages
  • Cultural and Social Aspects in New Zealand Cultural and Social Aspects The culture of buying footwear online is very much present in New Zealand, with their online shopping expenditure to reach $3.19 billion, a growth of 19 percent since 2011. 1.9 million New Zealanders over the age of 15 will make online purchases, with retail categories with the strongest growth being the clothing and footwear categories (Pwc 2012). Almost half of New Zealand’s population will shop online in 2011 with each shopper spending an average of NZ$1,400.... 835 Words | 3 Pages
  • The Treaty of Waitangi and Settlement of New Zealand MAST104 Te Tiriti O Waitangi Assignment 1 05/04/2013 Robyn Fairmaid 1077831 Discuss the society European settlers arriving in Aotearoa- New Zealand wanted to create and the place of Maori and the Treaty of Waitangi within it. The settlement of New Zealand as an independent nation was driven by politics and culture with very Eurocentric values. Christianity, trade and policy established the British society in New Zealand. The Treaty of Waitangi (Te Tiriti O Waitangi) sought to give... 1,402 Words | 5 Pages
  • The Success of American Apparel in New Zealand Running Head: SUCCESS OF AMERICAN APPAREL IN NEW ZEALAND Opportunity for American Apparel to Thrive in New Zealand Christina Strader Ashley Taylor Business Communication Spring, 2009 Prepared for Professor Tonya Riney Table of Contents Abstract3 Figure 13 Opportunity for American Apparel to Thrive in New Zealand4 Analysis of the Current U.S. Market4 Presence of the Young Adult Market4 Characteristics of the Millennial Generation 4 Expenditures of Under 25 Consumers4... 3,780 Words | 14 Pages
  • The New Zealand Kaka: Distribution and Habitat The New Zealand Kaka is a medium sized parrot, around 45 cm (18 in) in length and weighing about 550 g, and is closely related to the Kea, but has darker plumage and is more arboreal. The forehead and crown are greyish-white and the nape is greyish-brown. The neck and abdomen are more reddish, while the wings are more brownish. Both sub-species have a strongly patterned brown/green/grey plumage with orange and scarlet flashes under the wings; color variants which show red to yellow coloration... 615 Words | 2 Pages
  • Vietnam War Impact on New Zealand The Vietnam War had several social effects in New Zealand. The New Zealand publics’ opinion was polarized due to New Zealand’s involvement in the war, and public debate was generated over New Zealand’s foreign policy in particular how it relied on an alliance-based security. An anti-war movement developed in New Zealand, who disagreed with the strategy of forward defense. They also questioned the validity of the domino theory, and thought communism in south-East Asia did not in any way threaten... 882 Words | 3 Pages
  • Maori: The Native Population of New Zealand Maori - The native population of New Zealand The Maori people is the original population of New Zealand. They came to the island from northern Polynesia by sea more than 1500 years ago. A popular theory suggests that they came in three large immigration waves, and that each wave turned into several individual Maori tribes. And even though the tribes are very similar, there have been lots of wars and fights between them. In this article I’m going to immerse myself with the Maori history and... 510 Words | 2 Pages
  • Housing Statisctics Analysis in New Zealand Introduction to Research: paper 5213 | Research: Housing. Elsdon Takapuwahia. | Miriama Solomon. | | 20605189 | 4/12/2012 | RESEARCH QUESTION: What does Elsdon have to offer? SUBURB: Elsdon Takapuwahia. 1) My first review is on Elsdon which is a website published by Porirua City Council. This website is part of the Council’s general information to the general public about Elsdon. They wrote this piece of literature so that people could get a general overview of Elsdon,... 943 Words | 3 Pages
  • Air New Zealand Case Study PAG E P U L S E M ONITORING GIVES Air New Zealand a clear view of online customer experience Air New Zealand is an international and domestic airline group which provides air passenger and cargo transport services within New Zealand, as well as to and from Australia, the South West Pacific, Asia, North America and the United Kingdom. Air New Zealand strives to be number one in every market they serve and customers’ airline of choice when traveling to, from and within New Zealand. In their... 1,405 Words | 5 Pages
  • The Geological and Biological Origins of New Zealand The Geological and Biological Origins of New Zealand Introduction New Zealand has a unique landscape with many animals and plants that are native only to itself. The purpose of this essay is to discuss the geological history of the formation, as well as the biological origins, of New Zealand. It will also discuss how the major land-forming processes of volcanism, glaciation and tectonic plates have shaped the country and defined it’s native flora and fauna. Eighty-five million years ago... 3,206 Words | 9 Pages
  • Beatles Impact on New Zealand Society During the 60’s New Zealand teenagers were becoming increasing connected in the international youth culture thanks to technology such as the television. Weeks before the Beatles were due to tour New Zealand, television introduced the majority of country to the band when a special about the band was shown. Teenagers were already hooked by their records, with their biggest hit being ‘She loves you’. The popularity and fame of the Beatles worldwide had a huge impact on the small country of New... 667 Words | 2 Pages
  • American Influence over New Zealand Culture Running head: AMERICAN INFLUENCE OVER NEW ZEALAND CULTURE American Influence over New Zealand Culture Mark Fraser November 18, 2004 Abstract War World 2 was a pivotal point of change for New Zealand. The country went from being a colonial country dependent or rather in awe of our mother country, England, to being a Colonial country now more excited with new contact with the new world super power of America. America's acceptance as defender of the Pacific was the wedge that quickly... 1,628 Words | 5 Pages
  • Costs and Benefits of Foreign Direct Investment for New Zealand New Zealand – Report 1.0 Introduction Throughout the production of this report I will aim to explain an analysis of the costs and benefits of foreign direct investment for New Zealand both in theoretical and empirical terms. When it comes to defining FDI different countries may define it differently and because of this it is arbitrary, but foreign direct investment can be described as: "Foreign Direct Investment is the purchase by the investors or corporations of one country of... 3,435 Words | 9 Pages
  • An Analysis of the Cadastral Systems of New Zealand and South Australia Assignment 2: Research Essay A Comparison of the Cadastral Systems in New Zealand and South Australia By Leighton Joyes 574038 Due 17/05/2012   New Zealand and South Australia both stem from British heritage and they have both inherited the common law system and developed cadastral systems from this (Toms, Williiamson, & Grant, 1988). A cadastre can be defined as “a public register usually recording the area (and spatial location) of land... 2,217 Words | 6 Pages
  • How Did Feminism Change New Zealand? Feminism has changed New Zealand’s society slowly over time, however with significance. Although we take no notice of these changes, without feminism woman would not have the right to vote, have equal pay to men, or have the right to make there own decisions about pregnancy. Feminism once frowned upon, is now becoming more socially accepted by both men and woman. In 1893, New Zealand was the first country to give woman the right to vote. Woman had gained inspiration to fight for their... 800 Words | 2 Pages
  • Causes and Mitigation Strategies of Landslides in New Zealand The cause of Landslides can be due to many different reasons. Firstly the pull of gravity on a slope is significant but several reasons can increase the risk of a landslide. Many countries experience landslides because of these reasons but amongst them New Zealand has a high number. The mountain ranges in New Zealand are still being uplifted. Rocks are often weakened by folding and faulting, and there is also continual earthquake activity. The most common landslides in New Zealand are shallow... 1,096 Words | 4 Pages
  • Air New Zealand and Fonterra Mega Environment Identifying the Mega and Task Environments within Air New Zealand and Fonterra Lizzie Smith 1104382 BMGT 101 July 2012 Contents Contents............................................................................................................................ 2 1 Introduction................................................................................................................... 3 2 Air New Zealand’s Task Environment... 2,340 Words | 7 Pages
  • Role of Treaty of Waitangi in Education Based in New Zealand Part 1: Critical reflection It is easy on one level to make judgements about what happened in the past based on current beliefs and prevailing modern attitudes. In this scenario, the matter of the Te Tiriti o Waitangi/The Treaty of Waitangi and the inherently dubious manner in which it was ‘agreed’ and signed leads to a notion of duplicitous wrongdoing on the part of white (predominantly British) settlers and prospective settlers on the one hand and indigenous peoples on the other. The... 1,069 Words | 4 Pages
  • An Overview of Population Growth in Vietnam and New Zealand TOPIC: Compare and contrast population growth rates in Vietnam and New Zealand since 2000s and give reasons for the similarities or differences. What effects have these changes had on the economies and societies of the two countries ? Essay: Population growth rate is the increase in a country’s population during a period of time, usually one year, expressed as a percentage of the population at the start of that period. Each country in the world has different rates based on... 1,111 Words | 3 Pages
  • Vodafone New Zealand Recruitment Processes Assessment 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report carries an assessment of Vodafone New Zealand's recruitment processes, how it's being conducted, what are the methods in place to reach out, attract and motivate the potential applicants to apply for the vacant positions. Through the introduction, the different issues and methods of recruitment were clarified through researching the already available literature addressing the subject. The processes and their effectivness were clarified showing how important... 3,381 Words | 10 Pages
  • Economics: South Africa vs. New Zealand Economics South Africa Vs. New Zealand Mphumzi Duna T14031 Kayla Dunbar T14032 Cinga Dyantyisi T14033 Ezile Yandisa Fani T14034 Rafeeq Goliath T14039 Contents 1. Introduction: South Africa New Zealand 2. Economic Systems: South Africa New Zealand 3. Geographical Structure: South Africa New Zealand 4. Demographics and Social Structure: South Africa New Zealand 5. Economy: South Africa New Zealand 6. Conclusion 7. Bibliography 8. Division of tasks... 4,416 Words | 16 Pages
  • Ethnic Stereotypes in New Zealand and Their Impact on Behavior Ethnic Stereotypes in New Zealand and their Impact on Behaviour Within the world of psychology, the subject of prejudice has been studied intensively. And like all other attitudes, prejudice is made up of three different components: an emotional component, a behavioural component, and a cognitive component. Stereotypes represent this cognitive aspect of prejudice. According to the Stereotype Content Model (SCM), stereotypes express generalised evaluative beliefs about a particular group of... 1,238 Words | 4 Pages
  • Cultural Web Analysis of Air New Zealand Table of Contents Page Number 1. Introduction………………………………………………………2 2. Cultural Web Audit………………………………………………2 2.1 Power Structure……………………………………………3 2.2 Office Structure……………………………………………4 2.3 Symbolic Aspect…………………………………………..4 2.4 Behaviour………………………………………………….5 2.5 Organizational Life & Events……………………………..5 2.6 Training Programs………………………………………...6 2.7 Myths & Stories…………………………………..............7 2.8 Organization Structure…………………………………….7 2.9 Basis of competitive... 3,622 Words | 12 Pages
  • Aquaculture in New Zealand: Key Facts, Statistics and Trends New Zealand Aquaculture A sector overview with key facts, statistics and trends. 2012 In the past 40 years aquaculture in New Zealand has grown from very small beginnings to a significant primary industry, currently estimated to have a revenue in excess of $400 million, with a target goal of reaching $1 billion in sales by 2025. Just as New Zealand’s distinctive land creates outstanding wines, our seas nurture superb seafood. The natural purity of our water, our unique marine ecology and... 3,082 Words | 12 Pages
  • Marketing Strategic Analysis Report on Intercontinental Hotel, Wellington, New Zealand Executive Summary This report is a strategic analysis report for The InterContinental Hotel Wellington (ICW). The ICW is branded from the largest global hotel company in the world, The InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG). The ICW is Wellingtons only internationally branded 5 star hotel and is in the luxury hotel market. It offers rooms for business and leisure travellers however the majority of its visitors are business men. The target market for this hotel is the wealthy older male, the male:... 4,738 Words | 13 Pages
  • Opportunities, Challenges, and Strategies for New Zealand Businesses in the Indian Market Since the economic liberalisation in the 1991-92, India’s global presence has been steadily increasing. It is one of the fastest growing economies of the world with growth rates of 6-7 per cent per annum. Due to it favourable demographic and geographical location, India plays an important role in world today and economic strategies of EU and USA can be testimony to this. India can become the third ‘global economic giant’ by 2050 and its share of global GDP in $ terms could increase from 2% in... 3,297 Words | 9 Pages
  • Top Ten Things I Hate About New Zealand. I live in New Zealand, a country in the Antipodes, and here is my Top Ten list of things I hate about New Zealand, starting at number Ten and counting down. 10. The Weather - It constantly changes. If it rains it is extremely grey and gloomy. If it is sunny it burns. 9. The Hole In The Ozone Layer - Thanks to industrial countries like Germany and the United States, we have a great big hole hanging over our heads which exposes us to the harmful rays of the sun. I go outside for two minutes and... 314 Words | 2 Pages
  • The Creation of Shelter in Pre-Colonial North Australia and New Zealand The Creation Of Shelter In Pre-Colonial Far North Australia And New Zealand Shelter has always been a necessity for mankind. We, as humans, have a relationship with the land that we must respect to live happily amongst it. Spaning back as far as the pre-Colonial Australia, indigenous Australians understood this connection excellently. Their shelters seemed to ‘bend with the land’ as they understood crucial elements within the architecture to compensate for distinctive climate and cultural... 2,512 Words | 6 Pages
  • The Differences and Similarities in Ancient Athenian Democracy and Modern New Zealand Democracy. Athenian Democracy and Modern New Zealand democracies This essay will explain the themes and patterns of ancient Athenian democracy and modern New Zealand democracy, their similarities and differences, cultural expectations and codes of behaviour. Greek civilizations thrived for almost 1300 years ago. Ancient Greeks lived in Greece and countries we now call Turkey and Bulgaria. They became very powerful they were the most powerful between 2000 BC and 146 BC. One king or monarch did not... 2,308 Words | 6 Pages
  • The Related to Any Change in Thee Ligibility Age for Receiving New Zealand Superannuation | The related to any change in thee ligibility age for receiving New Zealand Superannuation | | In the past, many older workers, particularly single men who had no family in New Zealand suffer unemployment and cannot feed themselves by a certain age. With the development of social welfare, every citizen has the right to get superannuation at the eligibility age. Superannuation is an organizational pension plan which created by the company for the benefit of retired employees, it is... 1,625 Words | 5 Pages
  • The Creation of Shelter in Pre-Colonial North Australia and New Zealand The Creation Of Shelter In Pre-Colonial Far North Australia And New Zealand Shelter has always been a necessity for mankind. We, as humans, have a relationship with the land that we must respect to live happily amongst it. Spaning back as far as the pre-Colonial Australia, indigenous Australians understood this connection excellently. Their shelters seemed to ‘bend with the land’ as they understood crucial elements within the architecture to compensate for distinctive climate and cultural... 2,512 Words | 6 Pages
  • Philippine English, Singapore English, and New Zealand English: A Comparative Study Based on the results shown by the corpora, modal may is predominantly used to indicate request than modal can in the Philippine English. However, for the Singaporean English, modal can is often used than modal may in requesting. For the New Zealand English, results showed that they seldom use modal can in requesting and for modal may, they don’t use at all whenever making a request. To this, several sociological and cultural references can be drawn on to explain such linguistic phenomenon. Take... 933 Words | 3 Pages
  • Determining Core and Periphery Differences between the Solomon Islands and New Zealand Determining Core and Periphery differences between the Solomon Islands and New Zealand To better understand and determine the Core and Periphery differences between the Solomon Islands and New Zealand it is important to locate these places on a map, and determine where they are located in conjunction to one another. The Solomon Islands are located approximately 2000 miles North West of New Zealand ( These islands are located in the Pacific Realm SE of Papua New Guinea whereas... 564 Words | 2 Pages
  • The Creation of Shelter in Pre-Colonial Far North Australia and New Zealand The Creation Of Shelter In Pre-Colonial Far North Australia And New Zealand Shelter has always been a necessity for mankind. We, as humans, have a relationship with the land that we must respect to live happily amongst it. Spaning back as far as the pre-Colonial Australia, indigenous Australians understood this connection excellently. Their shelters seemed to ‘bend with the land’ as they understood crucial elements within the architecture to compensate for distinctive climate and cultural... 2,512 Words | 6 Pages
  • New Zild - 646 Words  New Zealand English (NZE) which is now known as “New Zild” is an exciting and newfangled language they speak in New Zealand. New Zild is forever evolving-forming new, abbreviated ways of speech. Their shared language – Te Reo/English makes up their unique, lucid dialect, which unites them as a country and distinguishes them from the rest of the world, this is a great aspect as their language will be fancied in the future. New Zealand English is the newest most fascinating... 646 Words | 2 Pages
  • Poverty Reduction and Welfare Provision for Single Parents in Aotearoa/ New Zealand and the United States Poverty Reduction and Welfare Provision for Single Parents in Aotearoa/ New Zealand and the United States - A Comparative Analysis Abstract In 1999, UNICEF reported that countries which have the most generous welfare provision, have the lowest rates of child poverty and that children who live in sole parent families are more likely to live in poverty (Bradbury & Jantti, 1999). This paper will look at child poverty in New Zealand and the United States and at welfare provision for... 4,430 Words | 14 Pages
  • Outline the Different Theories and Controversies Surrounding the Discovery of and Settlement of New Zealand by East Polynesians. Outline the different theories and controversies surrounding the discovery of and settlement of New Zealand by East Polynesians. The discovery and settlement of new land in the world often involve myths. Similarly, there have been different theories and controversies surrounding the discovery of and settlement of New Zealand by East Polynesians. East Polynesians can be defined as a distinct ethnic group inhabiting Pacific islands such as the Society, Marquesas and New Zealand. This essay will... 616 Words | 2 Pages
  • The Performance of Internet Service Provider (Isp) Markets of Australia and New Zealand David Boles de Boer, Christina Enright, Lewis Evans info Emerald Article: The performance of Internet service provider (ISP) markets of Australia and New Zealand David Boles de Boer, Christina Enright, Lewis Evans Article information: To cite this document: David Boles de Boer, Christina Enright, Lewis Evans, (2000),"The performance of Internet service provider (ISP) markets of Australia and New Zealand", info, Vol. 2 Iss: 5 pp. 487 - 495 Permanent link to this document: Downloaded on: 11-01-2013... 5,226 Words | 16 Pages
  • New Zealand's Market Economy Kiwis New Zealand operates its country by using a market economy. International trade is a huge factor in a market economy. New Zealand trades heavily with Australia, China, Japan, and the United States of America. “The New Zealand economy depends largely on its modernized agricultural sector. Although it contributes less than 10 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP), it occupies roughly 1 percent of the labor force, making it a highly efficient industry” (Stetter). “Leading agricultural... 1,699 Words | 4 Pages
  • The Significance Of The Vietnam War To New Zealanders The significance of the Vietnam War to New Zealanders The Vietnam War was a highly controversial war that attracted severe international criticism towards the US and its allies. New Zealand’s direct involvement started due to the international pressure exerted on us by Australia and the USA, and the increasing threat of the spread of communism this created huge divisions throughout New Zealand and questioned our reasoning to commit military forces there in the first place. The Vietnam War was... 1,170 Words | 3 Pages
  • What Happened on Easter Island: A New Scenario “What Happened On Easter Island- A New Scenario” Summary Easter Island is about 64 square miles in the South Pacific Ocean, and is located around 2,300 miles from Chile’s West Coast and 2,500 miles east of Tahiti. Known as Rapa Nui to its earliest inhabitants, the island was christened Paaseiland, or Easter Island, by the Dutch explorers in honor of the day of their arrival in 1722. It was discovered by the people of Chile in the late 19th century and now maintains its financial system by... 424 Words | 2 Pages
  • Business Culture Vietnam, New Zeland, Malaysia[1].Docx VIETNAM CULTURE, ETIQUE & CUSTOM Facts and Statistics Location: Southeastern Asia, bordering the Gulf of Thailand, Gulf of Tonkin, and South China Sea, alongside China, Laos, and Cambodia Capital: Hanoi Climate: tropical in south; monsoonal in north with hot, rainy season (mid-May to mid-September) and warm, dry season (mid-October to mid-March) Population: 82,689,518 (July 2004 est.) Ethnic Make-up: Vietnamese 85%-90%, Chinese, Hmong, Thai, Khmer, Cham, various mountain groups Religions:... 5,432 Words | 16 Pages
  • Formulating Marketing Strategies Marketing Strategies for New Market Entries Strategies for Growth Markets Brands, Consumer Marketing, Distribution, Entrepreneurial Finance, Market Entry, New Product Marketing, Product Development. Formulating Marketing Strategies Marketing Strategies for New Market Entries Strategies for Growth Markets Brands, Consumer marketing, Distribution, Entrepreneurial finance, Market entry, New product marketing, Product development. Today, the economic boom and liberalization in China provides a great opportunity for the foreign companies who want to shift the competition from individual countries to a global level. However, enter this huge market with what kind of entry mode, remain... 2,910 Words | 7 Pages
  • Proposal to Investigate Ethnocentrism Among New Zealanders: the Investigation Will Focus on Age Influencing Willingness to Communicate Across Cultures PROPOSAL TO INVESTIGATE ETHNOCENTRISM AMONG NEW ZEALANDERS: THE INVESTIGATION WILL FOCUS ON AGE INFLUENCING WILLINGNESS TO COMMUNICATE ACROSS CULTURES The Aim of this proposal is to describe a plan to investigate the level of ethnocentrism among New Zealanders and whether or how age influences willingness to communicate across cultures by surveying opinions and attitudes of students in the Management School at The University of XXX and managers around the Hamilton area respectively.... 842 Words | 4 Pages
  • What is the impact of the Lord of the Rings on New Zealand's Tourism industry from the release in 2001 till the year 2016? Writing Assignment Year1/ Module 3 What is the impact of the Lord of the Rings on New Zealand's Tourism industry from the release in 2001 till the year 2016? Date: 04.04.2013 Table of Content Introduction During a more relaxed PBL session in a prior module, the tutor presented a safety instructional video from Air New Zealand to the group. In this video the actors were all dressed up as figures from the famous Lord of the Rings movies. Ever since, the author of this proposal... 3,113 Words | 9 Pages
  • Ambh500 Business Heritage, Culture and Sustainability Research Report on the Contribution of Recent Asian Immigrant from 1980s to Present to New Zealand’s Contemporary Business Environment. AMBH 500 Business Heritage, Culture and Sustainability Stream A Assignment One: Part B Research Report on the Contribution of Recent Asian Immigrants to New Zealand’s Contemporary Business Environment. Date: (date you printed the assignment) For: John O’Sullivan Chinese new Zealander-Pansy Wong: Pansy Wong, 53-year-old ethnic Chinese Member of Parliament (MP), was appointed Minister for Ethnic Affairs and Minister of Women's Affairs in the new-look cabinet in New Zealand. New... 750 Words | 3 Pages
  • The Hero - 965 Words The Good Kiwi Bloke The stereotype that is most commonly associated with New Zealand men is “the good kiwi bloke’. This is a very old stereotype but I believe it is still relevant in today’s society. Its characteristics include, laid back, man of few words, xenophobic, lacks fashion sense, the “she’ll be right attitude”, but the three characteristics I’m going to talk about is the DIY attitude, the idea of good kiwi blokes being modest and the idea of loyalty to mates. This stereotype is... 965 Words | 3 Pages
  • Aaasdgghgfhfdfgdf - 893 Words University of Auckland Department of Planning Course Outline for Planning 101 - Institutional Framework 2013 Course dates: Commences on 24 July 2013 Ends on 18 October 2013 Lectures: Wednesdays 9AM-10AM and Fridays 9AM-11AM NB: JH’s classes: Wednesdays 11AM-12PM and Fridays 9AM-10AM and 1PM-2PM Venue: Wednesday -301-242 (Science) Friday – 260-009 (Owen G Glenn) NB: JH’s lectures: Wednesday -206-315 (Arts 1) Friday (both classes) – CAG14/114-G14 (Commerce A) Course... 893 Words | 6 Pages
  • Apa Referencing - 412 Words Referencing Style 1) APA referencing style Examples : i) Books / Reports (1)Author/Editor/Producer (2) Date (3) Title (4) Publication Information (a) King, M (2000). Wrestling with the Angel : A Life of Janet Frame. Auckland : Viking. (b) Treviño, L. K., & Nelson. K. A. (2007). Managing business ethics: Straight talk about how to do it right. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. ii) Journals / Magazines / Newspapers (1) Author(s) (2) Date (3) Title of article (4) Title of Periodical (5) Volume, Issue and... 412 Words | 2 Pages
  • Hinkj - 1950 Words 1990:Commonwealth Games held in Auckland. Pay Television Network Sky TV began broadcasting. Big earthquake in Hawke's Bay. 1991:An avalanche on Aoraki/Mount Cook reduces its height by 10.5 metres. 1992:State housing commercialized. Student Loan system is started / Tertiary Fees raised 1994:Government commits 250 soldiers to front-line duty in Bosnia. New Zealand's first casino opens in Christchurch. First fast-ferry service begins operation across Cook Strait. 1997:TV4 begins daily... 1,950 Words | 5 Pages
  • Joyful and Triumphant - 1169 Words Joyful and Triumphant combines the unity of a single day's activity with the sweep of 40 years of the Bishop family's- and New Zealand's- history. Discuss New Zealand's changing social patterns revealed in Lord's play. In the play Joyful and Triumphant Robert Lord uses the characters to reveal the changing social patterns in New Zealand from the late 1940's to the 1980's. The character of Raewyn Bishop particularly shows this as she starts off the play as a rebellious child and grows into an... 1,169 Words | 3 Pages
  • The Colour of Money - 2017 Words eyThe Colour of Money By Demi Matheson Achievement Standard Physical Education 91502: Examine a current physical activity event, trend, or issue and its impact on New Zealand society. "Show me the money, Sonny (Bill Williams)" New Zealand is well known for having a strong sporting culture with many of the most popular national sports deriving from our British colonial heritage. Without a doubt it is rugby union that has dominated the... 2,017 Words | 6 Pages
  • Sop for Student Visa to Newzealand TATEMENT OF PURPOSE Glad to introduce myself as Mr. Sudharsan Duraisamy. In my family my father is agovernment school teacher and my mother is an agriculturalist. I have done Secondary SchoolCertificate at Kongunadu Matriculation Higher Secondary School with 79.6% in 2009 and HigherSecondary Certificate with 91.41% in 2011 at Green Park Higher Secondary School, Tamil Nadu,India. My purpose of application for student visa is to do Commercial Pilot course at Eagle FlightTraining, New Zealand.... 516 Words | 2 Pages
  • my imaginary trip - 678 Words  My imaginary trip around the world If you had the possibility of choosing a destination for a free month’s holiday, would you choose a single place or visit different countries? Well, if that would ever occur to me, I would feel very excited and, at first, I wouldn’t know where to go. Both options have advantages and disadvantages: If I went to many different places my holiday would be more varied and exciting, but if I chose one single place my... 678 Words | 2 Pages
  • Student - 17874 Words Public Disclosure Authorized WPS5394 Policy Research Working Paper 5394 Public Disclosure Authorized The Economic Consequences of “Brain Drain” of the Best and Brightest Microeconomic Evidence from Five Countries John Gibson David McKenzie Public Disclosure Authorized Public Disclosure Authorized The World Bank Development Research Group Finance and Private Sector Development Team August 2010 Policy Research Working Paper 5394 Abstract Brain drain has long been a... 17,874 Words | 50 Pages
  • An Analysis of the Stubbies Advertisement by Coca-Cola The 2005 ‘Stubbies” advertisement by Coke-Cola owned soft drink company Lemon and Paeroa (L&P) is constructed in such manner to produce ‘New Zealand’ within it text. The advertisement has been produced with particular attention and reference to New Zealand and New Zealanders, subjugating a sense of nationalism among viewers. This essay analyses and explains how L&P creates and fosters a sense of national identity among viewers through elements of; nationalism, banal nationalism, and symbolism.... 1,646 Words | 5 Pages
  • MAORI102 Short Essay - 1175 Words Maori 102 Short Essay Haka From an early age, New Zealanders from all across Aotearoa have grown up accustomed to the traditional genre of Maori dance known as haka (a challenge, song or dance). Exposure to haka is somewhat inevitable given the numerous occasions and reasons haka is performed. Many New Zealanders would associate previous experiences of haka with the likes of the All Blacks, childhood school trips to the marae (communal and sacred place that serves social purpose), high school... 1,175 Words | 4 Pages

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